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New england
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New england


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  • 2. COLONIES New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut
  • 3. ATTRIBUTES  Commerce- The new England colonies were very strong in trade and commerce. They began trading as soon as they settled. They traded with the West Indies and with French Colonies to the north. It really helped the ship owners.  Fishing- Fishing was a very large part of the new England colonies especially in Boston which was the port of the New England colonies. They would eat the fish they caught or they would cut it up and sell it as goods.  Farming- The soil wasn’t the best in the New England colonies but they still farmed a lot and the crops that they couldn’t grow they would get imported from England.
  • 4. IMPORTANT PEOPLE OF THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES  Roger Williams- got kicked out of Massachusetts because he didn’t agree with the puritan beliefs.  Thomas Hooker- a minister who believed that every man deserved the right to vote
  • 5. NEW ENGLAND FUN FACT  The people of the New England colonies mostly made their own clothes and shoes so they wouldn’t have to buy them from England.
  • 7. COLONIES New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
  • 8. ATTRIBUTES  Agriculture- The middle colonies also had part agriculture, they mostly worked with wheat and other grains. They had better soil than the New England colonies.  Industry- The middle colonies produced a lot of iron, paper, and textiles. This happened more in Delaware than any of the other colonies.  Commerce- The middle colonies also traded with England but they weren’t as big on trading as the Northern Colonies were as they didn’t have a port like Boston
  • 9. IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE COLONIES  John Berkely - one of the founders of New Jersey  Sir George Cateret - the other founder of New Jersey  William Penn- founder of Pennsylvania
  • 10. MIDDLE COLONIES FUN FACT  The farms were predominately in New York and Pennsylvania
  • 12. COLONIES Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
  • 13. ATTRIBUTES  Agriculture- The southern colonies had plantations which are big plots of land with a land owner who has slaves to help tend to the farmers crops.  Rich Soil- The southern colonies had the richest soil out of the colonies so therefore they did all agriculture they did not have much industry.  Commerce- The southern colonies traded with England and the rest of the colonies. They had the most crops.
  • 14. IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE SOUTHERN COLONIES  James Oglethorpe- founder of Georgia  John Smith- English explorer and leader of the Jamestown Settlement
  • 15. SOUTHERN COLONIES FUN FACT  Southern Plantations mostly grew tobacco, rice, and indigo
  • 16. TRIANGULAR TRADE  The triangular trade system made it so the Southern Colonies could get the African slaves. The triangular trade helps all of the colonies and their economies to grow.
  • 17. GREAT AWAKENING  The Great Awakening seemed to be controversial at first. With the rise of Christianity and with all the different leaders across the colonies. People were aroused by it but then it ended up being one of the greatest movements of history.