Students low cost transcription services


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Mediscribes inc., through its unique service features offers a team of professionals that provide top priority lecture notes transcription for Student.

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Students low cost transcription services

  1. 1. Students can avail the benefits of our quality based andlow cost transcription services:The Company: Mediscribes Inc.What It Does: We offer USA nationwide transcription services.Status: We are a leading medical transcription company who would like to venture intobusiness transcription and legal transcription, Founded ten years ago.It is almost a difficult task for the university students to transcribe their lecturesespecially when they have minimum time to devote on additional burden of theirstudies. Mediscribes inc., through its unique service features offers a team ofprofessionals that provide top priority lecture notes transcription. Innumerableeducational institutes, universities and schools have utilized the services of our companythat is identified as unique and the most distinct site from other sites in the competitivemarket.Our expert’s helps to support the students transcribe their notes irrespective of theirdegrees, since we have people who are employed from varied fields and sectors toservice our clients at the level best. The entire task of converting digital audio recordingto analog recording is handled in the most accurate and precise manner by our experttranscription team.One of our best features is that we never tend to outsource the service of ourtranscription to the low income and wage countries as most of our competitors do inthe competitive market. Our service helps to make our students achieve their targetsand goals much easily by providing them quality lecture notes.We also undertake to transcribe the most expensive source materials like professional,university, lecture and educational transcriptions at the affordable rates. However, ourlower rate never tends to affect the kind of quality service that is provided to ourclients.Our experts can convert audio into textual form and compile all the research documentsin to the customized formats as desired by our clients. We have a team of qualifiedtranscribers that strictly adhere to the deadlines and thus ensure to submit all theirtranscribed projects in time.Students can submit their audio and video files and presentations made in PowerPointor other softwares. We also offer the interview transcription services in order to meeturgent or immediate requirements of our clients as our team is well trained toundertake the these kind of urgent requirements on day to day basis.Transcribing documents involve a lengthy procedure to first transcribe the documentsand then carry on the entire proof reading process over the transcribed documents.
  2. 2. With our quality team of experts, we are able to handle any number of transcriptions ina day, while ensuring timely and accurate submission of the lecture notes.About MediscribesMediscribes, Inc. is one of the fastest growing transcription & document managementsystems providers in United States, based in Metro Louisville. Mediscribes is an ISO9000-2001 certified company, rendering cost-effective consolidated transcriptionsolutions to major hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in United States.Mediscribes is the most value-providing organization in the market today with a strongpresence in America and offshore locations. The firm specializes in providing highlyaccurate transcription adhering to ADHI guidelines in unbeatable turnaround time withrobust & proven document management system as its vantage point to its esteemedclientele.Mediscribes provides end-to-end transcription solutions as its primary offering. For ourcustomers, we focus on dictation systems, both ASP as well as enterprise level solutions,with the help of our most valued asset ezVoiceIntelligence (ezVI), providing specialty-specific qualitative transcription along with a “whole nine yards” documentmanagement system. Mediscribes specializes in EMR data integration as well. Our datadispatch department is highly proficient in integrating transcribed reports into any typeof EMR. Healthcare facilities that do not have EMR get the option to use our web-basedfile monitoring interface called eTranscribe for global access to their data. eTranscribehas special features of E-signing, E-faxing, auto-printing, and user-friendly documentsearch criteria.For additional information, please visit http://www.bizscribes.comhttp://www.mediscribes.comMedia Contact (Mediscribes)Mike Perrymarketing@mediscribes.comMediscribes12806 Townepark WayLouisville, KY 40243-2311Ph: 502-400-9374http://www.mediscribes.comhttp://www.bizscribes.comCopyright © 2009. Mediscribes.Mediscribes is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Mediscribes inc., through its unique service features offers a team of professionals thatprovide top priority lecture notes transcription for Student.