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Mick rock photographer

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work
  2. 2. Photographer:• Mick Rock is a musicphotographer who was born in1948 in London. He is knownwell for his photography ofrock and roll legends such asQueen, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed,The Sex Pistols, TheRamones and many otherfamous rock and roll stars. Healso spent a lot of timeworking as David Bowie’sofficial photographer wherehe managed to capture a lot ofvery famous images of DavidBowie
  3. 3. Examples of photographs
  4. 4. Choose an image…. Describe it• This picture of David Bowie wastaken by mick rock in around1970 This picture is of an earlyDavid Bowie before he reallydeveloped his style, this picturetherefore was a big gamechanger for him and obviouslyused to publicise himself in thestyle he wished to be portrayed.The picture works well to showthe artist in a rebellious light withthe undone suit and thecigarette making the picturelook very smooth.
  5. 5. Composition• The picture was intended to come across as a stylish image withqualities to make it differ from normal music photography for examplethe style of the artist in the photo is a cool and rebellious style. Theblack and white edit makes this appear even more obvious. By that timecolour photos had been invented, it was simply that the style of thepicture suited black and white far more. The Photo is a very close upphoto for a simple photo of an artist, the photographer clearly intendedthis because it appears that some of the photo has been cut out ratherthan the original image being that close up.
  6. 6. Techniques used• The obvious style of most ofmick rocks photography is ablack and white, dressed up,unusual look. The examplephoto on the right displays thisperfectly, as a photographerhe chooses to work withspecific artists such as theexample who work well withsuch a style. The photographerclearly uses methods ofphotography such as rule ofthirds in his photos making theactual image itself look inproportion and professional.
  7. 7. Strengths & Weaknesses• In terms of photography style,Mick Rock has a very distinctiveand famous style that showsgood continuity throughoutalmost all of his work. I personallyadmire the his work shown in theimage on the top to the right,displaying an old fashioned lookon two famous artists living theirlives out and getting along. TheStyle of black and white makesthe picture look smoother andmore effective. The work that Iwouldn’t take for my own work ishis more surreal and modernimagery such as the image onthe bottom right, the style is tooover the top unusual for it to betaken seriously.