Magazine design evaluation


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Magazine design evaluation

  1. 1.  When I initially started the project of creating my magazine Iwanted to do research to find out what key features people wantin a magazine to make it popular. So I decided to first carry outsecondary research by simply looking at magazine covers thatalready exist and are well known in order to see how they attractall the business that they get. I then movedon to looking online for secondary researchpeople had already carried out on whatpeople like about current music magazines. Finally I decided to carry out my ownprimary research, so I designed aquestionnaire specifically to find out what people want in musicmagazine covers.
  2. 2.  To aid my research I also did a number of comparisons of musicmagazine covers and contents pages. During which i took thecovers of two music magazines and the contents pages of twoothers and compared each to see what different techniques areused and which are most effective. For each one I wrote aboutthe ideas that I have gained from the magazines that I wouldconsider using in my own. This included a Striking mainimage, Less text and more cover lines for the cover, and for thecontents page a plain and simple layout with a neat structure anda large image.
  3. 3.  My final logo design that I used on my magazine was one that I createdusing different fonts and editing it on Adobe Photoshop. I Chose thisimage because it is clear and easy to read whilst still looking unique andimpressive at the same time. The logo also matches the genre of musicthe magazine represents because it is more street and hip hop. I also created three differentlogo designs to potentially bemy final design. However they didn’t make the cut because they didn’twork as well as I had hoped on account of them either not fitting to thegenre of the magazine or not looking professional enough for me to useon my final design. Before creating my logo design I also decided to workon my product and logo design skills. To do this i used Adobe Illustratorand created a fake clothing brand and designed several logos toadvertise the product. Some of these designs are shown in screenshotsbelow
  4. 4.  This is an image I used in my magazine of theMain artists mentioned In my double pagespread. For this image applied a watercolourfilter because this makes the image look alot more impressive and striking however itstill appears to be a clear image that isntover edited. This is another image that I have editedg for my magazine, For this edit I havea altered the colour balance to create ab black and white image. I then tamperedw with a few settings including contrast andb brightness in order to make the imagel look clear and sharp.
  5. 5.  This is another image that I have edited for my magazineFor this image I have edited the background out usingAdobe Photoshop’s Magic wand tool along with a littleextreme close up work. I also increased the contrast tomake the photograph look better quality and have higherdefinition. I think the cropping of the image works wellbecause it allows me to fit text around the image betterwhile making the image look more professional. Finally I edited this image for my magazine simply byremoving the background to emphasize what they aredoing in the photo. It also works well by adding depth tothe image and allowing the background to be changedto a colour that compliments the overlaying image.
  6. 6.  This is my final magazine cover design. I think that overall it turned outwell because of the research I did before creating it. I went with asmart style giving it a plain grey background and not overloading itwith text. The main image looks good and stands out well due to theedits. The main cover line stands out well and doubles as a label toadvertise who the main image is of. The rest of the cover lines fit inwell and follow a house style of red and white with the rest of themagazine. Most importantly about the magazine thelayering works well, such as the way that themain image overlaps the masthead however thecover lines overlap the main image. This makesthe magazine cover appear far moreprofessional and smart looking rather thanhaving to squeeze everything into a small spaceby making it even smaller. The spacious, simplelook of the cover compliments this also.
  7. 7.  This is the final design of my magazines contents page. For my contentspage I made an effort to keep the same house style with the samebackground colour and white and red combo on the text. Again myintention was to keep the page looking simple, spacious and smart. Istill managed to include all the text the contents page would need afterI decided how much info is common based on my research. This workswell because a spacious design looks far better than a contents pagewith small images and too much text crammedall over the page. I used a large main image similar to the coverbecause this works extremely well with thedesign of the magazine, I made this image bytaking two edited images each of single targetsand putting them together to create the senseof it being one single image of them both.
  8. 8.  Finally this is the final design for my magazine double page spread. Onthe double page spread I managed to somewhat keep the style of redtext by highlighting the important words in the first paragraph in red.This looks good because it helps the reader to skim read and quickly grabthe concept of the article whilst making the magazine look good andcontinue with a house style. I completed the double page spread bywriting in small blocks of text consisting of each question andanswer, this makes the magazine easier to read because it is possible toskip unimportant questionsand the reader can findthe facts they wantwith ease. This time Idecided to use twosmaller images insteadof one big one, this wasan effective ideabecause I needed to fitin a lot of text and thisway there is an imageon each page.
  9. 9.  I asked 10 students what they thought of my Magazine cover, contents page anddouble page spread and here is what they had to say. 1. “ Love the style and the images but I think a bit more text could be put onto the contents page” 2. “I like the red and white theme throughout each page and the images look large and predominant” 3. “I think that the images look really impressive but the two on the double page spread could lookbetter” 4. “The double page spread was good I like how the text was laid out making it look unique and easy toread” 5. “The red and white style looks professional and well laid out, the magazine title looks a littleunprofessional” 6. “The writing in the double page spread is extensive and clever however there isnt enough writingelsewhere” 7. “Very good, the images are bold and stand out and the text looks smart and effective” 8. “The style of the magazine works really well and the contents look professional and extensive” 9. “some clever ideas on each page along with a great looking style, only problem is some of the imageslook unedited” 10. “Impressive looking, nice bold Images, the whole thing looks very professional. Could have used somemore text on the cover and contents page” Overall my magazine was considered to be very good, most commonly peopleliked the images on the contents page and the cover page, they also liked thestyle and the text used on the double page spread. The criticisms mainlyincluded the images used on the double page spread and the text used on thecover and contents pages.
  10. 10.  For me, what went well during the project includes things like research. I thinkthat the research element of the project was quite easy and fun to do because itsimply involved looking at popular music magazines to inform myself of whatpeople are interested in. When it comes to the actual creating of my magazine I think that I did quite agood job on writing the articles and coming up with my own music artists towrite about in the article. I had to write an article big enough to fill a doublepage spread but not too big so that it would ruin the spacious theme of themagazine and put the reader off wanting to look at it. The photo-shoot for the magazine went well because just before I took thepictures I had decided on what the artists were going to be like, what genre ofmusic they would have, what their attitudes would be like and who it wouldinclude. I then took the pictures in a certain style to base the rest of mymagazine and article around rather than trying to take pictures that fit a style Ihad already created. Without much planning being necessary, I found itrelatively simple to capture images that work well and give the artists a goodattitude visible through images. Overall I think that the creation of my magazine went very well, completed bysome simple Photoshop layering and editing to give it that professional andhouse style.
  11. 11.  Finally, my weaknesses during the project were mainly involving amixture of poor time management, which if I were to undergo theproject again I would make sure I get each unit completed by theproper deadline to avoid rushing in any aspect of the project. In terms of my final designs, based on feedback I would improve mycontents page slightly and take care to edit all my photos to aprofessional standard, something that might have been done if I hadmanaged my time more effectively. I would also do more planning tomake sure that I don’t have to make things up as I go and I would alsoput more advertisements on the magazine for competitions, puzzlesand information about other bands that arent just the main article. Overall the project went well, there are just a few weaknesses thatcould easily be corrected were I to complete the same task again.Regardless of the weaknesses shown I still feel that the final designswork very well in correspondence to the brief.