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Ah Ha Moments of The Retail Customer Executive Summit 2012 | Empathica Event Learnings

Ah Ha Moments of The Retail Customer Executive Summit 2012 | Empathica Event Learnings



Empathica sponsored the 2012 Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit which offered interactive sessions that delve into topics that are on the minds of retailers today. View this presentation and ...

Empathica sponsored the 2012 Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit which offered interactive sessions that delve into topics that are on the minds of retailers today. View this presentation and learn some of our takeaways from the event.



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    Ah Ha Moments of The Retail Customer Executive Summit 2012 | Empathica Event Learnings Ah Ha Moments of The Retail Customer Executive Summit 2012 | Empathica Event Learnings Presentation Transcript

    • Ah-ha Moments from the RetailCustomer Experience Executive SummitAugust 2012,Chicago Idalia Agramonte Director, Retail Sales iagramonte@empathica.com August 2012
    • Disclaimer – This presentation represents my own interpretation and perception of the Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit that took place in Chicago, August 6 - 8, 2012. This is simply my interpretation of their delivery. I do not own this content, specifically the content on slide #4 which was taken from a hand out during the speech. We ask that you respect this content and do not mass distribute. © 2012 All Rights Reserved - Confidential 2
    • The Ah-ha of Inspiration!It is the Human Character thatDefines Winners from Others…
    • Keynote presentation by Dennis N.T.Perkins, PHD• His presentation was based on his book “Leading at the Edge” which is based on leadership lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition. He shared ten strategies for success, listed below: 1. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and focus energy on short- term objectives 2. Set a personal example with visible, memorable symbols and behaviors 3. Instill optimism and self-confidence but stay grounded in reality 4. Take care of yourself: Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt 5. Reinforce the team message constantly: “We are one-we live or die together.” 6. Minimize status differences and insist on courtesy and mutual respect 7. Master conflict-deal with anger in small doses, engage dissidents, avoid needless power struggles 8. Find something to celebrate, and something to a laugh about 9. Be willing to take the Big Risk 10. Never give up-there is always another move • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhJpHwibV3E © 2012 All Rights Reserved - Confidential 4
    • The Ah-ha of PeoplePerformance
    • Presenter: Chris Paradysz, Founder andCEO of Paradysz and PM Digital• Chris focused his speech on people and how we make conclusions about people almost at a blink of an eye or just by quickly looking, hearing or even capturing the aroma of someone….then he talked about how he learned to reconsider his first impressions. Referring to Lady Gaga he said “I did not want to like her”. After he saw her performance with Tony Bennett, his initial perception of her forever changed….see for yourself! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPAmDULCVrU• The big Ah-ha moment from his presentation was when he stated that one of the things that management often times gets wrong is that they don’t communicate bad news. Hiding bad news from employees can result in low employee moral. For example: If someone is let go from an organization and the company avoids communicating this news and provides a justitification for the termination, this will certainly be a subject of conversation within the workforce, creating feelings of uncertainty, confusion and insecurity, leading to low employee moral. Based on people’s appearances in the audience, I believe that most agreed. © 2012 All Rights Reserved - Confidential 6
    • The Ah-ha moment ofLoyalty!
    • Presenter: Zain Raj, Brand Rituals• Zain’s presentation was based on his book “Brand Rituals, one of the best sellers in Amazon (and selling at full price! ) – On my opinion, he was the most engaging presenter and the one that delivered the most value. He talked about how loyalty based on “points programs” is not the current need of the market, but rather, what is needed is an intimate relationship with customers based on identifying and understanding their set rituals that lead to frequent transactions. – Rituals or what others call “habits” is something we all do, one example he used is how he is a fanatic of Starbucks to the point that he can’t function if he does not have his Starbucks coffee in the morning “exactly the way he prepares it, in terms of temperature, cream or milk, etc”. This is an example of what he calls rituals that lead to repeat transactions vs. loyalty. The key is to find innovative ways to influence peoples’ rituals, perfect them and replicate them, leading to transactions or the creation of new rituals that connect with your customers. » Ah-ha! So…next time you are at your favorite store, be aware of your own rituals and look around to see who else is in it with you! Someone might be looking at you trying to replicate your ritual experience… © 2012 All Rights Reserved - Confidential 8
    • The Ah-ha moment ofSocial Media!
    • Presenter: Dave Kerpen, CEO and Authorof Likeable Social Media• First ah-ha moment: Yes, that is Dave marrying the love of his life and business partner. Dave and his girlfriend and business partner at the time wanted a big wedding, so they made a marketing campaign out of their wedding. They were so successful that everything was sponsored including the flowers by 1800-Flowers and out of that they developed their business story for their successful company called “Likeable”.• Second ah-ha moment: Dave talked about the value of telling stories and sharing knowledge “free content”. This has been his main sales strategy and his entire workforce up until recently, that he added his first sales person. He shares all his learnings and knowledge in the form of written content or speaking engagements. This has been a successful sales strategy for him and he encouraged all of us to embrace it.• Third ah-ha moment: When it comes to social media, it all depends on what your goals are. However, when talking about your business on social media networks, TELL A STORY was his recommendation. For example: If you are Chicago Pizza, don’t talk about how good is your pizza, rather talk about how Chicago Pizza is all about Chicago, talk about events in Chicago, the arts and the people of Chicago. He also talked about posting images that tell a story and asking questions that would relate to the majority, such as: Have you ever had cold pizza for breakfast!?, I would say “like” to this on Facebook!• Last but not least, ah-ha: He touched on the importance of the words “Thank you” and “I am sorry” in social media. When a fan shares something positive about your brand, make sure to say “thank you” and continue the dialogue, companies don’t do that enough. Also, saying “I am sorry” for feedback related to poor experiences can be the start to recovery. © 2012 All Rights Reserved - Confidential 10
    • The next statement came out ofone of our ah-ha moments atEmpathica! 11
    • At Empathica…..
    • Ah-ha! We hope you enjoyed it! Thank You Idalia Agramonte Director of Retail Sales iagramonte@empathica.com Learn More http://www.empathica.com/