Build green services presentation


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Overview of services provided and overview of building certification schemes

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Build green services presentation

  1. 1. Presented by Emma Özsen Sustainability ConsultantMSc Environmental Design & Engineering Oct. 2011
  2. 2.  Design advice and consultancy Environmental Performance Certification Daylight / Solar analysis Dynamic Thermal Simulation Renewable Technology Feasibility Studies
  3. 3. Examples of previous/current workCorniche Bay, MauritiusEmployer: PHA Consult, LondonClient: Foster and Partners Shading Analysis Overall sustainable design strategyClimate analysis and effectiveness of passive strategies
  4. 4. Examples of previous/current workKPMG building, Canary Wharf, LondonEmployer: Norman Disney & Young, LondonClient: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd/KPMGHigh-rise and high-profile office building located inCanary Wharf, London.Assessed to demonstrate the building’s compliancewith Building Regulations.Development designed and constructed according toBREEAM guidelinesImplemented energy efficient design and tri-generationAchieved BREEAM “Excellent” rating
  5. 5. Examples of previous/current workPreparation of new Building Control Bill, EnergyEfficiency Codes and Guidelines for Mauritius- Building Control Bill- Energy Efficiency Building Regulations and- Energy Efficiency Building Codes/standardsUnder terms of reference set by the UNDPMauritius, on behalf of the Ministry of RenewableEnergy and Public Utilities and the Ministry of PublicInfrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping.Accompanying Passive Solar Design guidelines andPiping and Duct guidelines are also developedwithin the scope of this project.
  6. 6. Measuring Sustainability
  7. 7. Perceptionof ecological buildings Examples of modern green buildings
  8. 8. Not properly orientated Poor daylighting + +Non-efficientM&E systems Not adequately shaded =
  9. 9. The vicious circle of blame Adopted from David Cadman (2000)
  10. 10. The virtuous circle
  11. 11. Feedback and Adaptation
  12. 12. Sustainable Design PhilosophySustainable Design definition: maximise the qualityof the built environment while minimizing oreliminating negative impact to the naturalenvironment.Main objectives:• Reduce energy and water use• Reuse• Recycle• Minimise waste• Increase occupant Health & Wellbeing
  13. 13. How Green is Green?The “Triple Bottom Line” diagram
  14. 14. Environmental Certification SchemesLaunch date 1990 1998 2003Certifying Building Research US Green Building Green Building Councilbody Establishment (BRE, UK) Council (USGBC) of South Africa (GBCSA) BREEAM assessor (training, exam GreenStar AccreditedAssessment LEED Accredited & test assessment verified by Professional (trainingcarried out by Professional (exam) BRE) and exam) Offices, Retail, Only Offices currentlyTypes of Offices, Retail, Healthcare, Multi- institutionalbuildings residential, Education under the (other schemes in pilot buildings, hotels,assessed “Bespoke” scheme stage of development) residential - Pre-requisites vary according to - Fixed pre-requisites level of certification - Criteria fixedAssessment - Pre-requisites - Criteria not fixed (bespoke) - Mainly based on USdetails - Criteria fixed - Env. weightings depending on reference and uses project type and country imperial units
  15. 15. market recognition for low environmental impact buildings;assurance that best environmental practice is incorporated intoa building;inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimise theenvironmental impact of a building;criteria and standards over and above legislation;a tool to help reduce running costs, and to improve workingand living environments;a standard that demonstrates progress towards corporateand organisational environmental objectives.
  16. 16. Energy Operational energy and carbon dioxide (CO2)Management Management, commissioning and procurementHealth & Wellbeing Indoor and external issues (noise, light, air quality etc)Transport Transport-related CO2 and location related factorsWater Consumption and efficiency inside and outMaterials Embodied impacts of building materials, including lifecycle impacts like embodied carbon dioxideWaste Construction resource efficiency and operational waste management and minimisationLand use Type of site and building footprintPollution External air and water pollutionEcology Ecological value, conservation and enhancement of the site
  17. 17. General methodology for assessment Design & Procurement Stage Assessment Request for Identify building Registration with assessment type & functions certifying body Assessor advice & consultancy Y Design Stage QA Submission to Evidence Certification Passed? certifying body gathered N Onto Post Amendments /Construction stage additional info
  18. 18. General methodology for assessment • Post-Construction Assessment Y From D&P Post-construction Submission for QA Post ConstructionAssessment evidence gathered certification Passed? Certification N Amendments / additional info
  19. 19. Thank you!
  20. 20. Selected projects listed by typeProject typeRESIDENTIAL• Corniche Bay (Mauritius) - while working at PHA Consult• Bozbűk Sustainable Resort Community ( Turkey) - while working at PHA Consult, UK• Luton Power Court Project (UK) - while working at PHA Consult, UKCOMMERCIAL• Mill Harbour (UK) - while working at PHA Consult, UK• Copperfield road (UK) - while working at PHA Consult, UK• Orestad Sud (Denmark) - while working at PHA Consult, UK• KPMG Building (DS3 West), Canary Wharf (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• DS3 East, Canary Wharf (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Angel Centre (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• First Street (UK) - while working at NDY London• Ecoasis, Ebene (Mauritius) - working as Sustainability Consultant (Build-Green Consulting)• Modeling of insulation use in office building,(Mauritius) - working as Sustainability Consultant (Build-Green Consulting)MIXED-USE• Tesco Tolworth (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Cap Gemini (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Merchant Sq. Building D (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Eastern Esplanade (UK) - while working at PHA Consult, UKOTHER (Miscellaneous)• Manchester Police Headquarters (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Northern Data Centre (UK) - while working at NDY London, UK• Medine Sugar Factory (Mauritius) - working as Sustainability Consultant (Build-Green Consulting)• Preparation of new Building Control Bill, Energy Efficiency Codes and Guidelines for Mauritius - working as Sustainability Consultant