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  • 1. USAID DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT Access and Applications Connectivity and Content Enabling and Development Facilitating Related Environment Cloud Services Newer Shared, Low-Cost Scalable and Low-Power Replicable Technologies Applications Carrier Applications Build Out and Content in Rural Store Areas
  • 2. Access Primary Focus for AccessExtending the Rural ReachLow-Cost MobileMobile BroadbandUrban-Rural Digital DivideEnsuring Affordability
  • 3. Enabling-Facilitating Environment Access National ICT Priority Competitive Environment Effective Regulatory Function Effective Universal Service Program
  • 4. Low-Cost Low-Power Technologies Access New-Emerging Solutions Convergent Networks Reduction in Monthly TOC or ARPU Capable of Off-Grid Deployment
  • 5. Rural Carrier Build Out Access Focus on Rural Build Out Leverage USFs & New Technologies New Business & Financial Models
  • 6. Applications Primary Focus for Applications Enhanced Use of ICT Shared Use Scalable Solutions Replicable Solutions Lower Cost and Quicker Delivery
  • 7. Development Cloud ServicesApplications  Foundation: Establishing Cloud Services  NetHope-led Humanitarian & Development Assistance Cloud Scale and replication start with making available
  • 8. Shared, Scalable & Replicable AppsApplications  Priority Focus on Solutions Reuse  Research & Inventorying of Apps from other - Suitable for Sharing  Support for In-Country App Development Identify, inventory and catalog solutions that already exist
  • 9. Development Apps MarketplaceApplications  Initial Marketplace w/i GBI Portal  Part of Study w/ NetHope  Potential Future Commercialization Solutions Center Quick start to deliver solutions of possible value to USAID and larger development community
  • 10. Digital Development at USAID Mobile Money May 2011
  • 11. Why do we care? • Reduce opportunities for corruption 1 • Track illicit financial behavior 2 • Close the gap on financial services access 3 97% 100% Finland% mobile phone penetration 50% Mexico South Africa 10% The Kenya Philippines Colombia 11 % Banked people % Mobile Penetration
  • 12. Replicating mPesa• M-PESA launched in 2007 when only 23% of Kenyans had a bank account but 80% access to a mobile phone.• The service has grown into one of the most successful in the world, with more than 19 million customers and over 23,000 agents.• Success has yet to be replicated elsewhere but we remain optimistic about reaching scale in – Ghana – Indonesia – Philippines – Afghanistan – Malawi – Haiti and others
  • 13. What needs to happen?Going BIG in select countries Multi-sector collaboration1. Offering risk capital for product 1. Garnering commitments to design & development reduce reliance on cash-based means of disbursement2. Strengthening, enabling • Governments & donors regulatory environments for competitive business and 2. Identifying critical implementation consumer protection • i.e. fast moving consumer goods cos3. Maximizing usage of emerging payments capabilities 3. Promoting impact and 1. Our own operations opportunities 2. Our programs (serving • Media & researchers farmers, schools, etc) 3. Host-country payments of 4. Anticipating frontier issues (re salaries, pensions, etc inter-operability, new technology disruptions, etc)4. Expanding broadband connectivity 13
  • 14. Bank Agent opens Client opens bank account 1 1 bank account (accessible by (accessible by mobile phone) mobile phone) 4 - Agent account debited + Client account credited 2 Cash-inAgent Client Electronic 3 value sent