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5 trends, no more than 20 slides apiece, speakers had 5 minutes. Not unlike Ignite, without the automatic slide advances. Great stuff from Team Empower.

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Empower Connect11 Trend Flash

  1. 1. Empower Trend Flash Fixing “One & Done” | Increasing Engagement through Gamification • Steve Daly, Development Practice Leader The Data Explosion • Robert Migliara, Market Intelligence Practice Leader • Julie Pahutski, Market Intelligence Practice Leader 8 Ways to #FAIL with Bloggers • Ashley Walters, Word of Mouth Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Empower Trend Flash Malnutrition in a Digital Age • Jaime Arszman, Digital Media Director • Kate Reichsteiner, Media Marketing Practice Leader Stop Marketing Jargon • Drew McKenzie, Digital Strategy Director
  3. 3. Fixing “One & Done”IncreasingEngagement withGamification
  4. 4. A simple sidewalk??
  5. 5. Or a treacherous, death defying walk!
  6. 6. A boring drive home…
  7. 7. Or a race to the checkered flag
  8. 8. Games becamepopular.People reachedfor games forAccomplishmentoutside reality.
  9. 9. Games are everywhere – Everyone is a gamer 120M people are enrolled in travel award programs Starbucks is awarding points and badges for store visits 200M+ people play social games with only virtual rewards
  10. 10. We work hard for Engage?? this. Attract Satisfy Traffic Optimization Content(SEM, PPC, Display, Email) Optimization (A/B Testing, Copy, Creative) And this.
  11. 11. Fixing the“One andDone”Will it everhappenagain???
  12. 12. “Companies of all shapes and sizeshave begun to use games to revolutionizethe way they interact with customersand employees, becoming morecompetitive and more profitable as aresult.”- “Changing the Game”, David Edery,Ethan Mollick
  13. 13. ga∙mi∙fi∙ca∙tion [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn]1. Applying the mechanics of gaming to non-gaming activities to change people’s behavior.2. Integrating game dynamics and game mechanics to drive participation and engagement. 15
  14. 14. Gamification drives participation/engagement.Participation/engagement drives business value. 16
  15. 15. What is Engagement? Visible Progress Positive EmotionStats / Challenges / Awards / Messages Fun / Delight / Trust / Pride / CuriousPlayer (re)Engagement (social) Call to Action Task / Mission / Game / Quiz / Gift Customize / Share / Help / Compete Newbie Onboarding
  16. 16. Any Kind of Participation Watching a Subscribing Listening Reading video Taking a quiz Searching Sharing Rating Writing a Visiting Participating in Posting to comment affiliated sites discussions forums Viewing a Visiting site Taking a poll Other Actions photo more often 18
  17. 17. 7 Lessons Learned From Badges, 1) Progress: Bars, Levels, Points, Games Customization – we like to see our progress 2) Missions: Provide multiple long-and-short-term aims for players to tackle 3) Credit: track & reward effort, not just achievement 4) Feedback: tangibly link actions to consequences 5) Surprise: add the Element of Uncertainty to drive and sustain interest 6) People: were most engaged by people – especially collaborating in groups 7) Engagement: games are tuned to dole out rewards that engage the brain and keep us wanting more
  18. 18. CONGRATS! You have earn theSteve Daly Prezo Badge!Doesn’t mean much, but tell your kids!They’ll think it’s COOL!
  19. 19. The Data Explosion
  20. 20. The Data Explosion
  21. 21. Separating signal from noise
  22. 22. “We create as much information in two days now as wedid from the dawn of man through 2003.”Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google •User generated content (pictures, chat, video) •Monetization •Research •Permanent in nature, no longer temporary
  23. 23. It’s us!Facebook--80 billion photos / 1.2 million photo “calls” persecond; two billion pieces of new content added / weekGoogle--Indexing and search databasesZynga--5 terabytes per day to its servers
  24. 24. Wal-Mart1 million customer transactions per hourFeeds massive databases in the “petabytes”. Petabyte =1,000 terabyte = 1 quadrillion bytes
  25. 25. Where else is data coming from?
  26. 26. 80%+ of the information is unstructured
  27. 27. We now see pattern technology and recognitiontechnology serving up content like never before
  28. 28. Positioning themselves for monster data
  29. 29. Tuning into the data“We are going to move the digital hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.” - Steve Jobs
  30. 30. We generate data at a faster pace than we can use it
  31. 31. Statisticians will be hot!
  32. 32. Data is worthless without interpretation Separating the signal from the noise takes expertise.
  33. 33. Nobel Prize in the future………?Separating the signal from the noise takes expertise..We recognize that data is increasing invalue.Excited to be at Empower:This is a company that Gets Data!Our true goal is to help you separate the signal fromthe noise and support your brand development anddrive actionable insights.
  34. 34. Eight Ways to #FAIL with Bloggers
  35. 35. 8 Ways to #Fail with Bloggers
  36. 36. #Don’t invite just anyone!
  37. 37. #Don’t pretend to read the blog if you don’t!
  38. 38. #Don’t use deceptive means!
  39. 39. #Don’t ignore the problems!
  40. 40. #Don’t end the relationship!
  41. 41. #Don’t demand a review!
  42. 42. #Don’t dump your crap on them!
  43. 43. #Don’t forget their fans!
  44. 44. So what was the result?
  45. 45. 1. Don’t invite just anyone! 5. Don’t end the relationship!2. Don’t pretend to read the blog if you don’t! 6. Don’t demand a review!3. Don’t use deceptive means! 7. Don’t dump your crap on them!4. Don’t ignore the problems! 8. Don’t forget their fans!
  46. 46. Malnutrition inthe Digital Age
  47. 47. Malnutrition intheDigital Age
  48. 48. Brands Are DigitallyMalnourished
  49. 49. We All Like Sweets
  50. 50. A Well-Balanced Digital Diet
  51. 51. A Complex Shopper Experience The average grocery store carries 50,000 SKUs
  52. 52. Media Choices Multiply Reads reviews on Searches on Amazon Google Checks Comparison Goes in-store to Shopping Engines look at a product Uses mobilephone to shop Sees an ad on CNN.com Makes a 1-800 call to learn more Asks a friend for a Watches a recommendation video on MSN.com
  53. 53. Complex Digital Diet
  54. 54. Digital Budgets VS. Time Spent Digital Budget Allocation Consumer Time Search - 5% Search - 46% Commerce - 11% Content & Community - 40% Email/IM - 20% Commerce - 13% Content & Community - Email/IM - 0.4% 64%Source: Online Publishing Association and Nielsen//NetRatings, August 2010
  55. 55. The Food Plate
  56. 56. The Digital Diet
  57. 57. Recipe for Success
  58. 58. Measure Carefully Be Data-Driven
  59. 59. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One BasketCTR = Success
  60. 60. Blend the Right IngredientsAttribution modeling
  61. 61. Variety is the Spice of Life Emerging Media
  62. 62. Eat Your Digital Veggies!
  63. 63. Stop Marketing Jargon
  64. 64. Jargon: terminology which isespecially defined in a relationshipto a specific profession
  65. 65. Agency: Be Human, Compelling, &Simple
  66. 66. But We Use Words Like
  67. 67. Buzzwords & BS Warning System SEVERE Severe risk of BS HIGH High risk of BS ELEVATEDSignificant risk of BS GUARDED General risk of BS LOW Low risk of BS
  68. 68. Why is helooking at me I wonder if he is like that? OBA Compliant? Jargon invades personal life
  69. 69. Let’s Decode: Get SimpleStatement
  70. 70. Build loyalty & increasedengagement throughongoing conversation andbrand experience.
  71. 71. TRANSLATIONGive consumers reasons tobuy your product over andover again, maybe use apuppet?
  72. 72. Aggregate, platform, transparency,reproducibility, data touch points
  73. 73. TRANSLATIONJust trust us, we do a bunchof stuff that we don’t evenunderstand to produceresults.
  74. 74. Social Networks Mobile Expanded Googlism Video BrandsphereStatement Location Based Services
  75. 75. TRANSLATIONBe Where Your CustomersAre.
  76. 76. Welcome To The World of Socialomics
  77. 77. TRANSLATIONLet’s talk about how we canuse Facebook to drive sales
  78. 78. BONUS ROUND: Acronyms
  79. 79. Acronym finder is great!
  80. 80. So Bad People Make Fun
  81. 81. We Have A Widespread Problem
  82. 82. Did you pass the grandma test?
  83. 83. The ChallengeStatement