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A written architectural thesis on the effect of consumerism and how this effect specifically with mobile media devices have created a new sub-culture for adaptation. It focuses on how the individual is becoming separated from the urban fabric due to media and how we can adapt design to integrate both theis evolution of media as well as architecture into a new communicative and activated urban condition.

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  1. 1. [com_modifying urban activation] ---- -- - - - - - -- ---- -- - ----- - -- - -- -- -- - - - - -- - - --- -- - --- ----- - - -- -- - --- --- - - - -- - --- - -- -- - --- --- - --- - - --- --- -
  2. 2. Document printed by Emmanuel P. Gee Bound by 1527 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 Toll Free: (800) 551-2341 Phone: (215) 563-8742 Fax: (215) 563-0888 ©2006/2007, Emmanuel Pierre Gee B-Arch Thesis written & designed by Emmanuel P. Gee Advisor: Bob Trempe ARCH 442 - Thesis Program Preparation Inst. Kate Wingert-Playdon, Sneha Patel Temple University Tyler School of Art The Architecture Program 1947 North 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 All rights reserved No part of this document may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from Temple University except in the context of reviews.
  3. 3. Code_ noun: 1. anything involving a set of parameters which activate a response. Similar to an equation, YDULDEOHV DUH ¿UVW LQSXWWHG DQG WKHQ D UHWXUQ RI information is received or created. 2. a series of dispersed or deviated information sets, which require a key or cypher in order to connect or communicate. System_ noun: 1. anything involving a series of parts, inter- laced or weaved together. 2. inter-related parts bound to create a larger, more complex whole.
  4. 4. Preface This thesis was an effort in collaborating very divergent forms of information, media, and research. The text has been a direct response to all of the varying information with- in, and is a design cipher for urban investigation. This document has grown through the pro- FHVV RI TXHVWLRQLQJ FRQGLWLRQV UHVXOWLQJ LQ VSHFL¿HG YDULDEOHV GH¿QLQJ D FRGH IRU GHVLJQ This document is a network in its self. It is a graphic layering of information, bound by principals derived from research. Imbedded is a series of codes and systems, designed to assist and clarify my statements, as well as to bind the conceptual framework of this thesis within the graphical lay- out. This is an attempt to tune the individual’s senses and activate them physically as users. graphic legend [primary reference code for cited material] - graphic symbols of qr-codes, which work similar to bar codes. These codes are programed to provide you with all necessary informa- tion on a referenced text. These can most commonly be scanned with cell phones, and will provide immediate information about the text and ISBN number (the ISBN could be used to purchase the selected book via amazon through your phone). If the cited material was from a web-site, you will be directed directly to that site via your web browser on your phone. .__ [secondary reference code for cited material] - the citations are categorized by section DQG ZLWKLQ HDFK VHFWLRQ D VHULHV RI NHV PDS WKH VRXUFH¶V SODFHPHQW 7KH ¿UVW NH LV EDVHG RI PRUVH FRGH DQG UHSUHVHQWV WKH ¿UVW OHWWHU RI WKH DXWKRUV ODVW QDPH ,W LV IROORZHG E D FRGH NH ZKLFK PDUNV WKH WLWOH RI WKH VRXUFH E DXWKRU ,Q WKLV FRGLQJ VVWHP D ¿YH SDUW VKDGRZ SDOHWWH LV XVHG DV WHPSRUDU WLWOH PDUNHUV 7KHVH GLIIHUHQW ¿OOV RI EODFN FDWHJRUL]H the titles within each letter group. They are shared by different authors, but never dupli- FDWHG ZLWKLQ HDFK LQGLYLGXDO DXWKRU¶V WLWOH VHW 7KH ¿QDO NH LV RQO DSSOLHG ZKHQ D GLIIHUHQW page is cited within the same title. This key increases in number only when there are two or more pages of cited text. If the citation has only one reference page the key box will be crossed out. Graphical charts explaining this system in more detail may be found in the appendix. chapter markers
  5. 5. FedEx + UPS = 21 million packages sent on average_daily_worldwide
  6. 6. i sensory overload this image board represents a metaphor for our urban attitude and behavior. constructed from a series of frames, these images initially were viewed in an introduction animation for this thesis. The video cat- egorizes urban media, imagery, and behavior, and overly stimulates the transition from one image to the next, in response to our perception of the city. iii preface + graphic manual 2 [proposal abstract] 4 [proposal statement] [proposal research] 12 34 [program theory] media appendages ‡ 12 consumer code scanning ‡ 16 i P o d ‡ 18 45 [program code] “the bubble” ‡ 24 41 ‡ the project birth 43 ‡ the project placement sold - lifestyles + billboard propoganda ‡ 27 47 ‡ the project application the “disneyfied” city ‡ 29 SURJUDP VSHFL¿FDWLRQ@ 60 66 FRPBPRGL¿HG WKRXJKWV@ a u t o m a t ‡ 55 68 [appendix] vending / 24 hour ease ‡ 57 69 ‡ a_ code charts 79 ‡ b_ illustration index re-configureable systems ‡ 59 83 ‡ c_ selected bibliography 91 ‡ d_ cited notes public or private...or both? ‡ 61 339-3/002006-11-11_000/001
  7. 7. Ephemeral City_ verb/noun: 1. a condition where the city’s presence is lost due to consumer media. 2. an instance where the urban environment is no longer noticed by an urbanite. 3. a contemporary metropolis. Perpetual Shift_ verb: 1. a condition where a change is occuring con- stantly. 2. a type of motion, stated within space and time, where an environment continously adapts to ongoing cultural shifts. Urban Fabric_ noun: WKH VVWHPV RU QHWZRUNV GH¿QLQJ DQ XUEDQ environment. 2. the cultural representation of a society. 3. conditions and setting found in an urban setting. Phenomenological_ verb: 1. a theoretical concept implying an interaction or transition without physical limits. 2. a bodily sensation activated by a realization. 3. the the- oretical translation of one thing to the next via an inhibitor (i.e. skin, media device, etc.).
  8. 8. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix Today’s consumer society is heavily blended individual and therefore separating the role of with popular culture. It has consumed architecture from the public and the street. the individual, becoming the fabric of [proposal abstract] our represented landscape. Society has This media driven “rainforest” which has succumbed to consumer capitalism affected emerged within the urban fabric, brings by design, publicity, and market research. cause for a re-investigation between the These factors have the power of manipulating role of the urbanite and the ephemeral who we are and attempt to suggest what city. Studies between [the urbanite and society should be. Yet imagine what would media] and [architecture and media] will society be without mass media? This tension, GHYHORS WKH FRQGLWLRQV VSHFL¿FDWLRQV DQG between contemporary society’s desire to parameters to design for. These parameters consume and the exploitation of this desire found through the mapping of research, through personalized media and marketing can potentially imply a new code for design imagery, will be investigated in this thesis. and a re-activation between the urbanite, the street, and architecture. This attempt Cities of mass urban congestion, such as New to adopt media and translate program York, London, and Tokyo, are in a perpetual through consumer culture, is a prototype shift with response to media and consumerism. for creating a facilitator of interaction The urban environment is effected by this within the urban fabric. The activation response, and in reaction to this continuous by the user from the street will integrate ÀX[ WKH FLW LV VORZO EHLQJ VHFOXGHG IURP WKH and become the adaptive and responsive urbanite while architecture continues to grow PHFKDQLVP WR UHGH¿QH DQG UHLQVWDWH WKH in consumer propaganda. The ever expanding physical and phenomenological interaction development of media in the consumerist age between architecture and the urbanite. is re-adapting our lifestyle, and incorporating marketing strategies and product design as a key cognitive connection to the city. The daily interactions within public spaces are in a process of transformation and the individual’s DWWHQWLRQ WR LWV VXUURXQGLQJV LV ÀXFWXDWLQJ ,Q response to these characteristics, the presence RI WKH FLW FRXOG ¿QG LW¶V VHOI UHPRYHG IURP WKH 339-3/002006-11-11_002/003
  9. 9. Hybrid Mechanism_ noun: 1. a simbiotic relationship between two or more different objects. 2. a system taking two or more inter-dependant parts to create a larger more complex unit. 3. a condition where a SURGXFW DQG D KXPDQ ERG LQÀXHQFH RQH DQ- other though physical attachment. “Visual imagery is a process of information which is represented in working memory. Products are designed through the use of IXQFWLRQDO TXDVLSLFWRULDO UHSUHVHQWDWLRQV WR LQÀXHQFH FRJQLWLYH processing and create an appeal to the consumer.” (Dahl, 19-20)
  10. 10. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix In today’s global market, consumerism is relationship develops between the individual transpired as a psychological and individualistic and the product. The idea of the human representation of the “self”. It is multi- ERG DV D GLVSOD FDVH PRGL¿HV LWV LQWHQVLRQ FXOWXUDO DQG QR ORQJHU YLHZHG DV WKH GH¿QLWLYH DV D VLJQL¿HU WR D hybrid mechanism. This commerce of the Western world, but as a developing relationship between an individual cultural identity for all markets. Its structure and a product becomes the structural is based in economics; the more we buy and binding for this hybrid mechanism. As [proposal statement] the more we sell, the further an economy is FRQVXPHUV ZH DUH DOORZLQJ WKH LQÀXHQFH developed. Although consumerism is generally of products to input “advice” within our reviewed in terms of large scale economic constant decision making. This “advice” growth, its most fascinating quality is its effect is clearly a conceptual and psychological on the human individual. relation, but as consumers we can begin to see a how consumer media is affecting Consumerism as the representation of the DQG LQÀXHQFLQJ RXU GDLO OLIH 7KLV LQWLPDWH “self,” is an idea that we are branded by what relationship will be studied further within this we buy. For the individual, consumerism is document as conditions reveal themselves. JUDWL¿FDWLRQ 7KLV LPSOLHV WKHQ WKDW WKH collection and exhibition of our material 7KHVH LGHDV RI FRQVXPHULVW LGHQWL¿FDWLRQ possessions psychologically creates a can be found incorporated within all design representational marker for who we are. This industries. For example, the fashion industry FRJQLWLYH LGHQWL¿FDWLRQ WR D SURGXFW VSHFL¿FDOO LV RQH PRGH RI FODVVL¿FDWLRQ IRU WKH LQGLYLGXDO with commercial brands, allows us to classify The choice of garments that we carry becomes 1 ourselves in a given society.1 If our identity is WKH LPDJH RU FRGH WKDW FODVVL¿HV XV ZLWKLQ .__ LQÀXHQFHG E WKH GHVLJQ RI D SURGXFW WKHQ WKH society. These representations, at home, human display of symbols becomes a series of work, or leisurely allows for the clothing to GH¿QHG ODEHOV FDWDORJLQJ FODVV ZLWKLQ VRFLHW become a new layer of skin for the human 7KHVH EUDQGV DFW DV VLJQL¿HUV WR RWKHUV LQ DQ body to display. It is an adaptation to a applied category and can potentially initiate psychological trend which allows us to be communication between individuals. branded with new “armor” as an extension of our natural envelope, becoming our artillery Then an interesting condition arises within this WR ¿JKW ZLWKLQ WKLV FRPSHWLWLYH ZRUOG :H DUH “consumer branding”…a personal and intimate grafted organisms in a media driven society. 339-3/002006-11-11_004/005
  11. 11. Vernacular_ adjective: 1. the contemporary cultural stereotype of a given context 2. the adapted language of pop culture. Skin_ noun: 1. a surface activated by interaction. 2. the threshold for communication between an exte- rior context and an interior context. 3. the layer of armor which provides sensation to the hu- man body. coverings are natural processes of sociological integration, and provide a response as to why we 1. the natural and essential human desire to cover ones self. 2. the physical masking of parts. 3. the use of consumer media as a status PDUNHU DQG FODVVL¿FDWLRQ WUHQG
  12. 12. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix Georges Teyssot wrote in response to Cristobal in multiple ways with all types of products; Balenciaga’s Bride in White Gazar, GHVLJQV IURP FDUV WR 3'$V XOWLPDWHO LQÀXHQFH the inner person within us, and bring forth “the initial thrust is not fashion, but the the question as to why we are stimulated by VLPXOWDQHRXVO HVVHQWLDO DQG VXSHU¿FLDO the consumption of material possessions? “nature” of coverings, the latent eroticism of clothing, the secret language of mask In response to Teyssot, “the nature of DQG VNLQQDWXUDO RU DUWL¿FLDO´ 7HVVRW coverings” can be interpreted as the cultural – 12) elements that have emerged in society. Teyssot is speaking about this consumerist What we begin to see is a psychological and LGHQWL¿FDWLRQ DV D VHFUHW ODQJXDJH ZKLFK ZH physiological response to media technologies. are all governed by as a natural process of Our popular culture becomes the vernacular representation. He wrote this in response to language of our consumerist attitude.3 a collection of images categorized by Elizabeth 3 'LOOHU DQG 5LFDUGR 6FR¿GLR 7KH LPDJHV ORRN This consumerist language then becomes a .__ at different skinsQDWXUDO DQG DUWL¿FLDO LQ WHUPV collection of different modes of human and of an envelope which communicates their media interaction. Since each human being respective internal mechanisms, as well as KDV D GLIIHUHQW FXOWXUDO LGHQWLW LQÀXHQFHG the extension of the human body.2 We can by consumerism, their individual application therefore suggest that the idea of coverings are or “word” creates a different response and 2 _ ‡ natural processes of sociological integration, interaction to society within one common and provide a response as to why we are so entity. Coverings are one type of “word” for this language, another would be media devices, are so affected by consumer products. and another would be marketing. Within Forms of fashion are not the only physical each of these words would be the letters: relationships which products have with the VSHFL¿F WSHV RI IDVKLRQ PHGLD GHYLFHV RU human body; there are other elements to advertising schemes, creating a collection of the consumerist language. This idea of the different cognitive responses to the individual. hybrid mechanism extends further than just 7KLV DWWLWXGH GH¿QLQJ RXU FXOWXUDO LGHQWLW LV fashion branding. The integration of industrial developing from these hybrid relationships SURGXFWV KDV DOVR H[WHQGHG DQG LQÀXHQFHG and is the departure point for architectural the application of technology upon the human severance within the urban fabric. body. Our consumerist image is displayed 339-3/002006-11-11_006/007
  13. 13. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix [coverings] 339-3/002006-11-11_008/009
  14. 14. urban vernacular language FODVVL¿FDWLRQ WSHVZRUGV ‡ t h e c o n s u me r a l p h a b et ‡ media devices ‡ marketing ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡
  15. 15. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix This language or network implies a multiplicity where the human body is analyzed in reference of individualistic circumstances, and could to programmatic functions. FUHDWH D GLFWLRQDU RI LQ¿QLWH UHODWLRQVKLSV By specifying a focused subject such as WKH XUEDQLWH WKH DSSOLHG DIIHFWV RI VSHFL¿F media devices will tune our philosophical coverings understanding within a given condition. What we will begin to see is a collapse of the ‡ urban fabric as a shared environment and communicator of architectural knowledge. ‡ As the human body adapts to a media driven society, technology has begun to dictate a new mode of behavior for the individual. Media devices as human appendages and grafted interfaces have begun to address privatized environments. Marketing strategies become apparent as facial reconstructions RI WKH HGL¿FH DQG GLFWDWH D UHRUJDQL]DWLRQ ‡ of priorities within the structure of the city. Through this adaptation of media in our lifestyle, the urbanite begins to loose the presence of the city within him. The separation of the urbanite and the built environment will be analyzed and categorized through the implications of media upon the human body. This investigation will also use the human body as reference in designing a network to facilitate a new physical interaction between WKH LQGLYLGXDO DQG DUFKLWHFWXUH 7KH HGL¿FH will attempt to become Lacan’s mirror image of the body; a radical re-study of Vitruvius, 339-3/002006-11-11_010/011
  16. 16. Senses_ noun, verb: 1. a physical or physiological response to stim- uli. 2. the communication initiated by the skin, in-order to transmit conditions from and exter- nal source to an internal source. 3. reactions FUHDWHG E DQ RI WKH ¿YH VHQVHV VPHOO WRXFK hear, see, and taste). Grafted_ verb: 1. the joined unison of a media device as an extension of the human body 2. to “surgically” attach or extend a part of the body. 3. this DFW PRGL¿HG WR UHSODFH D GDPDJHG RU GHIHFWLYH part. Interface_ noun: 1. a surface of common boundary between bod- ies, systems, spaces, and zones. 2. the surface of interaction, where the initial activation of a system will occur. a portal for information to be transferred to another location as well as re- ceiving information.
  17. 17. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix Through the uses of new mobile technologies, consists of “1.9 billion+ mobile phones 1 the sociological imprint of our culture has worldwide, more than the number of TVs and _ shifted. Our daily routines have now become PCs combined.”1 Cellular phones have become ingrained with personalized devices which allow the assemblage of media technology; a device for a steady stream of information to reach completely self contained... designed for us. With the incorporation of wireless PDAs communication, information, entertainment, and integrated smart phones, our personalized commerce and the ability to record life. environment is no longer within the aspects of home or work, but integrated within the How have we as individuals adapted to this constant movement of our being. Media type of environment? What becomes next in [proposal research] technologies have extended the human senses media integration? Within the cellular phone and have become new human appendages. community, Japan is the most developed They act as grafted interfaces linking us to network and has become the leading test systems of information, communication and site for cell phone innovation. Some current entertainment. key features include GPS navigating and FM 2 UDGLR EXW WKH PRVW LQÀXHQWLDO DUH WKH %DUFRGH _. This connection to information has become reading and mobile commerce capabilities.2 a necessity in life for the general public. We Individuals can now buy, sell, and trade stocks have become ingrained with the ability to from their phone and the barcode readers have access virtually anything from anywhere. For completely shifted the consumer integration example, the cellular telephone has become of society. the user portal for global communication. Its continuous development allows the individual What these barcode readers imply is a new to move within the world and stay connected trend in consumerism. These RFID based to the consumer network. The most common systems allow for users to scan, check, and mobile phone features include web browsing, compare prices for products. People can then 3 mobile e-mail, download capabilities, PDA store the information or buy directly off sites _._ functions, mobile gaming, photo and video such as Amazon.3 The Japanese have also messaging, digital music listening, and mobile tested this system in school, where vending TV. When looking at this list one must be machines have an interface which allows you amazed at the technological developments to scan the barcode of an item and pay for it ZLWKLQ ¿YH HDUV 7RGD¶V FHOOXODU QHWZRUN directly with your phone. 339-3/002006-11-11_012/013
  18. 18. Cellular phones have become the assemblage of media technology; a device completely self contained...
  19. 19. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix [information ease] designed for communication, information, entertainment, commerce and the ability to record life. 339-3/002006-11-11_014/015
  20. 20. Cosmetic_ adjective, adverb: 1. the adherence of a product to highlight an RWKHUZLVH GH¿FLHQW SDUW DQ DUWL¿FLDO VXSSOH- ment to the human body. 3. a non-homoge- neous appendage, attached or latched onto the skin, but not working in unison. Identity_ noun: 1. the realization of ones self, i.e. Lacan’s mirror image. 2. a series of physical and technical data stating your existence in a given society. 3. ap- plies to the psychological effect of losing ma- terial possessions, which affects an emotional disturbance relating to ones consciousness.
  21. 21. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix With this technology integrated and available transit, on the human mind and body? Why in society, the interaction of the user off the do we have such a strong connection to these street will begin to change. These codes devices or products? will attempt to engage the user by adapting themselves to storefronts and publicity. The consumerist attitude and its relationship $OWKRXJK WKLV KDV LWV EHQH¿WV LQ FRQYHQLHQFH , to products are successful due to the high question how dependant the user will become level of market research developed for with media devices. That personal and intimate product distribution. For the successful sale relationship stated earlier becomes apparent of products, designers focus on visual imagery with how affected individuals have become as the central cognitive characteristic for 4 over their cell phones. With the slightest design. 4 “The goal is to give the product _.. ‡ notion of loosing this cosmetic attachment, physical and psychological attributes that we suppress ourselves into depression as if we will lead to success in the marketplace. (Dahl have lost a part of our identity. It has become – 19) What becomes apparent is the search an integral part of our body with perhaps too for originality and creative innovation within much of our focus attended. product design. These media appendages, cell phones and One of the revolutionizing and leading PDAs, act as primary information interfaces for consumer products which has cornered the the urbanite. The urbanite is an individual who portable media market is the Apple iPod. regularly travels within an urban environment, The sexy cool sleek design of the iPod has and interacts with its systems and buildings. become the trend setting media device for The urbanite is transitive, meaning he/she the urban culture. The iPod is a new type of moves along a city’s pathways. The urbanite iconography; its simplicity invokes a level of is affected by the city as is the city by the purity which has not been visible previously. urbanite. The urbanite is the principal activator Its image developed from consistent research for the city and is subjected to consumerisms has burned itself into the media driven “rainforest” of media. The concentration world and continues to be the predominant of media in an urban environment implies media device for creative innovation. It was and maybe even forces a lifestyle upon the imagined while the Apple computer company individual. How do we therefore register the was researching applicable software for the 5 LPSDFW RI PHGLD GHYLFHV VSHFL¿FDOO ZKLOH LQ consumer market.5 Through research Apple .__ 339-3/002006-11-11_016/017
  22. 22. “...people have found pleasure and meaning in the use of their eyes. They have consciously attempted to produce objects of beauty and have delighted in them.” (Bloch, 16)
  23. 23. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix 339-3/002006-11-11_018/019
  24. 24. Artifact_ noun: 1. an instance where an object becomes iden- WL¿DEOH DV D FXOWXUDO LFRQ D SURGXFW ZKLFK receives a level of permanence society. 3.
  25. 25. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix found that most companies were developing VHOOLQJ RYHU PLOOLRQ SHU ¿VFDO TXDUWHU ZLWK technology for such things as digital cameras a total of 58,912,000+ iPods sold.8 ,Q ¿J and PDAs, but found that there was very little 7, we can see that as iPod sales grow Apple focus on the portable media player.6 develops larger product diversity. These numbers do not respond to an increase in :LWK WKLV LQ PLQG WKH ¿UVW JHQHUDWLRQ L3RG ZDV economic growth, but to the development and born. It began as a test, due to a common social behavior that Apple has focused on in psychological skepticism within the idea its research. They have cornered the market 6 8 9 .__ WKDW PXVLF FRXOG EH DQ XQGH¿QHG YDULDEOH by continuously redesigning the iPod. in a chip. People were still attached to the physical presence of CDs and its artwork, and (DFK QHZ JHQHUDWLRQ KDV EHHQ UH¿QHG WR the collection of items was important to the promote a better consumer outcome. The user. Now there is a shift and the focus is interface has been the main development redirected to the product. Dr. Michael Bull, factor in its design, which includes the touch professor at Sussex University and considered sensitive wheel replacing the mechanical scroll the leading academic expert on the social wheel, color displays with anti-aliased text, impact of personal stereo devices, writes DQG ÀDVK PHPRU UHSODFLQJ KDUG GLVNV9 In 7 about the iPod as an artifact.7 Bull states “with addition to the interface, each generation or _... ‡ vinyl, the aesthetic was in the cover of the model design has traditionally become smaller record…With the rise of digital; the aesthetic and simpler and with the availability of colors has left the object and is in now the artifact.” and now photo and video options, the design (Bull, 3) Here we begin to see the idea of the of the iPod has been left un-comparable within product as a design issue. How is it created as the hand-held device industry. Peter Bloch an artifact in order to develop a personalized wrote that “people have found pleasure and relationship between it and the user? meaning in the use of their eyes. They have consciously attempted to produce objects of 10 Since its test phase, the iPod has developed beauty and have delighted in them.”10 Through _... into 5 different generations in addition to an innovated design and marketing campaign, more compact modules available known as: the Apple iPod has given the young generation WKH L3RG 6KXIÀH WKH L3RG 0LQL DQG WKH L3RG a new mode to live [buy]. Nano. Four years of design innovation and 12 models of production, the Apple Company is What has become very interesting with the 339-3/002006-11-11_020/021
  26. 26. “It’s an extension of the memory: storing the soundtrack of a lifetime, as well as names, addresses, calendars and notes…if I lose this stuff, I lose part of my identity.” (Giesler, 3)
  27. 27. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix development and monopoly of the iPod is its breakdown, which allows the product to gain a effect on the consumer. We have adapted to SDUWLDO FRQWURO RYHU WKH XVHU DQG LQÀXHQFH RU LWV SODFHPHQW LQ RXU VRFLHW DQG UHFRQ¿JXUHG “advise” the individual’s interaction in a given our lives with its presence. Its design now environment. promotes sophistication and purity to all age’s groups and implies a sense of class. This This is not the extent to which the iPod has product, which has been designed for ease in affected our environment and consumer functionality, has become a stylish attachment market. The iPod is so integrated with our fast- to our body. paced culture that secondary companies pay for the rights in selling technological accessories Markus Giesler, a professor of marketing at York for the iPod. New luxury cars, such as Audi, University in Toronto, states that the iPod “is Mercedes, and BMW have now integrated an an entirely new beast: a revolutionary device option for a pre-designed interface within that transforms listeners into cyborgs through the dashboard and wheel. These designer a process he calls techno-transcendence.” cars incorporate a docking system and click 11 (Giesler, 2) He continues saying that the wheel interface.11 There is even a market for ._ consumer has adopted mobile technologies in clothing design, which adapts the iPod as an a cybernetic way, with the uses of products attachment to the skin. Here we begin to see such as iPods and cell phones. Giesler states this idea of coverings adapting to technology “It’s an extension of the memory: storing the and consumer trends. The leading designer soundtrack of a lifetime, as well as names, in iPod clothing is Kyono, which integrates a addresses, calendars and notes…if I lose this fabric embroidered interface within jackets 12 stuff, I lose part of my identity.” (Giesler, and shirts.12 Other companies such as Levis __. 3) This attachment to media technologies are developing an iPod integrated denim jean becomes a cultural emblem of our society. We as well as an iPod Nano adaptable belt.13 __. KDYH EHFRPH GH¿QHG WR DQ H[WHQW LQ ZKLFK 13 we can feel psychologically separated from our The iPod has effectively changed the way we body through the loss of a material item. This perceive the environment. It has incorporated cultural stratum becomes a key investigation itself into the systems of our representation. into understanding our placement in today’s Its appearance in clothing, cars, and even electronic age. The relationship to products integrated wall systems has proven its cultural has evolved and allowed for a psychological affect on our society and its representation as a 339-3/002006-11-11_022/023
  28. 28. Bubble_ noun: 1. the theoretical shield encompassing an indi- vidual. 2. an unmeasurable distance off of the body’s skin which dictates our comfort level. 3. an adapted version of the this armor highlighted by the use of media devices, instating a private/ personalized environment.
  29. 29. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix pop culture icon. With all of this inconsideration questions the physical interaction with you. it has inherently affected the mode of thinking As the user you inherently disregard the in which we have on our environment. It has others presence as well, because your focus shifted the user within the urban environment is deviated from the physical interaction that and created a new paradox. This paradox is is created: eye contact or any other type of the simultaneous inherent acknowledgment of facial gesture. It allows us to focus on music ourselves in an environment and the parallel or media throughout our daily trajectory, and separation of ourselves within the environment only becoming removed from it when we’ve through the focus of the iPod. Dr. Michael Bull reached the given destination. The New speaks about how the iPod gives the individual York Times questioned what becomes of control over his or her environment.14 “They the public space when the public space 14 _... ‡ are controlling their space, their time, and their becomes privatized?15 This is a valid interaction…” (Bull, 2) He is essentially stating question; what happens to the urban that we are creating a strategy of interaction, fabric when the users no longer have where the iPod creates a human bubble. This an intimate relationship with it? Do bubble is a theoretical armor preventing we continue to become aware of our 15 interactions to occur unless the user chooses surroundings or do our senses become _... ‡‡ to engage. The most common form he speaks oblivious with the exception of extreme of is “nonreciprocal looking,” which entails encounters? This armor suggests a design the direct contact with another being through condition for this project, as it has become a eye sight, but with an understanding that separation from society. How does one re- your concentration is diverted to your private integrate physical interaction, with mobile acoustical environment and not the image media devices activated? This question you’re in contact with. becomes a primary investigation into what type of program can be developed for these This armor works with the understanding that conditions. the person you technically have eye contact with sees your mobile device activated. These questions become the necessary With that acknowledgment the other person investigations in order to analyze the assumes an immediate disregard of your development of human interaction within the presence due to the fact that your attention urban environment. The iPod and other mobile is focused on something else, and therefore media devices have culturally shifted our 339-3/002006-11-11_024/025
  30. 30. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix 16 environment…to an extent which has separated enclosures.17 .... the role of the urbanite in the urban fabric. These media appendages are only one side to Hugo felt that architecture would die due to WKLV VHSDUDWLRQ 2XU FRQVXPHULVW LGHQWL¿FDWLRQ the technological advancements in which is encouraged by the development of brands, society was headed. Ironically buildings today and companies therefore undertake strong are re-grafted with mass information. Large media and marketing campaigns to affect the commerce capitals such as New York, Shanghai, XVHU :H ¿QG WKHVH FDPSDLJQV HYHUZKHUH and Seoul have districts where the design of we are and they have transmitted themselves WKH HGL¿FH KDV GLVDSSHDUHG *DUGHQV RI PHGLD to the urban fabric. The city has now begun are growing along the built environment, with its own transformation, and as a result of no connection to the program of architecture. the continuing development in commerce, 7KH HGL¿FH LV LQ VKDGRZ KLGGHQ DQG DFWLQJ the billboard has begun its own division of only as the structure for mass information. removing the presence of the city from the Perhaps because consumer society had individual and is therefore detaching the role adopted the notion that marketing strategies of architecture from the public and the street. such as publicity may take control of the built HQYLURQPHQW WKDW WKH HGL¿FH RI WKH SDVW KDV re-emerged. Spaces such as Times Square Victor Hugo wrote “This will kill that…The and Piccadilly Circus have become cultural ERRN ZLOO NLOO WKH HGL¿FH«7KH SUHVV ZLOO NLOO WKH motifs to live by. They are selling a lifestyle 17 church…Printing will kill architecture.”16 When such as the church did in the past. Whether .... writing this he was stating that the invention or not a lifestyle is sold, this type of sprawl of the printing press would dissolve the is applied imagery and not a skin. It has primary expression of society…architecture. no architectural integration, and therefore He spoke of the original billboard, the mask of simply a material aesthetic. By re-integrating WKH KULVWLDQ HUD ZKHUH WKH HGL¿FH DGYHUWLVHG the façade as a communicative occupyable religion to the people. Architecture throughout skin or skins, the foundation of architecture our history has been wrapped in imagery, in can re-emerge. Vitruvius used the human order to tell stories. The Egyptian Pyramids, body for balance and order so that façades the Temple of Solomon, to the Basilicas of could communicate a story. I will apply the 5DYHQQD WKH HGL¿FH VSRNH WR LWV VRFLHW human body as another method of design and with grafted information along its walls and communication. The networks of parts which 339-3/002006-11-11_026/027
  31. 31. Milieu_ noun: 1. french for middle ground. 2. implies a boundary or threshold not physically attainable. 3. used in context as a communicative system or network imbedded within the skin[s] of the project...[the sensory pathways for human in- teraction].
  32. 32. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix make up the human body, will communicate DQG YLROHQFH VSHFL¿FDOO EHWZHHQ WKH V DQ LQWHUDFWLRQ EHWZHHQ RXWVLGH LQÀXHQFHV and 1990s. What is interesting, is the and the interior organs. Therefore the architectural layering found in Times Square. skin[s] becomes the communicative “milieu” These original theatres and music halls have between the environment and the building been continuously re-adapted to different SURJUDP 7KLV GH¿QHG DQG GHULYHG VSDFH LV programs. Some have been refurbished and where the physical and phenomenological some have been demolished, but there is an interaction will occur, mimicking sensations as existing layer of originality in Times Square. program use, as if the media responded to the Rem Koolhaas implied that Manhattan was interactions of the program…like a human face, perpetually re-building itself, interwoven layer 18 communicating by blushing and sweating?18 after layer. _ ‡ Although Times Square becomes an interesting “the permanence can never end or even progress in the conventional sense of study as to how an urban environment can dramatic plotting; it can only be the cyclic be manipulated and controlled by consumer restatement of a single theme: creation strategists. Walking down Broadway and and destruction irrevocably interlocked, seventh streets you will encounter a junction endlessly re-enacted. The only suspense of animated publicity latching itself to any in the spectacle comes from the constantly available vertical surface. This surrounding escalating intensity of the performance.” (Koolhaas – Delirous New York, 15) area stretching out to West 42nd and 47th streets in New York City is a media haven of This idea that an archeological past still exists FRQVXPHU SXEOLFLW 7LPHV 6TXDUH GH¿QHG in Times Square is important. Without this by an amusement park of gaudy neon signs physical presence of origin, Times Square and billboards, has become known as the 19 would be reduced to impertinent signage. symbol of New York. Today it is recognized as .... Although there is a historical root behind Times a tourists attraction, but it was not always this Square, its presence is masked by high-tech ³'LVQH¿HG´ YHUVLRQ ÀDVK LPDJHU VXFK DV 7KH 'LVQH VWRUH« framing the relic New Amsterdam Theatre in Times Square began as a theatre and music 20 gaudy signage for the consumer individual.20 ... hall hub in the early 1900’s.19 After the ‡‡ depression of the 1930’s, Times Square grew This over exposed immersive environment into an eclectic neighborhood of sex, scandal, 339-3/002006-11-11_028/029
  33. 33. The image of architecture is being perceived as a consumer driven landscape, and only engaging the LQGLYLGXDO DW D VXSHU¿FLDO OHYHO omitting the complexity of design.
  34. 34. Studying the human body as a system of parts connected and communicated through its sensory skin ZLOO DOORZ IRU D UH¿QHPHQW RI DGMDFHQF RII WKH VWUHHW HGJH
  35. 35. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix LV VSHFL¿FDOO GHVLJQHG WR PDVN WKH FXUUHQW see applied: “brilliant architecture creating 24 architectural constructs located on this site. dazzling gateways to the rejuvenated strip.” 24 ... ‡‡ In 1992 a group called the Times Square This statement addresses a design condition Business Improvement District was established where the interaction of the individual and the to rejuvenate the area encompassing Times street entrance becomes the highlight of the Square. Due to the importance of this “strip”. It’s the only circumstance where you site, the Times Square BID has created its FDQ ¿QG DQ DWWHPSW WR LQFRUSRUDWH WKH EXLOGLQJ own miniaturized city. This district within within this animated fabric. This idea of a Manhattan is an autonomous security zone, gateway is the fundamental structure of the with its own police force, waste removal, and thesis. Studying the human body as a system 21 homeless outreach programs.21 of parts connected and communicated through ... ‡ LWV VHQVRU VNLQ ZLOO DOORZ IRU D UH¿QHPHQW 7KHLU FRPPLWWHH GHVLJQDWHG VSHFL¿F GHVLJQ of adjacency off the street edge. It will parameters for any new development or therefore map urban interaction points, where leasing opportunities. These parameters a user can initiate activation. This moment dictate a “vivid” around the clock pedestrian of habitation within the public space, will be interaction, emphasis on extravagant signage derived through the buildings application as on street corners, and most important…all an environment to occupy. new developments must contain commercial iconography to illuminated the street This design situation occurs because the 24 edge.22 These design parameters are mainly separation of the urbanite and the built ... ‡‡ consumerist design strategies, focusing on environment has come to a climax. The SUR¿W PDUJLQV DQG IDOVH DHVWKHWLFV 7KH image of architecture is being perceived as a application of media and imagery is becoming consumer driven landscape, and only engaging less and less referenced to the building and WKH LQGLYLGXDO DW D VXSHU¿FLDO OHYHO RPLWWLQJ more inclined as a light show. The historical the complexity of design. An activation of the and modern presence of architecture is hidden physical and phenomenological interactions of behind New York’s cosmetic facelift. This the human individual and architecture should metaphor - “the skin is slit open, pulled tight, be investigated and revived. Our society will 22 and reattached,”23 UHDPSOL¿HV .RROKDDV¶V not change, but only grow and therefore our ... ‡‡‡ statement of Manhattan continuously engagement is key in developing a cohesive rebuilding itself. I question and condone interaction between consumer urbanites and one parameter they dictate which I do not urban architecture. 339-3/002006-11-11_032/033
  36. 36. q u e s t i o n i n g ................delineating..........coding deconstructing................deriving.............suggesting............ specifying............. instigating ...................subtracting ................occupying...............deploying.............................. installing....................categorizing.......displaying................. transferring..........transforming................ highlighting................ finding............ meandering .................traveling.......sharing .........swapping.........deviating...... detouring.........constructing ......... habitating ......interacting....activating............ c o m m u n i c a t i n g . . . . . . . . m e rg i n g . . . . . . . . g r a f t i n g . . . . . . . . . r e - configuring.....modulating........... un-plugging ......... plugging..............retracting.........locking........joining ............informing........brewing.........PROGRAMMING
  37. 37. PROGRAM WEB: input The design Intent is an investigation in the re-comm MATRIARCHAL ATTITUDE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Characterized by natural symbolism, imagery compatible with natural processes / “soul” cannot exist without body; rebirth principle Matriarchal Lineage The Human Body Fashion industry / indust New layer of skin / branded with new armor / extension of envelope extension of memory / part of my identity technologies have extended the human senses and have become new media appendages grafted interfaces linking information, communication, and entertainment mechanism to plug into - respond to Exteroception / Proprioception / Interoception responding and communicating through “blushing and sweating” sense of the body react to senses of the building Surface, Non-reciprical looking / the bubble / personalized environments What happens when there is no intimate relationship with urban fabric The end result will be an attempt in facilitating an interac
  38. 38. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix munication between the individual and architecture. PATRIARCHAL ATTITUDE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Characterized by anti-natural symbolism, imagery incompatible with natural processes or at least artificial or mechanical / “soul” seeks release from body; immortality principle Patriarchal Lineage Consumer Devices rial design / Architecture Identity Marker, human branding as a response to classification The idea of an “artifact” becomes the key cognitive relationship, between user and product interface [code-map_1] Media driven “rainforest” / the billboards division / selling a lifestyle. Marketing: the edifice was the first cultural not integrate as a communicator. Product form / exterior communicating information / quality and perception of life . Material, sensory qualities, originality and creative innovation Psychological effects of material possessions ction between the individual, the street, and the building 339-3/002006-11-11_036/037
  39. 39. Activation_ verb: 1. an instance of birth through transmission of force. 2. to set in motion a series of events. 3. in context, activation is the renewal of user participation within an urban setting. Transient_ adjective: 1. to live, pass through, be acknowledged, make presence, or occupy shortly. 2. a person who travels without recognition of ones place and time. 3. the act of masking the perception of the environment. Sensory Perception_ noun: 1. to acknowledge emotion through physiologi- cal interactions. 2. relates to senses (see pg. 12) with a grounding of placement in a setting. 3. the reception of stimuli affecting ones cogni- tive state.
  40. 40. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix This investigation and research is a process in now adapting to this newly created ephemeral GHYHORSLQJ D FRGH RU IRUPXOD IRU VSHFL¿F GHVLJQ city by processing our daily activities in quick parameters. There are two primary guidelines “stop and go actions.” It is now a matter of for this code: the human body and consumer traveling from point A to point B, and the devices. These will be called the matriarchal distance between is occupied by the media and patriarchal lines (see code-map_1). grafted to our body. From these lines will derive the conditions for design evaluation. The matriarchal line Antonin Artaud, an avant-garde poet and [the human body] will analyze, deconstruct, playwright wrote this quote about the human 1 and re-construct conditions from the human body as a machine. “Under the skin the body ._ body as a discovery mode in developing site is an over-heated factory,/ and outside,/ the and programmatic functions. The patriarchal invalid shines,/ glows,/ from every burst line [consumer devices] will question the user pore.”1 I interpret it as a symbolism of what is [program theory] activation of the project. With this weave occurring in today’s age. We…the individual… or network of information we can develop a the human body, within the realm of our response to the ongoing urban shift (see code- physical and phenomenological interaction to map_2). This shift, again, is the separation urbanity, are becoming deactivated machines. between the transient individual and The mechanisms of our bodily functions, such architecture. As stated, consumerism’s media as walking, driving, and eating breakfast, devices have changed our sensory perception, work but our sensory interactions with the having become integrated as new organ(s) city are disappearing. These media devices within our bodies. Our realization of placement shelter our relation to the city and to other within the urban fabric is now masked through transitive urbanites. Artaud continues with our cosmetic supplements and has changed a “declaration of war” on the human body; the individual into a transient being. These “The body is the body/ it is all by itself/ and supplements intend to be devices, added to has no need of organs/ the body is never an PDNH XS IRU RXU GH¿FLHQFLHV DV DQ RUJDQLVP organism/ organisms are the enemies of the 2 ._ and to strengthen the body as a whole. They body”2….“for you can tie me up if you wish, have extended our periphery senses, but have but there is nothing more useless than an in-turn weakened our connection to the city. organ.”3 Although I do not agree with his This masking has made us partially oblivious statement that the body’s organs are useless, 3 to the surrounding environment, and we are I do believe the interpretations of the “body ._ 339-3/002006-11-11_038/039
  41. 41. Masking_ verb: 1. to shield or hide something. 2. shadowing or dissipating in reference to place. 3. in context, masking refers to the perceptual and psycho- logical removal of the city. this is a condition created un-willingly and accidental, which can be adjusted for.
  42. 42. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix without organs” in Delueze and Guattari’s senses in response to the outside world. The Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus are hypochondriac may only see the world as a good illustrations behind the reasoning of germ infested surface, and the paranoid will the separation within today’s society. Their always feel as though he is under attack. concept of “the body without organs” implies that within society there are conditions or In all of these parameters there are instances circumstances which remove the functions of ZKHUH D QDWXUDO RXWVLGH LQÀXHQFH KDV organs within the human body and reshape implemented a change within the psyche and our sensory systems. These conditions dictate then inherently with our body and senses. I instances where our human psyche disregards believe that in today’s consumer driven world, the role of the body’s mechanisms in response we have a new condition which can be applied WR RXWVLGH LQÀXHQFHV We are “desiring- to this “body without organs.” Our attachment machines,” man and nature combined to consumer products has become the sixth as one system of relationships, and that circumstance: the cybernetic body These media devices are masking the urban WKHVH LQÀXHQFHV DUH D FFOH ZLWK ZKLFK ZH environment from us. They are creating share in nature.4 This idea of a homogenous new anti-social/personalized environments 4 _.. cycle is a very important variable in this design within the psyche and are re-formulating code. The presence of consumer media is not the presence of the urban environment upon a factor that can be removed from society, and our senses. The eye as an organ, no longer in turn should be incorporated with design as focuses on the immediate surroundings, but an adapted mode of thinking. The conditions instead creates a mental image in response that Delueze and Guattari speak of, “the body to what the media device is focused on. ZLWKRXW RUJDQV´ EHFRPHV DSSDUHQW DV ¿YH We could say that we are suppressing our VSHFL¿F FLUFXPVWDQFHV the hypochondriac physical response to sensory stimuli. What body, the paranoid body, the schizo body, the becomes interesting is this idea of a personal 5 drugged body, and the masochist body.5 For environment. What happens when urban _.. example, the drugged body refers to a body SXEOLF VSDFH LV ¿OOHG ZLWK DQ LQ¿QLWH DPRXQW EHLQJ LQVXI¿FLHQW WR D SRLQW ZKHUH GUXJV IXO¿OO of private environments? This is where the the space where the organs once were. They GHVLJQ FRGH EHFRPHV DSSOLHG DV D ¿OWHU RI imply then, that the organs no longer function variables. These variables, parameters, within the correct application that they were and questions derive relationships from one designed for. It references a masking of our another and attempt to create design logic. 339-3/002006-11-11_040/041
  43. 43. PROGRAM WEB: output The design Intent is an investigation in the re-comm MATRIARCHAL ATTITUDE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Characterized by natural symbolism, imagery compatible with natural processes / “soul” cannot exist without body; rebirth principle Matriarchal Lineage The Human Body Fashion industry / indust Exteroception / Proprioception / Interoception Facade - Skin - Armour - Facilitator User activator Organs and Informative Corridors Interface / cognitive relationship Mechanical system and network of interfaces. Communicator - user / urban fabric Access to temporary environments. Application as extension for body - Mechanism Information Corridors Sensory stimuli Facilities / administration / program functions. Main Programmatic function - Spine Network Docking bays for “plugs” Integration of personalized environment into the interaction of urban fabric Secondary Programmatic Functions Surface - Material Positioning in Space Where do the interactions need to occur to re-integrate the user back into the building? How do we adapt architecture to the consumer driven landscape? Consumer media is not a factor that can be removed from society, and in turn should be incorporated with design as an adapted mode of thinking. How do you design for a user group that responds to ephemeral vision? What happens to urban space when it is masked? What happens when urban public space is filled with infinite private environments? PROGRAM SHOULD BE A DAILY ACTIVITY FOR THE TRANSITIVE INDIVIDUAL. IT SHOULD BE A MOMENT WHERE PROGRAM AND HUMAN INTERACTION OCCUR IN THE URBAN FABRIC. IT SHOULD BE ABLE TO RETAIN ITS EPHEMERAL CHARAC- TERISTICS, BUT INTEGRATE ITSELF AND THE USER. Site requirements become adjacencies to public squares or street level w/ enough sqft to have an “interaction ground.” Proposed for any urban environment...may be customized for cultural specifica- tions. Pre-Fab mechanical interfaces and docking stations as well as interior media modules. The end result will be an attempt in facilitating an intera
  44. 44. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix munication between the individual and architecture. PATRIARCHAL ATTITUDE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Characterized by anti-natural symbolism, imagery incompatible with natural processes or at least artificial or mechanical / “soul” seeks release from body; immortality principle Patriarchal Lineage Consumer Devices trial design / Architecture User Application How do bodies perform or react differently to the interfaces? Do we change as individuals? How? Why? [code-map_2] The physical attributes to architecture should be taken into consideration as a “latching tool” for the individual. What happens when we detach from them? How do we feel when we detach / loose them? Where do the mechanized interfaces come from? Re-tractable modules? Self Service Application? Application must be accessed from street level...traveling urbanite interaction. What type of information, communication, and entertainment is provided? Interior organs, must relate to Media devices. What is the psychological affect on the individual? Does it change the perception of the environment? DOES THE ENVIRONMENT ADAPT AND MERGE WITH THE PRIVATIZED BUBBLE, INTO A HOMOGENEOUS INTERACTION? I.E. PROBLEM OF SEPARATION HAS BEEN REACTIVATED THROUGH HUMAN INTERVENTION, BUT THE EPHEMERAL QUALITIES OF MEDIA DEVICES ARE STILL ACTIVE. ction between the individual, the street, and the building 339-3/002006-11-11_042/043
  45. 45. Inhibitor_ noun: 1. an accelerator of a situation. 2. increaser level of stimuli. 3. inhibitors do not work on their own, they attach to a given thing, and tunes their senses (positively and negatively). 4. in context, the inhibitors are the media de- vices which mask our environment. as objects they increase the level of perception and recog- nition within an urban setting.
  46. 46. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix The program code will consist of three phases: In order to re-engage the individual off the the project birth, the project placement, the street and activate program, the physical and project application. This code is a response phenomenological interaction will occur within to the research of consumerism, the effect it the skin[s] of the building. As stated earlier KDV RQ WKH LQGLYLGXDO VSHFL¿FDOO ZLWK PHGLD the skin[s] should have moments of habitation devices and marketing billboards), and the to occupy and a certain amount of depth. systems and networks of the human body. With this collection of data, a design condition was Question 2: Since consumer media is not observed implementing an approach scheme. a factor which can be removed, how do we This data was then categorized, diagramed, adapt architecture to the consumer driven and applied to these three phases in attempt to landscape? This project focuses on media develop a solution for the separation, and a re- devices as an inhibitor for this ephemeral interaction between the transitive urbanite and masking as well as a source for information, the ephemeral city. The following section may communication, and entertainment. With this need to be referred back to these diagrams for in consideration, this project will incorporate further understanding (code-map_1 + 2). the applied logic and services of media and technology information. This logic may The Project Birth is the inception of the articulate methods and principals, which [program code] proposed project elements for this thesis. To these devices can communicate with design derive the main application for this project we attributes for the user. have to consider the research for factors and limitations to design with. In this situation, a Question 3: How do you design for a user series of questions were derived, with which group that responds to this ephemeral vision? JDYH VSHFL¿F SDUDPHWHUV WR GHVLJQ E This circumstance relates to question 2, but EHFRPHV PRUH VSHFL¿F 6RFLHW¶V SRS FXOWXUH Question 1: Where do the interactions need is a sophisticated assemblage of signals, to occur to re-establish the physical and rumors, and images, in a constant attempt phenomenological communication between WR UHGH¿QH WKH QHZ LQ RUGHU WR FRPPRGLI 1 the individual and architecture? The design “lifestyles” into products.1 It is an instance _____ LVVXH LV VSHFL¿F LQ VWDWLQJ WKDW WKH LQWHUDFWLRQ which will not change but only continue to between the transient individual and the develop. By understanding this concept, urban fabric must occur at the street edge. the design of this project should adapt 339-3/002006-11-11_0044/045
  47. 47. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix DQG FRQ¿JXUH WR WKLV HSKHPHUDO YLVLRQ % themselves. This could perhaps relieve some modifying the transient urbanite’s “bubble”, of the information gathering from the public without subjugating or disrupting their mind’s space. Another resolution could perhaps framework, a harmonious interaction between deploy mini-environments onto public spaces, the user and the project may be re-activated. attempting to re-activate the independent The project’s main program should then individual. incorporate the ideas of functions which can be applicable to a transient individual as an In response to these questions and conditions, H[WHQVLRQ RI WKHLU GDLO ÀRZ a design proposal has been achieved. The project birth will be an urban coffee distribution Question 4: What happens when urban center. It will engage the urbanite off the SXEOLF VSDFH LV ¿OOHG ZLWK DQ LQ¿QLWH DPRXQW street edge with a series of automated coffee of private environments? This is a question pumps. There would be a type of interface could be a thesis on its own, but has relevance activated from a skin[s] to supply to the user to this project. The scale of this idea is much group “get in and get out.” There will be a larger than that of the separation in which this secondary program element activated from thesis speaks of, but implies the loss of human another skin[s] to accommodate the user interaction with one another. The awkward group “relaxed informative.” They will have approach to a stranger has disappeared. Your the opportunity to get coffee (automated as SHUVRQDOL]HG ¿UHZDOO KDV VRFLDOO VHSDUDWHG well) and interact with an array of informative you from the unwanted interactions with media devices. Details of these functions people such as the homeless or street side will be applied in the phase The Project marketers. It is classifying the individual as Application. an extreme independent, and brings forth an interesting programmatic relationship for The Project Placement phase derives this project. Although the project is focused possibilities for applicable sites. It will look on the application of the user and the street into research of current coffee markets for edge, there is a secondary program which application as well as design improvements. can evolve. Within the basic programmatic Starbucks coffee will be the primary source functions of the building, there could be for comparison. The world distribution of individualized environments for users to Starbucks Coffee is diagramed in code-map_3. gather information, communicate, or entertain The Starbucks Corporation has reached out to 339-3/002006-11-11_0046/047
  48. 48. canada united kingdom germany france austria swiss spain greece turkey japan united states lebanon kuwait south korea cyprus saudia arabia beijing hawaii shanghai thailand taiwan hong kong singapore malaysia peru argentina australia chile new zealand [Global sites for Starbucks: code-map_3]
  49. 49. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix the international market and as of October 5th, of consumers, 80% of coffee drinkers are in 2006 it consists of over 12,000 stores in 37 countries.2 Starbucks has come into debate WKH XVHU SUR¿OH ³JHW LW DQG JHW RXW´* This 2 . .. over the last few years, due to their globalized implies that programmatically, distribution expansion. What is interesting to see is that LQ TXDQWLW LV PRUH HI¿FLHQW IRU WKH XUEDQLWH although Starbucks is the monopoly giant This therefore leads to the concept of a Self- which we all know, it only accounts for roughly Service (SST) activation off the street edge. two percent of global coffee production.3 This “SSTs are technological interfaces that enable 3 .__ illustrates the consumption of coffee around customers to produce a service independent of WKH ZRUOG DQG MXVWL¿HV DQ H[SORUDWLRQ LQWR D direct service employee involvement.” (Bitner, new design approach and delivery method. 50) Imagine, walking through the city and Within the United States, Starbucks accounts then suddenly activating a kiosk interface for for 8,905 retail stores (code-map_4) and has coffee dispensing. It would be as convenient just announced its plan to increase worldwide as an ATM machine, Wawa sandwich selection stores from 12,000 to 40,000. Approximately interface, or a “pay at the pump” terminal. 3 stores open daily, and if they reach their Numerous branches or outposts could be quota, they would double to triple the amount implemented upon the street edge, eliminating of Starbucks stores in the United States. long lines and potentially decrease price due Figure 17 demonstrates the urban congestion to less physical employment. of cafes within a 3 mile radius of city hall in Philadelphia. This bring into question whether The concept of the program is designated by it is necessary to clutter the urban fabric with a system of skin[s] and surfaces which the LQHI¿FLHQW NLRVNV RI FRIIHHquot; human could physically inhabit and activate. This environment will have the ability through I don’t question the need for coffee, but in SST technology to service the city as a most of these torrefactions the coffee is pre- whole. It could also then be implemented measured and implemented in the design of in any urban environment…globally, even an automated machine. The interaction with customized, assuming that consumer society employee personnel is very limited and can be in that area is applicable to the design code. experienced while this ephemeral masking is For the application of a building program, its activated. In addition, with the exception to SODFHPHQW LV YHU VSHFL¿F EXW YHU YHUVDWLOH a numerous but proportionately small amount The potential users could be any urbanite, but These statistics were taken off a personal survey, and is not meant to * factual...only estimated. 339-3/002006-11-11_0048/049
  50. 50. rivers ----- no_build ZONE ----- distribution_centers ----- ----- square/free_space r ----- temp_kiosk urban_voids ----- an n ----- urban_growth w [Urban Voids Philadelphia / Sites: code-map_6]
  51. 51. abstract statement research theory code specification thoughts appendix would probably have a high success rate with development of these mechanisms, in which an age group of 15 – 35. this phase talks about, is again derived from this design code. The project application is The urban coffee distribution center would highlighted by a three word principal, taken 4 need an acceptable amount of open square from Teyssot’s “Mutant Body of Architecture:”4 _ ‡‡ feet adjacent to the street edge. This could Exteroception / Proprioception / Interoception. be referenced as a square or piazza, open to I will begin with Proprioception, which deals WKH SXEOLF ZLWK WKH VNLQV@ GH¿QLQJ KDELWDWLRQ with our senses and our positioning of The interfaces would form habitation dents in VSDFH 7KLV LV DSSOLHG YHU VSHFL¿FDOO WR WKH the surfaces off the street edge. In order for movements of the human body and how they the street to be “invited” into the square, its react to the given interface, as well as the juxtaposition should be at least 50ft long. The placements of appendages. The control of the program would ultimately work best on a two human body is referenced as a collection of sided street lot or positioned adjacent to a movements and gestures translated as one public meeting ground (i.e. square, park, etc.) mechanism and not a series of independent Independent kiosks or remote outposts could parts.5 (Foucault, 137) This is important 4 ¿QG WKHPVHOYHV LQWHJUDWHG LQ WKH XUEDQ IDEULF to apply within this project, because it ._. ORFDWHG DW VSHFL¿F MXQFWLRQV RU YRLGV 7KHVH integrates the three design programs as one nodes would be one to two habitation dents mechanical body working in unison. These in a surface implemented like an installation design programs have individual qualities on the city; plugged in as programmatic [retail – individual movements and gestures], ¿OOHUV 2WKHU DSSHQGDJHV FRXOG LQVWLJDWH but become communicative as a whole. The interactions in public environments, such as SURMHFW LV WKHQ PRGL¿HG VLPXOWDQHRXVO E deployable cafés randomly extracted in parks human bodies…working as a mechanism. and squares. “…scale of the control: it was question not of treating the body, en masse, The Project Application becomes the ‘wholesale’, as if it were an in dissociable VQWKHVLV RI WKH RWKHU WZR SKDVHV ,W VSHFL¿FDOO unity, but of working it ‘retail’, individually; looks at the interaction of the human body of exercising upon a subtle coercion, of in the project scope. This phase details the obtaining holds upon it at the level of the concept of how the building provides a function mechanism itself – movements, gestures, and is simultaneously a communicator. The DWWLWXGHV UDSLGLW DQ LQ¿QLWHVLPDO SRZHU 339-3/002006-11-11_0050/051