The biggest and most comprehensive CR and sustainability event of 2011             L!   10TH ANNUA         VThe Responsibl...
Hardhitting keynotes + In-depth workshops + Interactive discussion groups + Excellent networking opportunities            ...
Group discounts available – forward this brochure to your colleagues!What do you get if you attend the Responsible Busines...
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DAY ONE                                                                                                                   ...
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The only CSR event you need to attend in 2011                 L!       10TH ANNUA                 VThe Responsible Busines...
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The Responsible Business Summit 2011


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The Responsible Business Summit 2011

  1. 1. The biggest and most comprehensive CR and sustainability event of 2011 L! 10TH ANNUA VThe Responsible Business Summit 2011Responsible Business Policyvs. Performance: 7 International CEOs & Chairmen FACT! 21 Focused workshopsHow to close the gap 55+ European CSR Director/VP speakers 400 High level attendees 10 Hours of networking 1 European Awards Dinner3rd–4th May 2011 > The Novotel West, London, UK 30+ Exhibiting Service ProvidersInnovation > Best Practice > Interactivity > Focused Hear from the following international business leaders: Why you should attend: PepsiCo Advice from the top: Get unique insights from 7 Zein Abdalla European CEO international corporate CEOs on critical CR issues Benchmark European CR best practice: Case studies Panasonic Laurent Abadie and exclusive insight from 60 of the highest performing Chairman CEO, Europe responsible businesses around Practical next steps on the most critical problems Alliance Boots Stefano Pessina Executive Chairman your company faces today - from impact assessment to embedding CR Innocent Drinks Richard Reed YOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Co-Founder Seventh Generation Jeffrey Hollender Co-Founder, former President CEO Johnson Matthey Neil Carson CEO Kraft Foods Nick Bunker President, UK Ireland OFFSET PROVIDER ORGANISEROpen now to see our agenda – packed with workshops, case studies and keynotes
  2. 2. Hardhitting keynotes + In-depth workshops + Interactive discussion groups + Excellent networking opportunities A FEW QUICK FACTS ABOUT Celebrating Ten Years of Leading the Way in THE MEETING IN 2010: Profitable Corporate Responsibility Initiatives 400+ people attended over the two daysDear Colleague, Over 40% of attendees were from big corporates like Timberland, IKEA, NETWORK WITH 400 TOP CR PROFESSIONALS McDonalds, Vodafone, Siemes, Rio Tinto, Pfizer, LOreal and Vneshecombank BENCHMARK YOUR POST-RECESSION STRATEGIES A third of our attendees were from Europe, with 10% from the Americas andEvery recession has a silver lining. representation from every continent on remains a earth (apart from Antarctica)Or to put it another way, savvy businesses that have decided corporate responsibilitynecessity – rather than an expendable luxury – are quietly gaining an edge. 51% of our attendees were Director-level executives, or more senior bleSteven Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community reports: “While responsibusinesses fare better in strong economic times, it seems those that incorporate social and 60+ speakers shared knowledge case in this case, studies over 2 daysenvironmental factors into their core business are able also to respond faster and,have bounced back from the financial crisis quicker.” 75% of last years attendees said they would probably or definitely recommend nities you couldIn fact, the current economic climate remains potentially one of the best opportu the conference to a colleaguewish for. Pressing ahead with the right CR and sustainability-focused strategies in 2011 will pay offon a variety of levels. Especially if you’re fully prepared. bility and CR Learn from CEOs at some of the world’s highest performing companies in sustaina Who will you meet at the If you’ve attended the Responsible Business Summit before, you’ll know we set the gold standard Responsible Business Summit? in terms of the speakers we attract. Even by our own high standards, this year’s expert line-up is exceptional. Generation, The ‘top brass’ at PepsiCo, Panasonic, Innocent Drinks, Alliance Boots, Seventh Unilever, Kraft and Johnson Matthey (to name but a few) are eager to share their knowledge, discuss hot topics and issues, and answer your specific questions. deliver big Delegate Seniority When you come to examine the Summit Agenda, you’ll see how the plenary sessions picture thinking on sustainability strategies, with an emphasis on creating policies that deliver I Heads I Consultants outstanding performance. I Managers I Directors I VPs I Other I CEO/COO/Chairman from amongst Then there are the individual pick-and-mix sessions. These enable you to select 20+ topics – including the growing need social impact assessment, the pros and cons of social ent, emerging media management, countering plummeting consumer trust, supplier engagem markets and a variety of success stories – and tailor a Summit experience that zones in on your own top CR priorities. from the The tools, business intelligence and practical knowledge you need to emerge recession stronger than ever Organisation Types I Academics I Media by the leading As you begin to make your choices, you’ll see each and every topic is being covered experts in that specific area. Which means, of course, you are guaranteed only the best I Corporates I NGOs information, from the people who are best qualified to help you. I Industry associations I Service providers insights into To sum up, this year’s event will give you fresh, relevant, and hugely authoritative world-renowned your own CR strategies. It’s also a one-off chance to have a quality dialogue with practitioners. I hope you’ll be able to join us: 3 – 4 May 2011. Kind regards, Delegate Location Emmeline Rajasingam Conference Director I Rest of world I UK Ethical Corporation I Europe I North AmericaGot any questions? Contact or +44 (0)20 7375 7575
  3. 3. Group discounts available – forward this brochure to your colleagues!What do you get if you attend the Responsible Business Summit? INSIGHT AND ADVICE FROM WORLD-LEADING GET ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND BEST PRACTICE1 4 CEOS IN AN UNRIVALLED SERIES OF KEYNOTE FROM MORE LEADERS IN THE FIELD THAN YOULL SEE PRESENTATIONS ANYWHERE ELSE Nowhere else can deliver you exclusive access to seven leaders The crème de la crème: senior executive speakers speaking on from multinational corporations. The reputation and history of their own areas of expertise - designed to give you only the the Responsible Business Summit means were able to bring most useful, relevant best practice and info on the key topics together a line-up of corporate leaders you will simply not be youll face in 2011. able to find anywhere else. THE BEST NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY IN EUROPE - PRACTICAL ADVICE AND NEXT STEPS IN THE MOST MEET YOUR PEERS TO SHARE SOLUTIONS AND2 WIDE-RANGING AND RELEVANT AGENDA YOULL SEE THIS YEAR With a four-month research period leading up to this event, we know the pressures, the issues and the opportunities that the CR professional is facing in 2011. Every topic on our agenda 5 BENCHMARK YOUR PROGRESS After ten years, we are confident that you simply will not meet a more engaged, or larger, group of senior CSR practitioners in Europe. Last year we welcomed over 400 attendees - from companies like Tata, Starbucks, Ikea Hewlett-Packard and Rio Tinto. This is a has been designed to address these critical points, and deliver targeted, experienced group of responsible business leaders. Join us! you an action plan to take back to your own office.3 PRACTICAL ADVICE ON THE KEY ISSUES YOU FACE - KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE BACK AT YOUR DESK No blue sky thinking and unfocused PR fluff on corporate successes. We deliver concrete, real life case studies with advice and insight you can apply directly to your own CR strategy. Every one of our 21 workshops will give the corporate responsibility practitioner the tools they need to succeed in 2011.Heres what people are saying about our conferencesbb Ethical Corporation brings together the best in business to make a difference” – Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland bb “The conference was fresh, relevant, interesting and enjoyable. Perfect for anyone working in CSR”bb – Adele Carroll, Group Environmental Manager, Produce World “A great diversity of speakers with fantastic experiences and insights to share” – Kerriden Pugh, Group Sustainability Manager, Orica bb “A great space to have a quality dialogue with key decision-makers in companies leading on the CR agenda”bb –Mark Line, Chairman, Two Tomorrows “The wide variety of presenters and excellent facilitation made the Responsible Business Summit a useful insight into our customers challenges” – Ted Shann, Global Sustainability Practice Head, BT bb “Good discussion interesting questions raised. Very relevant companies covering many business areas” – Sisse Norman, CSR Consultant, Grundfos Check the website for updates -
  4. 4. DAY ONE 3rd May 2011 PLENARY SESSIONS: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN POLICY PERFORMANCE Meet the CEOs and Chairmen of seven of the world’s highest performing companies. One by one, they will explain how they are addressing the hottest CR issues faced by their business in 2011. With plenty of time for you to ask questions.PLENARY ONE PLENARY TWOHow sustainability strategy is changing PepsiCo Sustainability, CSR private equity: The biggest– and why. issues in the Alliance Boots boardroomPepsiCo has a presence in 45 European countries and employs over 43,000 people. The Stefano Pessina, the man who took Boots private, and now owns 50% of the company,company has invested $3 billion in the region in the past three years. Zein Abdalla, with steps into the spotlight to face Toby Webb, Ethical Corporation Founder, for sixmore than 30 years in consumer goods and more than 14 years with PepsiCo, has led the penetrating questions about the big issues in the Alliance Boots in Europe since 2009. 1. Why – and how – does the CR agenda matter in the Alliance Boots boardroom?• Sustainability strategy in PepsiCo: How is the company diversifying from cola? 2. What specific opportunities for consumer trust are generated by sustainability?• Driving performance: How does PepsiCo incentivise and measure its managers? 3. How come a Plan A for Alliance Boots has not yet emerged – and is it still needed?PepsiCo, Zein Abdalla, CEO EMEA 4. How does Stefano Pessina engage the other 50% owner – Kohlberg Kravis Roberts – in what sustainability means for Alliance Boots? 5. Why does the Alliance Boots sustainability team report to the Finance Director?The big debate: Can a large company be 6. What is the biggest challenge facing Alliance Boots in the next decade?sustainable and grow? Alliance-Boots, Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman Ethical Corporation, Toby Webb, FounderSeventh Generation is one of America’s most iconic ‘greener brands’. It has grown froma tiny company to one with a $150 million turnover in just twenty years. Jeffrey Hollender is the company’s Co-Founder and a prolific author on green and PLENARY THREEsustainable business practices. He also sits on the board of Greenpeace and chairs theAmerican Business Sustainable Business Council. A B2B sustainability success story• Is it still possible to have a big, sustainable company? Can it REALLY be done – even Johnson Matthey, is a speciality chemicals company and leading maker of lower carbon in tough economic times? technology employing around 9,000 people worldwide. CEO Neil Carson has been with• What are the prime challenges of growing a business and maintaining values? the company for over 30 years. How does Seventh Generation overcome them? • Becoming a lower carbon champion: A story of challenges, success and key lessons• The outlook for responsible business in the USA in 2011: Is the Wal-Mart effect learned actually real? • How manufacturing firms can seize the opportunities of cleaner technologySeventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and former President and CEO; and Chair, • The potential for new technologies in mitigation and adaption to climate changeBusiness Leadership Council of the American Sustainable Business Council Johnson Matthey, Neil Carson, CEOInnocent: Can a ‘good brand’ REALLY deliver Not just for consumer brands: Whatbehaviour change? sustainable business can doInnocent is an iconic British brand rapidly going global. With a core proposition built A crisis in global agriculture is emerging from the perfect storm of ageing farmers,around health, nature and sustainability, the company is widely admired. The company urbanisation, climate change, and tiny trickle-down benefits to farmers all over theis now majority owned by Coca-Cola but is still run and controlled by its original world. How do you prepare? Nick Bunker is President of Kraft Foods UK Ireland – thefounders. Richard Reed one of the founders and shareholders of the company hotbed of Kraft’s sustainability innovations.will be asked to address: • Focus on the business drivers for sustainable agriculture in 2011• The importance of having a mission and staying true to one’s values as you grow • What Kraft can – and is – doing about them, and the impact on company planning• The relationship between innocent and Coca-Cola? • What farmers want and need and how big companies can deliver on them• Where can the brand go over the next 30 years? • How NGOs should react to the changing agenda – and stimulate greater collaboration• Sustainable growth? Can you reconcile business growth with sustainable Kraft Foods, Nick Bunker, President, UK Ireland consumption agendaInnocent Drinks, Richard Reed, Co-Founder Unilever: What does sustainable living mean in practice?Panasonic: What do we mean by green Unilever, the €40 billion a year consumer goods company, has announced aggressiveinnovation in technology? plans to hit fifty exacting social, environmental and economic targets over the next decade. The scale and depth of Unilever’s commitments are unprecedented for aPanasonic aims to become the number one green innovation company in the company of its size.electronics industry by 2018. Gavin Neath is the man behind the plan for Unilever’s future economic growth to beIn this session, we’re asking their European CEO Laurent Abadie to explain exactly what ‘decoupled’ from negative socio-economic costs.that means for both products and how consumers use them. • Where the targets have come from, how long the process took, and who was• How much of Panasonic’s portfolio will ‘greener’ by 2015, and what does that mean? involved• Can consumer electronics companies engage consumers • The cost/efficiency implications of halving product environmental impact• NGOs: Help or hindrance for greener electronics? • What 100% sustainable raw material sourcing will mean for the supply chain• Is there a difference between ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’, and should electronics firms • The emerging market opportunity for new products, such as PureIt grasp that better? Unilever, Gavin Neath, Senior Vice President Communications and Sustainability and former UKPanasonic, Laurent Abadie, Chairman Chief Executive Officer, Europe Chairman Group discounts available – forward this brochure to your colleagues!
  5. 5. DAY ONE 3rd May 2011BREAKOUT SESSION ONE STAKEHOLDERS PERFORMANCE CASE STUDIES COMMUNICATIONSEngaging suppliers in CR Measuring socio-economic Sell CR to your board: Whatand sustainability: What impact: The route to good metrics and measurements doworks best? business in emerging they expect to see when youLearn tried and tested techniques to engage and markets brief them?commit your suppliers to your CR targets. And learn Making the business case for CR to your board canfrom people who really DO know, including the Socio-economic impact assessment is no longer be tricky. You need to know what makes yourCEO of the UK’s biggest supplier of fresh produce, just a figure in your CR report. It’s a crucial tool management tick, along with the golden rules ofand the Head of Procurement Supply Chain from in your day-to-day management of operations communicating your message to them.a world-leading construction company. in emerging markets. In this session you’ll In this session you’ll gain trade secrets from• They’ll show you what works – and how to discover: experts at major companies. make it happen in your business • The most effective ways to measure your • From philanthropy to business talk: Capture your• Foster CR best practice across your supply chain company’s socio-economic impacts board’s attention with the right language by singling out and rewarding those who are • Manage upwards: Find out where their knowledge • How Standard Chartered assessed they have most effective on your behalf gaps are and update their understanding of CR to contributed a total of £400m value-added to• Find out – and deliver – what they need from help you do your job better the economy of Ghana you to achieve their targets • Find out what they want from CR – and the best • Why measuring your socio-economic impact• Establish what language suppliers respond to way to give it to them best – and get to know them better is key to deploying a solid business strategy • Show them the money: Why sustainability is the in emerging markets - and increasing your• Clarifying, auditing and KPIs: What’s the best cheaper way forward way to assess your suppliers’ ethical revenue there Barclays, Jillian Fransen, Head of Sustainability performance? Standard Chartered, Gill James, Head of Sustainability Centrica, Charlotte Grezo, Group Director, CorporateProduce World, William Burgess, CEO CA Operations and Corporate Affairs Responsibility StrategyBovis Lend Lease, Nigel McKay, Head of Procurement and INSEAD, Ethan Kapstein, Paul Dubrule Professor of Toyota, Michel Gardel, Vice-President External andSupply Chain Sustainable Development Environmental Affairs Toyota Motor EuropeBREAKOUT SESSION TWO STAKEHOLDERS PERFORMANCE CASE STUDIES COMMUNICATIONSMedia: What makes a Embedding CR across the Plummeting social trust ingood story? company: Success stories and business: What can you doJournalists from three of Britain’s most respected what you can learn from them about it?newspapers share their views on what makes a The Edelman Trust Barometer 2010 shows a drop incompany credible in CSR. In this session, meet the crème de la crème of businesses who have successfully embedded CR in CEO credibility from 60% to 39% in the US, and Join this session to find out what the media from 51% to 35% in the UK. Which is all the more their business model.really expects from business – and how to deal worrying when you consider consumers say theywith media risk. You’ll hear from Unilever, which has just rank trust and transparency in a company as• The latest big responsible business stories: How launched a ground-breaking Sustainable Living important as the products it sells. well did companies handle the crisis? Plan; Marks Spencer, who consider their Plan A In this session, learn from BP on how to restore ‘the only way to do business’; and BBVA, who trust after a crisis. You’ll also hear best practice• How your business can improve its communications created their CR and Reputation Strategic Plan with from GSK on how they have built their reputation with journalists around their CR performance and from BAT on how input from no fewer than 70 Directors – and lived• The Editor’s View: What makes a decent story? to deal with controversy. to tell the tale! And why? • Strong communications skills: How to deliver a • From the roots: How to integrate CR and• Sources: Do journalists depend too heavily on NGOs? powerful, positive message – without losing sustainability in all functions, and every day-to-Financial Times, Hugh Williamson, Europe News Editor transparency day activityThe Times, Peter Stiff, Business Reporter • Responding to controversy: What works best • How to bridge the knowledge gap between CRThe Guardian, Paul Lewis, Special Projects Editor when your stakeholders no longer trust you? strategy and your company’s understanding of CR • How to recover trust after a crisis – the BP story • Materiality: How do you choose which CR issues § Check the website! are most relevant to your business? • Trust starts inside: How to secure the support you need in-house, with a powerful employee We will be updating the conference agenda • Your role: What should you personally be doing engagement strategy that delivers results up until the day of the event. to make the embedding process successful? GlaxoSmithKline, Julia King, VP, Corporate Responsibility For the full event updates and latest BBVA, Toni Ballabriga, Director of Corporate Responsibility British American Tobacco, Mike Nightingale, Head of speaker line-up go to Reputation Corporate Responsibility Unilever, Karen Hamilton, Global VP for Sustainability BP, Elodie Grant-Goodey, Head of Social Policy and Marks Spencer, Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business Sustainability Unrivalled choice, with all the issues you want to hear about. Guaranteed!
  6. 6. DAY TWO 4th May 2011BREAKOUT SESSION ONEInvestor credibility: How to Case study: Building a CR reporting: Make it deliverachieve it sustainable supply chain in an for you, your stakeholdersThe European Sustainable Investment Forum emerging market - Cargill in and your businessreports that responsible investment has grown by Argentina Nearly 80% of the world’s largest 250 companies87% in two years and is now worth €3 trillion – now report their CR performance. While of the Sustainable agriculture is increasingly recognised asdespite the financial crisis. In fact, many businesses 5,227 readers who took part in GRI’s Readers vital for responsible corporate supply chains.say the crisis has increased their awareness of the Reporters 2010 survey, half use CR reporting toneed to integrate ethical risks into investment In this session Cargill will share how they have invest/divest in a business. It means the pressure isdecisions. built an ethical supply base from the ground up for mounting for you to report, and to do it correctly. their recent product Truvia sweetener. Hear how: In this session, hear best practice from business Now, more than ever, your business needsto show a clean track record to attract investment. • Cargill developed a new low calorie sweetener leaders, who have achieved successful CR reporting using responsible business thinking for their companies. They will share with you the In this session, find out exactly what investors hard facts of CR reporting.want from you. • The Truvia supply chain, after some initial challenges, developed quickly and safely a • Materiality: What issues should absolutely• Data clarity: Should you merge your CR and sustainability program from field to table appear in your report – and why? financial reports, or are they better kept • Social and environmental challenges in the • Merging the CR report with the annual report: separate? Argentina supply chain were considered The ultimate key to embedding CR in the• Language: What makes investors tick? What best business? Or a dilution of your ethical data? captures their interest? • The challenges of certification: Where a scheme does not exist, what is the thinking around • How to make your report readable and• Overview of upcoming trends: What will investors interesting - even to those who don’t care verification? demand from you in three years from now? TruviaTM Europe, Cargill, Elizabeth Fay, Head of External • Beyond the CR report: learn innovative ways toRoyal Bank of Scotland, Andrew Cave, Head of Corporate report with the latest 2.0 technology Relations CommunicationsResponsibility Commentators: Charles Secrett, Former Director at Telefonica, Alberto Andreu, Managing Director onCheuvreux, Stephane Voisin, Head of SRI Friends of the Earth and Mallen Baker, CEO of Business Corporate Reputation, Identity SustainabilityPGGM, Dr Marcel Jeucken, Head of Responsible Respect and Contributing Editor to Ethical Corporation Vodafone Group, Joel Hoxburg, Head of Sustainability -Investment Magazine Performance, Reporting EngagementBREAKOUT SESSION TWOSocial media: Is it honestly EABIS session – Enterprise and The next generation ofworth your time, your effort innovation: Drivers or outputs environmental impact– and your budget? of responsible business? measurement: Achieve fullThere’s so much about social media in business Are sustainability issues changing consumer attitudes product transparency and and perceptions, and will they lead companies totoday. But is it a useful tool for CR heads and reassess their business models, products and sustainability with lifecyclemanagers? And how does it compare with the markets? Or are companies recognising that change is thinkingother weapons in your armoury? critical and they have to take a lead in reorienting consumer expectations and behaviour? While CR reporting hugely contributes to Big brands are taking the plunge – and some companies’ transparency, how much does it reallyhave been hammered by savvy campaigners on Are we really seeing the widespread growth of say about your products’ environmental impact, ifCR issues. Then again, like it or not, the innovative partnerships between companies and their it only focuses on ‘in-house impacts’? 68% ofconversation about your company is happening stakeholders? Are corporate supply chains becoming networks or communities sharing market knowledge InterfaceFlor’s product impact is associated withalready. the production of raw materials. Only 10% of it and intelligence for mutual benefit? Enterprise and In this session, we’ll give you best practice tips innovation have long been part of the management happens in-house. How do you measure youron how to leverage the power and potential of mantra for companies of all sizes but are rapidly product’s full impact? This is where lifecyclesocial media: becoming part of the lexicon for responsible thinking can help you. In this session, learn best practitioners. But what does that mean in practice? practice from two leaders in the field: Kimberly• Conversation skills: Leading techniques for Are enterprising and innovative new approaches Clark and InterfaceFlor. effective social media use helping companies to meet their sustainability • Learn how to embed life-cycle thinking into• Engaging a tough audience: The CSR crowd on objectives or are they, more broadly, a necessary product development and innovation Twitter are often activists… when can tweeting response to competition from new market players • Use lifecycle analysis to engage your customers your PR backfire? and a rapidly changing business environment? And on selling more sustainable products to end• Real life examples. Who has done well in what can global companies learn from smaller consumers businesses and other stakeholders about business communicating CR via social media, who has • Why and how to generate an environmental model innovation and harnessing the creative come off badly, and what could they have done potential within their workforce? product declaration differently? Hewlett Packard, Jeannette Weisschuh, Director, Social • What are the drawbacks of lifecycle assessment,Shell, Shaun D. Wiggins, Head Policy External Relations Innovation and how to make it work for youCiti, Amy Kornbluth, Head of Employee and Client Kimberly-Clark, Cecile Ortlieb, Head of Strategy Kimberly Clark, Tom Berry, Head of SustainabilityCommunications EABIS, John Swannick, Executive Director InterfaceFlor, Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director Unrivalled choice, with all the issues you want to hear about. Guaranteed!
  7. 7. DAY TWO 4th May 2011BREAKOUT SESSION THREENGOs: Their verdict on what’s Essential best practice on The next step in comprehensivemissing from your CR strategy carbon cuts and offsets from supply chain management:How much are you really engaging with NGOs – Jaguar, Coca-Cola Enterprises The social sideand is it enough? What does it deliver for you and and South Pole Although companies have made tremendous effortsfor the NGO? Join this session to make sure you’re Copenhagen and then Cancun have come and gone, to understand and improve their supply chainnot missing out on crucial tips to run a responsible and the same challenge remains: how can businesses management since Levi Strauss launched the first- and profitable - business. Leading NGOs will cut down their CO2 emissions and be more energy code of conduct for suppliers 20 years ago, it remainsfocus on how to bridge the gap between their efficient? As well as enhancing your reputation, cutting carbon will save you money. Easier said than one of the most scrutinised, criticised, and complexexpectations and companies’ behaviour on CSR done. In this session, learn from Jaguar Landrover, aspects of any business. While environmental impactissues. You’ll find out: who has cut down its energy consumption by 49% in measurement is starting to be more standardised,• Why more ‘positive confrontation’ with NGOs the last five years without compromising the quality of what about the social side of your chain? will boost your CR performance its cars. You’ll also hear best practice from Coca-Cola In this session, Nestlé’s VP walks you through• Trust is key: How to maintain an honest and deep Enterprises. South Pole Carbon will give an inside view the company’s Responsible Sourcing Guidelines, enough dialogue – and why it matters so much of how sensible offsetting and reputation make a good match – with the right strategy in place. created in collaboration with The Forest Trust, and• The do’s and don’ts of corporate responses to explains how their supply chain is becoming more NGO attacks • Accurate measurement: How do you trace carbon throughout your supply chain? socially responsible.Greenpeace UK, John Sauven, Executive Director • How do you manage your carbon reduction • What is responsible sourcing from the socialFriends of the Earth, Charles Secrett, Former Director strategy in developing economies? responsibility perspective?Transparency International, Jermyn Brooks, Chair,Business Advisory Board • How can you successfully reduce your CO2 emissions • How should you handle and respond to if you work in a carbon intensive industry? customer and media attacks on social issues ofChristian Aid, Loretta Minghella OBE, Director • Transparency: How to make sure your carbon your supply chain? footprint is an accurate reflection of all parts of • Customer trust by consistency: Why handling your business labour issues in your home country is as • Reputation: How to find the offsetting strategy business-critical as in emerging countries that supports your company’s image and values • Social auditing and monitoring: How do you Jaguar Landrover, Alan Volkaert, Operations Director measure and report social issues in your supply Coca-Cola Enterprises, Joe Franses, Head of Corporate chain? Responsibility Sustainability Nestlé, Jose Lopez, Vice President and Head of Operations The Summit offers excellent networking opportunities South Pole Carbon Asset Management, Christoph Grobbel, Managing Partner Unilever, Marc Engel, Chief Procurement OfficerBREAKOUT SESSION FOURTax justice: What does a Managing partnerships and Learn the best ways to engageresponsible corporate tax collaborations your external stakeholders inposition look like? When they are effectively managed, public/private environmental communicationsTax responsibility is back on the corporate agenda, partnerships can be an invaluable tool for the Diverse stakeholders each have a unique value,and NGOs such as Christian Aid have been singling sustainability of your business. role and stake in solving today’s complex globalout specific firms for scrutiny. Retail giant Gap, has partnered with an NGO challenges. Companies can’t go it alone’, says a But is the debate more complex than simple and the Ethical Trading Initiative to examine its senior VP from Cone, a research firm. And to make aavoidance tactics by firms? This session looks at: purchasing practices and their impact on supplier difference on environmental issues, gaining strong• What should we mean by responsible tax performance in meeting Gap’s Code of Vendor planning? engagement from your external stakeholders is Conduct. The objective is to create a more crucial. But what are the best ways to deliver a• When does planning become avoidance? transparent and effective supply chain. powerful environmental message to them?• When is avoidance unethical? Join this session to find out about working• What’s the latest on government approaches – Join this session to get up-to-date on consumer partnerships and how to make the most of them. are countries with lower corporate taxes now engagement strategies that really do work. under increased pressure to harmonise? • Key factors to consider to ensure you choose the • What role does the brand play in engaging yourTax Justice, John Christensen, Director most appropriate partner external stakeholders in environmental issues?Business Respect, Mallen Baker, CEO Editorial • Get ahead of the game: Learn how to innovate • Define your audience and their demand:Contributor to Ethical Corporation with the experts in CSR partnerships Do your external stakeholders really care about • When relationships go bad: Is it ever possible to green products? § Group discounts G Buy two conference passes - get the third one turn failure into success? • How to make the most of social media tools to • What’s the most effective way to communicate A get your message across G conference pass + a free subscription to half-price your partnership to the world? TUI Travel, Jane Ashton, Head of Sustainable B Buy three conference passes - get one free GAP, José Argueda, Head of CSR, Europe Development G Save the Children, Douglas Rouse, Corporate Partnerships Ethical Corporation Magazine PepsiCo UK, Andrew Slight, Head of External Affairs Director C Buying four or more passes? Get in touch with Deutsche Post DHL, Dr. Winfried Häser, Vice President, us to find out more: Reckitt Benckiser, Sandra Hennessy, Global Corporate Internal Communications Director External Stakeholder DialogueCheck the website for an up to the minute agenda! Go to
  8. 8. DAY TWO 4th May 2011BREAKOUT SESSION FIVEMake your employees happier Water stewardship: Why it’s How to get marketingand more productive – by a big deal and what to do and branding directors onusing CSR about it boardA few hard facts about employee engagement: The United Nations predict that by 2030, 50% of the Getting your CR marketing campaign right is a• Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue. world’s population will live in water-stressed tough task but the potential rewards are huge –• Disengaged workers costs the UK £44bn a year in areas. Bloomberg’s new water data and analysis just look at PG and MS for proof. lost productivity. service, reflect the changing picture – and the How do you turn incredibly complex• Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave. importance of the issue. information into a simple, compelling powerful• Nine out of ten of key barriers to successful consumer message? This is where engagement Meanwhile, the CDP’s Water Disclosure Project is change are people-related. raising business awareness of water-related risk. between the CR and branding/marketing teamsTo put it another way, CR is a critical element of What is your business doing? Are you up-to-speed? becomes crucial.employee engagement strategy satisfaction. What happens if a water disclosure survey lands on In this session, learn from experts who Join this session for essential practical advice your desk? Join this session for best practice onthat you can harness to make your employee have made the perfect CR marketing campaign water stewardship. happen, through effective in-house collaboration.engagement strategy even more powerful.• Get your message right: What’s the most effective • Mitigate water risk: Identify where, when and • Bridging the gap: How can heads of CR talk to way to communicate your plan to employees? how you will be affected by water scarcity marketing directors – and get them on board?• How do you generate a constructive dialogue • Find out how to measure your water • The value of the right NGO relationship: How do from the outset, and produce a stronger CR consumption in both products and usage you navigate conversations about sustainable strategy throughout the company? • Learn about the key stats on global water you marketing with credible partners for the right• Secrets weapons you can use to engage the need to take to your board outcomes? sceptics and create more trust from within • Find out how investors view water risk and why • Case studies: What’s the impact of getting it right• How to make the most of internal expertise and innovation your water management strategy matters to at leading companies across Europe? them Rainforest Alliance, Brendan May, UK Chairman andBskyB, Jo Fox, Deputy Director of “The Bigger Picture” Halcrow, Andrew Kluth, Head of Corporate Co-Founder of The Robertsbridge GroupAlliance Boots Group, Richard Ellis, Director of CorporateSocial Responsibility Responsibility Ethical Corporation, Toby Webb, FounderAlcatel-Lucent, Katrina Destrée Cochran, Director, CSR Henkel, Roland Schroeder, Head of Sustainability, Henkel, Uwe Bergmann, Head of CSR/SustainabilityInitiatives Laundry Homecare Management A celebration of responsible business practices by leading companies Running in conjunction with the Responsible Business Summit, the Ethical Corporation Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner will take place on the evening of the 3rd of May 2011 – the first day of the Summit. Delegates purchasing a Gold pass or above will receive one seat for this high profile and exclusive industry event. For more information on the awards, and how to enter, go to Last years shortlist included: Why enter? 1 Gain recognition from your peers and experts as a global leader in Corporate Sustainability 2 Get the acknowledgement you deserve for your company’s commitment to responsible business practice High Performance 3 Boost your reputation for ethical best practice with the largest CSR community in the world Category Sponsor Reserve your place today at
  9. 9. R E G I S T E R N O W The 10th Annual Responsible Business Summit 2011 London, 3-4 May 2011 Business Intelligence Reports packaged with Platinum Passes 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE Delegates who purchase a platinum pass for Super Early Bird Early Bird Standard price the Responsible Business Summit 2010 are Register by: 21st January 2011 4th March 2011 £995+VAT I £1,245+VAT I £1,345+VAT I entitled to one free business intelligence report produced by BRONZE PASS Ethical Corporation. These reports are Save £350 Save £100 designed to enhance your CSR toolkit £1,095+VAT I £1,345+VAT I £1,445+VAT I with extensive qualitative and SILVER PASS Save £350 Save £100 £1,345+VAT I £1,595+VAT I £1,695+VAT I quantative data, and cover a variety of different CSR issues. GOLD PASS Save £350 Save £100 £1,845+VAT I £2,095+VAT I £2,195+VAT I For information on Ethical Corporations reports, go to PLATINUM PASS Save £350 Save £100 Discounts are available for NGOs. Please go to for more detailsOur guarantees to you WHAT YOU GET: BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM • Access to all keynotes • Access to all keynotes • Access to all keynotes • Access to all keynotes A POWERFUL AGENDA ADDRESSING THE CR and workshops and workshops and workshops and workshops1 COMMUNITY’S KEY CONCERNS • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and After months of research with leading figures in corporate coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks responsibility and sustainability, we are confident this year’s Agenda • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception includes every one of the key issues you will need to address over Access Access Access Access the next twelve months. With three tracks to deliver unprecedented + Access to presentation • Access to presentation • Access to presentation • Access to presentation levels of detail, plus a vibrant mix of plenary sessions and interactive slides post-conference slides post-conference slides post-conference slides post-conference workshops, you can drill down into topics that are of professional + Access to audio • Access to audio • Access to audio interest more than ever before. recordings from every recordings of every recordings of every conference session conference session conference session2AN UNRIVALLED LINE-UP OF EXPERT SPEAKERS + 1 seat for the Ethical • 1 seat for the Ethical Corporation Awards Corporation Awards The Summit features a roster of expert speakers that you simply PRIORITY CODE Dinner Dinner won’t find anywhere else. Our 40+ speakers have all been BOX. SAVE £100 personally recommended by key members of the CR community. WHEN YOU QUOTE (see page 8 for more details) + 1 business THIS CODE! intelligence report (see page 8 for more details) CONCRETE BEST PRACTICE AND NEXT STEPS FOR YOU TO TAKE BACK TO THE OFFICE3 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations The emphasis at this event is on practical advice and relevant case studies delivered by companies that are leading the way in responsible business. At the end of the two days, you will have a Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wealth of advice plus fresh insights into all aspects of the varied and challenging role of every senior CSR professional. Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE BEST CSR AND SUSTAINABILITY Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY IN 2010 Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We appreciate that quality networking is a fundamental part of a successful event. Ethical Corporation events are renowned for Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bringing together communities of decision makers. As Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland puts it: “Ethical Corporation bring together the best in business to make a difference.” Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................................................................SPEAKING, EXHIBITING, SPONSORSHIP Payment Choose one payment optionAND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES I Credit Card I InvoiceHighlight your company’s work, raise your profile and connect (we’ll call to pick up your details) NB: Full payment must be received before the eventwith senior corporate sustainability and CSR professionalsRaise the profile of your service or product with a focused group ofsenior decision makers in major corporations working in Corporate 3. REGISTERResponsibility, Sustainability, Corporate Affairs, Strategy andCommunications. CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 (0) 20 7375 7575 Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 11th• Over 10 hours of face-to-face networking time or US toll-free +1 800 814 34 59. March 2011 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 3rd• Intimate networking environment - 30 exhibit booths, all coffee April 2011 we will be obliged to charge the full breaks, buffet lunches and evening drinks reception will take FAX: This form to+44 (0) 20 7375 7576 or to US toll-free+1 800 814 34 60. fee. Please note – you must notify Ethical Corporation in writing of a cancellation, or we place in the exhibit/networking area will be obliged to charge the full fee. The• Address delegates and raise your profile with a EMAIL: The registration team on organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices speaking/sponsorship position – 10-15 minutes presentation time displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK plus 40 minute QA stated but, vat will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice• Online pre-conference e-networking centre – chat with delegates WEB: Go to and submit your details for instant date and the relevant details will appear on the before the conference invoice. For more details about prices please see confirmation of your place! terms conditions on event sold out last year and will do so again- contact Andrew Bold NOW on +44 (0) 20 7375 7188 / or fill in your details below. Dont miss out on your chance to attend. Register today!
  10. 10. The only CSR event you need to attend in 2011 L! 10TH ANNUA VThe Responsible Business Summit 2011Closing the gap between policyand performance YOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:The opportunities of sustainability3rd–4th May 2011 The Novotel West, London, UKInnovation Best Practice Interactivity Focused Debate What youll get by attending:• The best agenda: We’ve spent months speaking to 35+ of your peers, so we can guarantee ALL your hottest CR issues and challenges for 2011 are tackled!• The best speakers: You’ll hear from 7 CEOs and Chairmen from the world’s highest performing companies and 55+ other expert corporate practitioners• The best format: You’ve asked for it, we’ve done it. Less powerpoint, fewer lengthy speeches, more active debate, more interactive discussions• The best networking opportunities: This is the biggest CR event of the year with 400+ high level attendees, of which 65% are from corporate companies. Join us and meet the crème de la crème of the CR community! Get insight direct from over thirty CR professionals from over ten different countries Panasonic Europe, Laurent Abadie, Chairman CEO, Europe Tax Justice Network, John Christensen, Director PepsiCo, Zein Abdalla, European CEO Toyota, Michel Gardel, Vice-President External Environmental Affairs Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed, Founder Shell, Shaun D. Wiggins, Head Policy External Relations Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and former Citi, Amy Kornbluth, Head of Employee and Client Communications President and CEO Greenpeace, John Sauven, Executive Director Alliance Boots, Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman Christian Aid, Katherine Teague, Private Sector Advocacy Adviser Kraft Foods, Nick Bunker, President, UK Ireland InterfaceFlor, Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director Johnson Matthey, Neil Carson, CEO Kimberly Clark, Tom Berry, Head of Sustainability Produce World, William Burgess, CEO Transparency International, Jermyn Brooks, Chair, Business Advisory Board Unilever, Gavin Neath, Senior Vice President and Sustainability and Save the Children, Douglas Rouse, Corporate Partnerships Director former UK Chairman Reckitt Benckiser, Sandra Hennessy, Global Corporate Communications Manager Nestlé, José Lopez, Vice President and Head of Operations Alliance Boots Group, Richard Ellis, Director of Corporate Social Jaguar Landrover, Alan Volkaert, Operations Director Responsibility Barclays, Jillian Fransen, Head of Sustainability Rainforest Alliance, Brendan May, UK Chairman BskyB, Jo Fox, Deputy Director of The Bigger Picture Hewlett Packard, Jeannette Weisschuh, Director, Social Innovation Standard Chartered, Gill James, Head of Sustainability CA Operations, Kimberly Clark, Cecile Ortlieb, Head of Strategy Corporate Affairs EABIS, John Swannick, Executive Director GlaxoSmithKline, Julia King, VP, Corporate Responsibility PGGM, Dr Marcel Jeucken, Head of Responsible Investment Centrica, Charlotte Grezo, Global Director, Corporate Responsibility Strategy Cheuvreux, Stephane Voisin, Head of SRI Marks Spencer, Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business British American Tobacco, Mike Nightingale, Head of Corporate Responsibility Coca-Cola Enterprises, Joe Franses, Head of Corporate Responsibility Business Respect, Mallen Baker, CEO Contributing Editor to Ethical Sustainability Corporation Telefonica, Alberto Andreu, Managing Director on Corporate Reputation, South Pole Carbon, Giulia Gervasoni, Head of Sales Identity Sustainability Alliance Boots, Richard Ellis, Head of Corporate responsibility BBVA, Toni Ballabriga, Director of Corporate Responsibility Reputation SUPPORTING PARTNER Alcatel Lucent, Katrina Destree Cochran, Director, CSR Initiatives Unilever, Karen Hamilton, Global Vice President for Sustainability Henkel, Uwe Bergmann, Head of CSR/Sustainability Management Gap, José Argueda, Head of CSR, Europe PepsiCo UK, Andrew Slight, Head of External Affairs Vodafone Group, Joel Hoxburg, Head of Sustainability - Performance, Henkel, Roland Schroeder, Head of Sustainability, Laundry Homecare Reporting Engagement South Pole Carbon Asset Management, Christoph Grobbel, Managing Partner TUI Travel, Jane Ashton, Head of Sustainable Development OFFSET PROVIDER ORGANISER BP, Elodie Grant-Goodey, Head of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Christian Aid, Loretta Minghella OBE, Director Deutsche Post DHL, Dr. Winfried Häser, Vice President, External Stakeholder The Guardian, Paul Lewis, Special Projects Editor Dialogue The Times, Peter Stiff, Business Reporter TruviaTM Europe, Cargill, Elizabeth Fay, Head of External Relations Financial Times, Hugh Williamson, Europe News Editor Communications Check out the full programme inside… open now!