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We offer a fantastic, real business opportunity for those who want to become Distributors or Agents. Work from home or part time and earn thousands.

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Lion Consumer Distributor & Agent Info

  1. 1. Lion Consumer BrandsLion Consumer Brands is an entrepreneurial development and marketing company. We market high quality, value for money products.We empower entrepreneurs to be successful in business through our unique and winning business coaching and training programme. This business coaching programme is offered free to all our Distributors and Agents.Our Mission is to channel profits and skills to uplift and empower those in need in poor communities. We raise funds for the needy through the profits of our businesses.
  2. 2. DISTRIBUTOR AND AGENTThis is a wonderful real business opportunity.You can choose between two basic levels:A Distributor who buys direct from Lion Consumer Brands ORAn Agent who buys directly from their Distributor.
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTOR AND AGENTDistributorA distributor is typically an entrepreneur who either wants to increase current income or generate an income full time from a home business, by selling top quality value for money products through their team of agents.As a Distributor you will get the best prices and the largest discount of ± 40% directly from Lion Consumer Brands.Each Distributor will develop a sales team of Agents registered under them, who they can train and motivate to sell.A distributor needs to purchase a minimum amount of R2500 per month directly from Lion Consumer Brands.You will need to either pick your stock up or get a courier service to transport it for you.
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTOR AND AGENTAgentAn agent also wants to earn extra money from home, but does not have the capital to become a distributor at this time. Or an Agent is a person who prefers to sell directly to customers and does not want to have a sales team reporting to them.As an Agent you will get a discount 20% off the retail price.As an agent you will register under a Distributor. You will now need to buy a minimum of R300 worth of product each month directly from your Distributor in order to qualify as an Agent.You will get your stock from your local Distributor.Your Distributor will now train and coach you on your road to success.
  5. 5. AGENT AND DISTRIBUTORBENEFITS:Product trainingSales trainingBusiness training and coachingBusiness sponsorships for top performers
  6. 6. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITYEarn ThousandsPart time or full timeBecome an agent or distributor for an amazing product– BIOMaticAnd new products to be developedSell direct to family, friends, business colleagues, your community, B & B’s etc
  7. 7. THE BENEFITS OF THEDETERGENT MARKETMarket size:± R4 Billion per annum in South Africa aloneCategories: High foam = ± 75% of market – hand wash Low foam = ± 25 % of market – machine washBIOMatic is suitable both the hand wash and the machine wash marketBenefits of selling Washing powder Recession proof People buy it every month Excellent way of having consistent income each month
  8. 8. AGENTSHow much can agents earn?Lets see some examples
  9. 9. POTENTIAL INCOME FORAGENTS – 5 KG bucketPotential monthly income 5 KG Retail price per bucket: R210 2 buckets per day = 60 buckets pm Profit per bucket = R42 You make R84 per day Total income = R2520
  10. 10. POTENTIAL INCOME FORAGENTS – 5 KG bucketbreak bulkPotential monthly income 5 KGIf you break bulk and sell the 5 KG per wash to individual customers. That is 2 scoops per 5 kg load of washing Retail price per wash: R1.75 You make 95 cents per wash = R182 profit per 5 KG bucket Sell only 1 bucket (200 washes) pd you make R182 per day If you sell 1 Bucket pd x 30 days = 30 buckets pm Total income for the month = R5460 pm
  11. 11. POTENTIAL INCOME FORAGENTS – 1 KG Foil PackPotential monthly income 1 KG Retail price per unit: R48.50 10 x pouches per day = 300 units pm Profit per unit = R 9.70 You make R97 per day Total profit per month = R2910
  12. 12. POTENTIAL INCOME FORAGENTS – 100 gram sachetPotential monthly income 4 wash sachet - 100 grams Price: R7.00 60 sachets per day = 1200 per month Profit per unit = R1.40 You make R84 per day Total profit per month = R2520
  13. 13. POTENTIAL INCOME FORAGENTS – TOTALTotal profit for 5 KG = R2 520Total profit for 5 KG BB = R5 460Total profit for 1 KG = R2 910Total profit for sachet = R2 520 TOTAL PROFIT = R13 410 Per Month
  14. 14. DISTRIBUTORSHow much can distributors earn with a team of agents?Lets see some examples
  15. 15. POTENTIAL INCOME FOR DISTRIBUTORSIf you have only 8 agents:Each agent sells per month Profit20 x 5 KG @ R52.30 profit = R 840 x 8 =R 6 72070 x 1 KG @ R11.27 profit = R 789 x 8 =R 6 312500 x 100g @ R2.00 profit = R 1000 x 8 =R 8 000 TOTAL PROFIT = R 21 032 Per Month
  16. 16. POTENTIAL TARGETMARKETSFriends and familyLocal Bed and BreakfastsIndependent retailersRestaurants, hair salons and other businessesCorporate sales – sell through receptionists in office parksParty system – invite guests to your homeThe Informal market through Mobile SpazaChurches and Schools through Buy Direct
  17. 17. BUY DIRECTBuy Direct, is where we train up and mentor qualified Buy Direct Consultants.These Buy direct Consultants assist NPO’s, Schools, Churches etc to raise funds through their members, parents & students.Our objective is: To improve and develop each organisation / NPO To help them meet their fund raising targetsOur Strategy is: To develop an effective fund raising plan for each NPO To supply the NPO with fantastic products that their members can Buy Direct from the NPO in order to raise funds “Support your School; Buy Direct”
  19. 19. BIOMATIC - MOBILE SPAZAComes in compact kit Easy to transport Get into the best position with ….. A truly unique product….. …..AND MORE PRODUCTS TO FOLLOW…
  20. 20. BIOMATIC MOBILE SPAZACan carry up to 120 KG Just push your stock home
  21. 21. HOW DO I START? Five easy steps:STEP 1 Complete the new Distributor or Agent application form Email to: Or Fax - +27 86 516 4607 Tel number 0860 855 555
  22. 22. Five easy steps:STEP 2ORDER STOCK Work out your order – fill in your order form – email Order form together with your proof or payment to Lion Distributors: need to buy minimum of R2500 per month stock excluding marketing material to qualify for the Distributor discount. Prices are Ex stock in Johannesburg. Courier fees are not included Agents: To buy a minimum of R300 per month to remain as a Distributor
  23. 23. Five easy steps:STEP 2Note for Distributors:You can start as an agent then upgrade to aDistributor by getting a number of agents tobuy starter packs from you. Each Agent isnow ready to start training and selling oncethey have their starter pack.Example Starter Pack for Agents: 1 x 5KG BIOMatic bucket; 4 x 1,5KG BIOMatic; 2 x 18 1 KG BIOMatic; 15 x 100 g BIOMatic Sachets; 1 x Scum Card; 1 x Ethical Living Card; 10 x 4 X More Pamphlets.
  24. 24. Five easy steps:STEP 3GET YOUR STOCK Distributors: Pick up stock directly from Lion or wait for your stock to be delivered via the Courier of your choice. Agents will get their stock directly from their Distributors.
  25. 25. Five easy steps:STEP 4COMMENCE TRAINING We have a wonderful business training and coaching programme which is free for all Distributors. We advise those who really want to succeed, to start with training as soon as possible.
  26. 26. Five easy steps:STEP 5Start selling and building your business
  27. 27. START BUILDING YOURBUSINESS NOW !Contact Warren at:TEL: +27 86 085 5555CELL: +27 82 563 0355EMAIL: