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My evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationEffectivenessThe brief was quite simple to meet for this assignment because it was fairly broad and let you work to your own imagination. Iunderstood the brief from the start because after learning from my mistakes from other units I checked the brief a lot.I followed the tasks very closely so that i was sure i was completing everything correctly and that i was using the correct techniquesto complete my work such as using photoshop to mock up the ideas then transferring them to illustrator to complete the designs.I feel that i was skillful during the project because as the breif asked i completed tasks in response to a breif by using advanceddigital manipulation software to a professional standard.I showed an ability to solve problems throughout the unit, some of which is noted on my schedule, because i had to change ideasand change my initial plan because time got out of hand. Also i changed my ideas during the mock up stages a lot to overcome anyproblems i had with the initial design ideas.I think there are areas for improvement in both my research and design work, because my research could have been moresubstancial but i felt that i already knew enough to create my designs so i didnt want to waste any time. My designs could beimproved upon because i have learnt more photoshop and illustrator techniques over time and could create things easier and moreprofessionally.Sources of InformationMy research was very effective because i already had a knowledge of romeo and juliet and lots of supplied information so once iresearched the hip hop shakespeare group i could instantly link it all together and begin to create my designs straight away.I recorded my ideas and my research as i came up with them but most of my ideas i came up with as i began working, i find ideasgeneration easier when i have a blank canvas and can slowly put my ideas together into one rough idea to see what looks best.I asked my classmates and teachers for their opinions on my project when i was half way through and got a lot of valuble feedbackthat i used to work with to improve and alter the designs i had left to work on.Production ProcessMy research was very effective because it helped me out a lot in the designing of my ideas because i learnt that hip hopshakespeare is all about urban settings. It was also incredibly easy to do my research due to both the popularity of the topic and myinitial knowledge of it.I didnt do too much planning for this unit because it wasnt necessary as i wasnt asked to and my ideas came to me as i was doingthe mock ups without too much trouble, my planning quickly turned into my final work.My mock ups were the main preparation for this task because i didnt want to waste any time doing pointless tasks so i started mywork in the way best for me which is to get straight in with designing it so all my preparation came during this time.Towards the start of the project i managed my time quite well by not wasting it to do pointless things but using it efficiently to getthrough my work. My only downfall came during the production stages when i stopped concentrating and continued work for otherunits during this time, this is how i ended up running very low on time to complete my final designs.I didnt do as well with project management because i didnt do all the tasks in the correct order, this didnt actually come out as abad thing but it would have been more organised if i completed this task all at once and in the right order.At first i didnt know that much about digital maniplation software but i learnt a lot of tips about it particularly photoshop andillustrator and the techniques necessary for completing tasks similar to this one.One of the main things about this project was the ability to be creative. This was proved definatley during the mock ups becausethat is where all the creating and designing the ideas came in and considering i didnt have any planning i am quite happy with howmy ideas turned out.Finished ProductWhen the project started I immediatley got ideas in my head of how i imagined the artwork to look and of course my final designsdiffer from this but i think that the designs i have now are mostly better and definatley suit the breif more.The designs i made match the intended audience very well because i made them urban and modern to fit in with the briefs targetaudience which is the hip hop shakespeare company.Overall i am happy with my designs because i feel that they look effective and professional and also manage to fit the brief well. Myonly problem with it is how they dont look completley finished and some look rushed but they still fit the purpose.During the project i used a wide variation of techniques that are new to me and i am happy to have used them and to nowunderstand them fully and be able to use them in future projects.My final designs are now ready for print.