Too worriedtosleep solutions


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Too worriedtosleep solutions

  1. 1. Challenge Assumptions 2Team - 26019Too Worried to Sleep : Modern life has a lot stresses that cause us to lose sleep. Losingsleep also creates stress. A endless loop of insomnia can be created. Our team 26019 will tacklethis problem and come up with 100 solutions.Solutions proposed by our team:1. Drink chamomile infusion.2. Drink milk with honey.3. Practice actives meditations, in order to focus on positive thoughts before sleep.4. Daily Exercise: to generate more endorphins and oxytocin , it will help to cope with abetter aptitude towards problems.5. Take a warm bath.6. Avoid sugar, coffee, or any stimulant drink before sleeping, some hours beforesleeping.7. Practice Gibberish meditation: this is a meditations with nonsensical sounds in orderto quiet the mind, it helps to clear the mind8. Go to a psychologist , he or she might help you to deal with the problems, some of theproblems just need a different approach.9. Drink some valeriana infusion.10. Listening to some pleasant and relaxing music before sleep.11. Have positive sex, the kind of sex that help you forget about problems, help you havepositive endorphins and not the kind of give you one more issue to worried.12. Talk to some good and positive friends about your problems, sometimes friends havea different approach, sometimes they light up your live or sometimes make you sleep.13. Practice some yoga postures before sleep, like inversion postures such Shirshasana,Sarvangasana, that helps irrigate the brain and well you will see the world from adifferent perspective.14. Take out your bedroom all the distractive equipments, such as TV, radio, Pc, laptops,sometimes people kept distracted with tv o computers and they can not sleep becausethe sleeping time is out.15. Do something very different and positive before sleep, it will change the thought ofworried to some positive thoughts.16. Do something kind for someone , kindness changes perspectives and helps sleep.17. If you really do not fall asleep, get out the bed and do something else, so you willnot associate the bed with bad thoughts , subconscious is a very serious issue.18. Take one or more pillows, find place (not the bed) and shout all your problemsvery loud at your pillow, it will release your tensions, people will not be disturbed if youscream and in any case you will be tired and fall asleep.
  2. 2. 19. Dance before sleep, just as nobody is seeing you, it makes you feel relaxed and giveyou a change of perspective.20. Do not procrastinate, sometimes worries comes from procrastination, so we go tobed with a large to do list that transform itself into a monster , that makes us worried andprevent us from sleep21. A cranial massage. This week I babysit a baby cat and before sleep the cat literallygive me a massage on the base of my head, because he likes to play before sleep andsleep on the head of the bed, it was very relaxing :). I look at internet and there is a:22. A cranial sacral massage, helps you to release the tensions and make you sleepbetter.23. Use a lavender splash or lavender essential oil some articles said that lavender oilhelps to depress the central nervous system as a tranquilizer.24. Some north american natives such as ojibwe use a dream catcher to filter the baddreams, worries are like bad dream.25. Said goodnight to your worries, send them to sleep to.26. If you can not get rid of your worries, make peace with them and go to sleep withthem, but sleep.27. Rehearse every night for 6 to 8 hours at least the sleeping beauty or handsome partwhere they sleep, it might be a trick for your subconcious. (arriving to the think out thebox part)28. Before sleep have a lucid dream, think you are a gardener and every problem is a badplan and you clean the ground of all the bad plants, then you should did to the root ofyour worries until you find the very root, after a while I guess you will fall asleep. (thismight be therapeutically and I am still thinking out the box) .29. If you can get rid of the worries and can not sleep, then do something useful, likeclean the house, do some handcraft, at least you will feel useful.30. Read 10 times the 100 solutions to sleep, I guess it will inspire you to sleep.31. Drink a lettuce leaf infusion.32. Go to a psychologist and ask for a prescription for pills to sleep.33. Count Sheeps until you fall asleep34. Try to read a book or a magazine to relax.35. If you have your TV in your room watch a tv program that does not have yourinterested. If youre bored it’s possible that you fall asleep36. Buy a pillow pet to get some cuddle company in the night37. Practice some kind of relaxation with your breathe until you fall asleep38.Think in white or in your favorite color... Only in your favorite color until you fallasleep39. Do or buy a teddy bear that looks and smells like that one that you had in yourchildhood. (We can do a product with this.... a bear with a smell of wood, a bunny withsmell of strawberries, a dog with a smell of vanilla....) and cuddle your teddy bear to fallasleep40. Establish a bedtime ritual like this: Turn on a scented candle, take a warm bath, takesome bach remedies and go to the bed.... (We can do a kit for this.... your best bedtimeritual... with your favorite smells based in aromatherapy)
  3. 3. 41. Drink a glass of warm milk (an ancient remedy for sleep)42. Keep a sleep journal trying differents methods to fall asleep and decide what is betterfor you...(this also can be a product)43. Pet a soft ball with your hand44. Squeeze a soft animal between your feet45. Put a tennis ball under your back, your attention is more on the pain, than on theworry.46. Write your worry down and throw your paper away47. Call your mother49. Get up and iron your shirt50. Have a blanket that play a lullaby51. Drink some scotch52. Solve a rubiks cube53. Count till 1000054. Imagine sheep that jump above a fence and count them55. Find another worry56. Sleep in a bed that is remind the womb of a mother57. Sleep in a rocking bed59. Use a machine ( to be invented) that erase worries60. Pray61. Have a workout in the morning62. Playing Monopoly63. Knitting64. Eat turkey65. Read a foreign language66. Watching a intellectual indian or turkish movie67. Getting drunk68. Listen nature sound69. Change the bed position70. Change the linen type71. Play puzzle on your phone72. Sleep outside73. Sleep in a hammock74. Sleep during day75. Having a great meal that put yourself in a food coma76. Solving your problem77. Call to your grand mother78. Sleep with your pet79. Have a baby and you will be exhausted and you’ll sleep80. Turn the fan on.81. Sleep close a washing machine one82. Watching a boring sport83. Lowering the temperature in your house84. Don’t take vitamins at night
  4. 4. 85. Put a clock or watch clicking by your ear86. Wait for the sleeping dust87. Have a special blanket to wrap you in88. Listen to audio book89. Align your body90. Orient your bed to have the head to the north91. Rearrange the bedroom following the rules of Feng-Shui92. Acupunture93. List things. Ex.- List birds: parrot, hummingbird, etc.94. Read a boring story to a child95. Get a child read a story to you96. Get someone or something rub your hair97. Wear a hat with rubbing hands inside98. Solve some math problem99. Cut down fluid few hours before going to bed100. Sleep in reclined chair101. Go to a yawn meeting or a yawn support group102. Count backwards from 100103. have sexTeam members:Emmanuelle JeanFrancy GarciaEugenia HernandezGabriela EscotoPaul McManusBrian Pedrazzani