Jeannie Lam, Nissan North America


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Workplace Charging panelist at the EV Roadmap 6 conference, July 30th, 2013, Portland, OR

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Jeannie Lam, Nissan North America

  1. 1. Nissan EV Business Partner Program Workplace Charging Initiative Jeannie Lam EV Business Development Manager EV Roadmap 6 July 30, 2013
  2. 2. Nissan EV Infrastructure Areas of Focus Home Work Public
  3. 3. Nissan North America’s HQ Solution 18 Level 2 Chargers under solar canopy 1 DC Fast Charger 5 Level 2 Chargers in parking garage
  4. 4. Nissan EV Business Partner Program Workplace Charging Initiative • Establish and sustain relationships with clean transportation like minded employers to promote EVs & Nissan LEAF – Universities, Municipalities & Fortune 500 companies • Conduct town halls and Nissan LEAF campus ride and drives • Support workplace charging across employer facilities – Complement an existing plan, enhance plan or help develop a plan • Provide employees with preferred 2013 Nissan LEAF pricing • 5 EV Business Development Managers across the country carrying out this initiative
  5. 5. Workplace Charging Initiative Employer Personalities I’ve got an EV Plan! • % target and forecast of parking lot dedicated to EV • Facility policy company-wide to ensure EV charging at all new and existing buildings and sites • Ongoing annual assessment of #/% of EVs on campus • Active listening of EV employee community • Attracting talent / employee benefits • Minimal fee or pledge to ensure a Good Neighbor Policy • EV car sharing / shuttle program
  6. 6. I better get my campus EV ready. • Increasing frequency of emails, phone calls and nasty messages from EV employee community • EV employee community self-manage itself • Web of extension cords • Employees using neighboring employer charging facilities • Employees leaving vehicles at charger limiting others to utilize charger Workplace Charging Initiative Employer Personalities
  7. 7. Where do I start? • EVs are starting to slowly populate the parking lot • Does Level 1 suffice? Should I just put a few Level 2’s and see what happens? • Is there a workplace charging manual? • Do I talk to my neighboring organization on what they are doing? Workplace Charging Initiative Employer Personalities
  8. 8. Workplace Charging Initiative Key Learnings • Synchronize efforts between Real estate/Facility/Transportation/Sustainability teams; develop a cross functional team or assign responsibility to a group • Explore needs of EV employee drivers to assess what plan works best for the campus – scope Level 1, 2 and DC fast charging options • Educate on etiquette and a Good Neighbor policy – park at a charging station only if you need to charge • Don’t under estimate power of signage • Do your best not to ignore the EV community on campus big or small
  9. 9. Workplace Charging Initiative What’s Next?
  10. 10. Nissan EV Business Partner Program Questions?