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Hanley Energy Data Centre3


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Hanley Energy Data Centre3

  1. 1. Our products and services energy management We provide a turnkey project service from concept to implementation and ongoing support and maintenance. We are an APC Reliability Provider data centre efficiency Gold Partner. renewable energy G Data centre efficiency assessment G Secure power and cooling system design G Cooling equipment including installation and integration of chillers, condensors G UPS equipment supply and integration G Generator supply and integration to mains, UPS UPS servicing and 24 hour monitoring data centre G G Rack supply and installation Structured cabling installation & testing efficiency G G Enabling construction works such as moving walls Data Centre security & environmental monitoring solutions solutions G G Data centre management software solutions We complete all enabling works - electrical, mechanical and construction. Our upfront investment in planning projects ensure they can be completed with the minimum disruption of client business. customer response “The efficiency of Hanley Energy's implementation allowed us to focus more on the core project. We did not have to manage multiple service providers or worry about the racking, power and cooling provisioning" Our solutions are based on Peter Seacy, IT Support Manager of SGS Ireland Ltd. InfraStruXure® from "The data centre at Murex new facility in Ballsbridge APC. InfraStruXure® fully was a critical project, Hanley Energy implemented integrates power, cooling, the APC InfraStruXure solution in an efficient and rack, management, professional manner, which was key to our success" security and services. Joe Sokhn, IT Manager, Murex Technologies This on-demand architecture allows the selection of standardised components to create a solution through modular For assistance on data centre solutions and mobile configurations. call us +353 1 8833800 or email datacentre@hanleyenergy.ie energy management InfraStruXure is suitable for any IT environment, from data center efficiency patch cabinets to large data centers. renewable energy Brent House Swords Business Park Swords Co. Dublin Republic of Ireland T: +353 1 88338001 F: +353 1 8833811 www.hanleyenergy.ie www.hanleyenergy.ie
  2. 2. Do you have cooling problems in your data centre? Is energy costing too much? Does your UPS equipment require servicing? Is rack space scarce? Is cooling capacity costing you rack space? If there is a problem The Solution The Challenge? in your server room Increase data centre capacity and reduce are you alerted Cooling Capacity - Cooling accounts for 45% of Consolidating UPS equipment into a single highly immediately by text efficient modular unit will deliver more rack energy overheads. the energy requirement of a typical data centre. Traditional data centre cooling methods are not space and secure power capacity and reduce or email? Data centre space is both expensive and scarce. energy efficient because cold air is mixing with the cooling load. High density computing equipment (blade) demands heated air before it gets to equipment. By integrating a generator into the secure power More data centre capacity much more power and produces far more heat than Cooling equipment operates more efficiently if system, mains, UPS and generator can work traditional rack equipment. Do you have enough and lower energy bills there is a large differential between the cooled together seamlessly. secure power Virtualisation is only half the battle. In a typical data air it produces and the heated return air. Data Centre Monitoring - If there is a problem in centre active IT equipment accounts for only 30% of Close coupled cooling provides cool air directly your data centre when will you find out? Server capacity (UPS & total energy usage. to the equipment where it is needed. failure, over temperature, UPS fault, mains fault Data centre rack space is both expensive and scarce. Maximising rack etc. Our simple, effective solutions monitor and generator)? To increase capacity and efficiency we need to:- Hot aisle containment keeps the heated return notify customers immediately via text or email of space demands sufficient cooling and secure power capacity. • Dramatically reduce the energy required to cool the air separated from incoming cool air, reducing environmental issues, security issues or Our turnkey power and cooling solutions enable data centres to be data centre the electricity requirement dramatically. equipment failure in the data centre. highly energy efficient. • Reduce the amount of additional heat created by Is valuable space Secure Power Capacity - Multiple oversized Data Centre Capacity Planning - Software being consumed by secure power equipment UPS units produce large amounts of extra heat, solutions for the management and planning of We provide complete data centre solutions, from concept to execution. • Reduce the amount of space required by secure occupy very valuable rack space and are data centre capacity, inventory management UPS equipment? difficult to manage and maintain. We are equipped to move quickly from quotation to completion. power equipment. and workflow management.