Rick Durst, Portland General Electric


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Workplace Charging panelist at the EV Roadmap 6 conference, July 30th, 2013, Portland, OR

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Rick Durst, Portland General Electric

  1. 1. EV  Road  Map  6   Workplace  Charging   Copyright  ©  2012  Portland  General  Electric  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.  
  2. 2. 2   If  you     build  it,   will     they     come?  
  3. 3. Fees for parking and charging Level 1 and 2 combo serves 3 Spaces Level 2 - Six spaces Tesla Charger DC Quick Charging - No fee to fuel; must pay parking Fleet - Three Dedicated Spaces 3   World Trade Center
  4. 4. •  Level 1 Only - No Fee •  Multiple sites on large campus- - Two parking spots in parking garage - Two parking spots in major parking lot - Daycare center 4   Large Manufacturer
  5. 5. •  Started with Level 1 with no fee. –  Many users, not enough room for all –  Some not charging at home because work was free •  Switched to Level 2 with a fee –  Less users –  Typically only those that need to charge •  Some with PHEV complained that the fee was too high –  Typical driver comment: “I’m not opposed to paying, but prefer to charge at level 1, so I don’t have to move my car during the day. I expect the fee to be similar to home charging or at least less than gas.” 5   Another Large Employer  
  6. 6. Rick Durst Rick.Durst@pgn.com (503) 464-7631 PortlandGeneral.com/PlugIn 6   See you down the road on the Electric Highway
  7. 7. Workplace Charging Examples Level Parking use Cost to Install Electric Cost per hour of charge* Solutions 1 Parked for 6 hours or more $ $0.15 Lowest cost solution, No cords on the station when no one is there. 2 Parked for 1-4 hours $$-$$$ $0.30 To $0.60 Faster Charging times for employees who are in and out of the office, Can be used for customers or public if you make that choice. More choices of different vendors for payment collection systems. DC Quick Charge Parked for 1 hour or less $$$$$ $1 Best charging times for supported vehicles, attracts short term customers, some allow battery storage options to reduce demand charges. 7   * Base on 10 cents/kWh rate
  8. 8. EV Charging 101 Charging Levels Level 1 120 volts Dedicated outlet New vehicles come with this Level 2 208 or 240 volts Standard Connector All vehicles will use this standard connector DC Quick Charge High Power 3 phase typically Nissan Leaf Mitsubishi i-MiEV GM Spark 8  
  9. 9. EV Charging Networks Access cards required Oregon and Washington •  Aerovironment L2 and DC Quick charge •  Blink: L2 and DC quick-charge stations •  ChargePoint L2 stations •  Sema Charge Pass: Sema Connect stations at many Walgreen stores •  OpConnect: Level 2 Stations Electric Avenue 633 S.W. Montgomery St., Portland •  EV Collective: DC Quick Charger 9