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Notes on Venezuela
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Notes on Venezuela

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Cultural, Geographical and Historical information about

Cultural, Geographical and Historical information about

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  • 1. Notes of Venezuela
    Spanish 2
    Denver High School (Mrs. Huff)
  • 2. Location
    On the Northern coast of South America, touching the Caribbean Sea
    Bordering Guyana (east), Brazil (south) and Colombia (west)
  • 3. Cities and Urban Areas
    Capital: Caracas
    Other major cities: Maracaibo & Valencia
    Venezuela is the most urbanized South American nation
    85% of the total population lives in cities in Northern Venezuela
  • 4. 23 States
    And 1 Federal District (Caracas) and 1 zone of dispute with Guyana
  • 5. People and Population
    Venezuela does not report information about ethnicity (meaning they don’t gather data on the race of the population)
    Best estimates say
    60% of the pop. = Mestizo or Mulatto
    30% of the pop. = European
    10% of the pop. = Various Indian tribes
    Population is 29,105,632
    Pop. of Texas = 25,000,000
    An estimated 1,000,000 illegal immigrants live in Venezuela (mostly from Colombia)
  • 6. Languages & Geography
    Language: Venezuelan Spanish
    A different type of Spanish that comes from the Canary Islands
    Over 40 different languages regularly spoken in Venezuela
    92% Roman Catholic; 7% Christian
  • 7. Money and Economy
    Currency: Bolivar Fuerte
    $1.00 US = $4.967 VEF (Bolivar Fuerte)
    Has a profitable oil industry and a lot of corruption
    13th highest GDP in the world but most citizens live on less than $2
  • 8. Government
    President: Hugo Chavéz
    Took office in 1999
    Very controversial figure; major opposition in 1997
    Free, universal health care for everybody
  • 9. 13,000 – 17,000 BCE
    Hunting artifacts, tools and tribal remains in Venezuela
  • 10. 1498
    Christopher Columbus lands on the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama and sends explorers out to discover new land
    1499 – Explorers arrive in Venezuela and name it “Venezuela”, which means “Little Venice”
  • 11. African Slaves brought to Venezuela to work in gold mines
    1550’s: Slave trade strong in South American/Caribbean (becomes popular in the US)
  • 12. 1770’s
    Venezuela’s economy is largely agricultural, thanks to the cocoa industry
  • 13. 1808  Problems over in Spain
    French take over Spain
    French leader Napoleon appoints his brother, Joseph as King of Spain
    South American countries are unhappy with Joseph as their King.
    1811: Venezuela begins the War for Independence
  • 14. 1821  Independent Super Country
    Revolutionary hero and leader Simon Bolivar creates an independent country called Gran Colombia
    Consists of all of today’s present day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela, parts of Guyana, Brazil & Peru
    1830  Venezuela separates and becomes own country
  • 15. 1899-1925  Big Men, Big Guns
    Military strongmen operate Venezuela
    No one leader
    Very poor nation with an unstable and dangerous government and economy
  • 16. Venezuela Hearts Baseball
    1941: After a World Baseball exhibition game in Havana, Cuba, baseball becomes popular in Hispanic countries (very much so in Venezuela)
  • 17. 1925 – 1980  Struck it Rich
    Discovery and export of oil in Venezuela booms the economy
    Mixed results for the total population
    Country has a lot of money, some rich people
    Citizens still poor and needy
    1980: Oil market crashes and Venezuela’s economy is crippled
  • 18. 1992  Here Comes Hugo
    Hugo Chavez attempts to overthrown the out of control and unstable government leaders
    Thrown in jail; later released
    1998: Chavez elected president
    Attempts to disperse money to low-class through health care and education
  • 19. Hugo + Fidel
    Hugo and Fidel Castro of Cuba become best friends and allies. Adopt a similar leadership style
  • 20. 2002  Unpopular Leader
    Chavez is overthrown but regains control after 2 days
    2005: United States FBI and CIA discuss attempts to assassinate Hugo Chavez
    2006: Hugo is “re-elected” and changes term limits
    Largely suspected that he rigged the election
    No limit on how long a leader may serve = Hugo Forever