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Understanding diversity
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Understanding diversity


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Published in: Education
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  • I cannot, as a teacher, tolerate any individual to exhibit disrespectful attitudes to a person just because they are different. If you are a person that feels that is ok to dislike, judge or hate someone because of a difference then please see me so that we can help you out because you will not succeed in life with that outlook.In the past we have talked about illegal immigration and I said that it was ok to have your own individual feelings. This is different because we’re not talking about disagreeing with an action ---- we’re talking about having feelings towards people. Bottom line: You cannot hate in the classroom.
  • For 200 years, the United States has left the doors open for immigrants. Since 9/11 they have been trying to close the door a little more every year but immigrants (legal and illegal) in this country has been the norm for a very long time.The US is one of the only countries that has had such a welcoming attitude towards immigration, which is probably why it has had so many.After 2 or 3 generations in the US people stop identifying so much with where they came from. Your great-grandparents may have been German or Irish, Polish or Swedish but today nobody cares about those distinctions. That is the way it will be for the Latino community in 40 years.
  • When a community has the same types of people - - - same race, same religion, same economic status, same likes, same dislikes - - - the community will not grow. Differences within a community lead to new discoveries and new opportunities (some good and some bad). There is no successful community on earth made up of people without any diversity.
  • When people in the majority hear that a minority group is growing larger, they automatically fear that they are going to “take over” as the majority. A minority group is a minority as long as their population numbers are significantly lower than the highest – the majority.In Iowa, the minority population is growing but it now stands at a whopping 3% of the total population. Just because you see more Latinos doesn’t mean you see less of the majority. The majority population numbers are growing too.
  • The terms “majority” and “minority” and races like “white” “black” and “latino” will probably become extinct in your life times.Back when the US was made up of European immigrants (the Germans, Italians, Irish, etc.) there were many years where things stayed separated: Germans only married Germans. Irish immigrants only married Irish immigrants. In the town where I grew up, not much larger than Denver, there were 2 Catholic churches - - one of the Germans and one of the Irish. The ethnic groups stayed separated. After a few generations, people stopped identifying so much with their background and a merging of cultures began. It didn’t seem like a big deal then because the skin colors of these ethnic groups were largely the same and it was not easy to see it happening.Today another merging and blending of cultures is happening. Latinos are joining with African-Americans, Whites, Asians and we have a growing population that identifies with the term biracial. Tiger Woods is a great biracial example. He himself is a mixture of 5 or 6 ethnicities. His wife is Swedish. It would be nearly impossible for his children to identify with one racial group. By the time those children are in the college, I predict that these racial boundaries will be gone.And this is the world that you live in today. You do not live in a bubble and I can’t let you pretend that you do. Whether or not you like it - - whether or not you think you will be affected by the Latino culture in your lifetime, I have to make you aware of what is happening out there.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Understanding Diversity
      Denver High School
      Mrs. Huff
    • 2. Where are we coming from?
    • 3. Our unique backgrounds . . .
      We are individuals with individual experiences
      We will not always agree because of our personal histories
      Debating and disagreeing is natural and leads to greater learning experiences
      It is acceptable to have your own opinion
      BUT . . . .
    • 4. Guidelines Related to Diversity in this Classroom
    • 5. #1
      It is not OK to dislike a person just because he or she is different.
    • 6. #2
      You live in a country with a history of inviting immigrants in.
    • 7. #3
      Having a diverse population leads to positive growth for the community.
    • 8. #4
      The definition of minority means less than the majority.
    • 9. #5
      You live in a country of blended and mixed cultures and this will never change.
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