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Erm brochure emplyer_branding

  1. 1. EmployerBrandingWhat is employer branding? How Ipsos MORI adds value How it worksYour employer brand is the image of your organisation as an Ipsos MORI is a global leader in employee relationship management Our aim is to understand how all of the different audiencesemployer and place to work as perceived internally and externally. and employee engagement. This specialist employee research see your company. Ipsos MORI conducts in-depth evaluationYour Employer Value Proposition (EVP) communicates that image experience enables us to combine insight and context so that we and analysis of potential employees including both experiencedto your target audience(s) and reinforces why talented people ask the right questions to uncover and explain the key issues. personnel, hard-to-recruit groups and graduates, as well aswould want to join (and stay with) your organisation. current employees. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques, Thus, our employer branding research can help you to identify: as well as our learnings from other research, including our key audience research programmes, to help provide a full picture ofWhy is it so important? • what employees are looking for from an employer; the organisation’s image.Despite the uncertain economy the war for talent continues tointensify. Thus the need to attract and retain top performers • ow potential employees feel about you and your key h Reporting can be ad-hoc or automated online at differentremains key to business success. By distinguishing oneself from competitors; aggregate levels whilst results are interpreted in the context ofthe competition, by promoting strengths and confirming values our wider knowledge and experience. Our feedback is designedensures that a company stays ahead of the pack and becomes an • ow your organisation performs on the most important factors h to be highly actionable, directing the findings to inform the designemployer of choice during both recession and boom times. for your target market; and development of your Employer Value Proposition and brand.Indeed, data from the corporate executive board quoted in The • ow views differ by different types of staff, division, regions h Please contact us to discuss your specific employerEconomist suggest that effective EVP management can bring around the world; and branding needs.tangible benefits, including a 20% increase in the pool of potentialworkers, a four-fold increase in commitment among employees • hat changes you need to make to your EVP overall and by wand a 10% decrease in payroll costs. each relevant audience.