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Remake assignment article

  1. 1. Remakes are basically a method of making a successful, money making film without having too muchof a worry about the failure or loss of money associated with it. There are many reasons in the filmindustry why one company might create a remake of another film that has already been released. Afilm company will often create a remake of a film that was originally very popular because this waythey have the guarantee of creating a film that they already know is popular. A good example of thisis batman because they were already a very popular series of films that were recently remade intomodern blockbusters. The company gains a lot from this because possible synergies allow thecompany to make even more money on the film such as marketing things like t shirts, DVD’s, CD’sand games etceteraOne Definite Purpose for creating remakes is to change the audience the film is available for. Forexample a Spanish film called Rec was created in 2007; the film took $32,492,948 in box officetakings and was clearly a very popular film. The only problem was that the film was created inSpanish and therefore considered unpopular and widely unknown in English speaking countries. Thefilm was then remade into ‘Quarantine’ the year later. The distributors saw a chance to take a veryhigh rated film and drastically expand the audience therefore making a lot of money easily. The filmQuarantine took $29,319,906 profit in box office takings alone. The film distributors for Quarantinemade the decision to create and release the film as quick as possible because they knew that thefilm rec was very popular so they wanted to catch the fans of rec while they still enjoyed the film.There was also a sudden rise in films of this style around the time that this remake was released andthat had a large impact on the decision for the speedy release of the remake. Not only this but therehas been a gradual increase in the trend of reality TV shows over time and the film Rec really tookadvantage of their popularity to create something that was a big shock to its audience and an almostguaranteed big hit. This was a brilliant and innovative idea that the producers of the remakeQuarantine seized and adapted for themselves. Some other films of the same style include Diary ofthe dead and cloverfield. These films were both released around the same time as rec andquarantine, this shows that the particular style of film was very popular around that time and ofcourse influenced the decision for a remake heavily.With the remake in this case, something that greatly influenced the choice to give the remake the goahead was a large business opportunity that was seen in the remake known as vertical integration.Essentially what happened was that Rec was owned by Filmax, a small, independent film distributerwho aren’t big enough as a company to produce for more than just a European audience. So ScreenGems, a subsidiary of Sony, bought the rights to Rec in order to make a remake. Due to the fact thatScreen Gems is owned by Sony they have access to a lot of money and different applications of themedia e.g. film, TV, Magazines. In the end this results in far more money being made because theycan distribute the film to a much wider audience and at the same time produce the film into ways tomake more money in other aspects of the media.Aside from the fact of filming styles when it comes to the target audience for the film, the horrorgenre is a genre that applies to an incredibly wide audience with no specific gender and a wide rangeof ages. There seems to be an increase in the popularity of thriller films and combining this with thepopularity of the other aspects of the film it seems almost too good to miss out on an opportunityfor a moneymaking hit film.
  2. 2. Another example of a profitable remake is the film ‘The karate kid’ which was recently remade inorder to profit on the takings for a once popular however forgotten film. The audience also benefitsfrom this because a lot of the audience will already like the film but they get to watch it when it isbrought into today’s modern film industry with excellent effects and quality. The audience may alsohave never heard of the old film and get to watch a classic that they would otherwise miss or dismissas a bad old film.An interesting, however important reason for this remake is that as well despite the film being anold classic it didn’t really contain any actors with a particularly strong name for themselves in theindustry. However the new remake contains quite a variety of well-known actors that make the filma lot more appealing to the target audience and therefore expand the audience for the film by alarge amount. For example Jackie Chan is the one of the main characters in the film appealing to avery wide audience as he is a huge star and liked by people in many places including Asia as well asthe Western Hemisphere. He is accompanied by Jayden smith who is another very famous talentonly he is known by a completely different audience to Jackie Chan. Using these two actors togetherwas a very clever idea because it will attract a huge audience from completely different groups ofpeople with separate interests together for the one film. The film is produced by Will Smith, thefather or Jayden Smith; this is actually an important part of the reasoning behind the creating of aremake for the film. Will smith obviously wanted his son to be in a popular film so he thereforechose a highly popular film from the past that his son fit into well and that he also knew was sure tobe a success.A remake to a film isn’t always the easiest thing for a company to go about doing. For example if acompany decides that they have the idea to create a remake of an old classic in a way that theydeem to be original, they have to first approach the original producers of the film and askpermission. This can easily put producers off creating remakes because it is a lot of effort to gothrough in an endeavour that could easily result in being pointless if the company says no. ThereforeHorizontal Integration plays a large part in the decision of creating remakes. An example of this isthe remake to The Karate Kid, Where the company who originally produced the film in 1984,Columbia Pictures was eventually taken over by Sony Pictures and therefore Sony Pictures own therights to produce a remake of the films by Columbia Pictures.One last important example of a remake with strong reasoning behind the creation is War Of theworlds. War of the worlds was an original film created way back in 1953, the film was a big hit buttechnology just wasn’t quite at the right level for it to be a particularly ground breaking film. Theremake was then made in 2005 and was considered a brilliant and epic film. The remake made$591,745,550 box office takings with a budget of $132 million proving how worthwhile it was tocreate a remake in that case.Probably the main contributing factor to the success of the remake boils down simply to the year ofcreation, by 2005 many films of the same genre and style had already been tried and tested and theright and wrong ways to go about creating them were clearly set out. On top of this there is theenormous leap in technology involving CGI allowing Spielberg to create a final piece that lookedabsolutely incredible and improve the film to a standard that today’s audience could be more thanhappy with. Again the film had a lot of help getting people’s attention in the first place by spendingthat extra money in order to make the main character an incredibly well-known name as Tom Cruise.
  3. 3. This particular film was also rushed to completion because of the ideal circumstances for the film tobe released into. As the film was created just after the world famous 9-11 terrorist attacks the filmwas made almost as a statement towards terrorism and obviously was made incredibly popular dueto the circumstances of how the public felt. The film hit on the fear inflicted by the terrorism and theaudience could relate their feelings to that of an alien invasion, as strange as this is, it did heavilyinfluence the public to see the film and therefore push up the profits. By this logic the timing of aremake can be crucial to its success on many different levels especially when the film has the abilityto use intertextuality with the real world problems to aid its success