Agile Project Management for PMI
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Agile Project Management for PMI






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Agile Project Management for PMI Agile Project Management for PMI Presentation Transcript

  • Agile Project ManagementMindset and behaviours forpractical outcomesAnnie Sheehan & Emma Bryce June 2012
  • A journey... The Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Meet the mentor Cross the threshold Tests, allies and enemies The approach The ordeal The reward The road back The resurrection Return with the elixir Source: Joseph Campbell “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” Picture courtesy of
  • Background and ContextRob Thomsett Agile Project ManagementIt is always about people and behaviours, not systems and toolsFramework rather than rule bookSimple principles applied to behaviour well, and outcomes are achieved. View slide
  • Agile PM framework: some facts• Agile Project Management IS NOT Agile SDLC• Common themes: collaboration, interactions, responding to change• A PM framework originated by Rob Thomsett• A key tool is the success sliders: 7 attributes that signify success• Philosophy is “Light touch, right touch” View slide
  • Focus• Trust, openness, honesty, courage• Agile Project Management Success Sliders• Learning mindset• Behavioural flexibility: able to adapt behaviour to suit a certain situation
  • Trust, openness, honesty, courage – Assume positive intent – be trusting – Be an open, honest and courageous communicator • Stand-ups • Co-location with team and product owner – Courage • Call out behaviour, both positive and negative • Commitments: celebrate achievements; challenge the errant slackers!
  • Where trust, openness, honesty andcourage lead… Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Agile PM Success Sliders *• A tool to help you focus on what’s really important Off 25% 50% 75% On Stakeholders X Scope X Budget X Schedule X Quality X Benefits X Team X• Enabling robust conversation with your stakeholders and team * Copyright: used with the permission of Thomsett International
  • Learning mindset• A focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) vs. IQ• A continuous skills development cycle – BAs can be testers can be scrum masters can be Agile coaches can be PMs can be product owners can be…
  • What is this man feeling? Confused? Disappointed with my hairdresser? Surprised? Upset? I ate too many burritos?• True empathy: consider the person as well as the task• What you think doesn’t matter, ask them
  • Behavioural flexibility• The Law of Requisite Variety, states that in any system, the element or person in the system with the widest range of behaviours or variability of choice will control the system• Able to adapt behaviour to suit a certain situation
  • How: Be the Observer• Observe with no judgement• Pause between stimulus and response• Think of a situation that could have been better: – How did I respond? – How would I rather feel? – Could I have done that in a better way? – “Re-do” – the unconscious mind is now reprogrammed for a more resourceful outcome next time • x 3 for maximum impact on unconscious mind
  • Overall Benefits• Greater ownership and sense of accountability – Conversation vs. sign-offs and hand-offs• Increased engagement – From sponsor, business stakeholders, project team and organisation• Multi-skilled individuals and adaptive behaviours – In high demand within companies and in the market place• Superior project results – Healthier behaviour, superior outcomes
  • Concluding remarks• Living outside your comfort zone is where learning begins• Focus of topics covered: – Trust, openness, honesty, courage – Agile Project Management Success Sliders – Learning mindset – Behavioural flexibility• Master the obvious, explore the unusual
  • Questions
  • Further reading – – “Courageous leaders don’t make excuses – they apologize” – – “Agile Project Management – A Primer” – – “What Makes a Leader?” Daniel Goleman – “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” Joseph Campbell
  • How to find us• Find us on Linked In! 