Life of Cassandra
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Life of Cassandra






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Life of Cassandra Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cassandra Humanities AAPD-1C Dr. Opina The Group of Cassandra
  • 2. Who is Cassandra? Cassandra (aka: Alexandra) is the daughter of King Priam and Hecuba and the Sister of Paris
  • 3. Cassandra This enabled Cassandra and Helenus to divine the future. When she was a child, she and her brother Helenus were left overnight in the temple of the Thymbraean Apollo. When their parents looked in on them the next morning, the children were entwined with serpents, which flicked their tongues into the children's ears.
  • 4. Cassandra and Apollo After Cassandra grew up, she spent another night at the Temple and this time the Sun God, Apollo, appeared before her and tried to woo her. But Cassandra refused Apollo thus cursing her that her prophecies are not to be believed.
  • 5. Cassandra and Paris Cassandra advises to kill her ill-omened brother, Paris, because if he lives all Troy will fall. A few years after, Cassandra was also the one who recognize Paris when he appeared in the court of Troy.
  • 6. Suitors Even if Cassandra was considered as a mad woman her beauty was still highly regarded. Both Othryoneus of Cabesus and Coroebus son of Mydon, asked for her hand but both were killed in war.
  • 7. Cassandra After the Fall of Troy After the taking of Troy, Cassandra sought shelter at the Temple of Athena. Where Ajax the Lesser violently abducted her and raped her. She was taken by Agamemnon as one of his concubine and had twins with him – Telemadus and Pelops Cassandra, together with Agamemnon and the twins were murdered by Agamemnon’s wife, Clymnestra and Aegisthus her lover.
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