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Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto

Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto






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    Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto Presentation Transcript

    • Selling Hopes and DreamsEmma Jane Hogbinwww.designtotheme.com@emmajanedotnet
    • • emmajane• uid: 1773• First look at the Drupal code base: 2003ish. I stole the i18n table structure.• First Drupal site “for pay”: 2006ish.• First Drupal socks: 2007.• First DrupalCon conference: Szeged in 2008.• First Drupal book: 2009.• First Drupal core patch: 2010. Removed the “welcome” screen. drupal.org
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mortendk/1439332466/
    • Drupal Trainer www.designtotheme.com/responsive-workshop Register now. Class starts December 1.
    • I am a process junkie. process
    • For years I soldprocess to process-loving companies. selling
    • Times changed. pivot
    • Then I soldempowerment andcontrol to woman-ledbusinesses. empowerment
    • Times changed. pivot
    • Now I sell hopes anddreams toentrepreneurs. dreams
    • Most open sourcecompanies I knowsell skills. sell skills
    • In a recession,people don’t buyskills. don’t buy
    • In a recession,people buyoutcomes.buy outcomes
    • A recession forces you tobuild and sell valuableoutcomes not a grocerylist of skills. value
    • The value of theoutcome you buildmatters. outcome
    • If you are focused ontask-based skills, youare not sellingoutcomes to clients. focus
    • “I need to learn Drupal right away.”“Take this workshop. It’s about theming for Drupal.”“I don’t have time. I told you I need to learn Drupal.”“Okay, what about this workshop on Panels and Views?”“Look. I don’t have time. I need to learn Drupal.”selling training
    • “I’m about to lose myhouse. Please helpme pay themortgage.” real story
    • New buyers are notqualified to have anopinion on features. features
    • Note: if your clientcan’t install Drupal,they are a “newbuyer.” not an expert
    • Buyers know whatoutcomes will savetheir job or house orreputation. benefits
    • Right product for theright market. outcome
    • Change the productor the market untilyou find a pair thatclicks. pivot
    • To new markets: selloutcomes andbenefits, notfeatures. outcomes
    • Answer the question:who cares? I care.
    • But most companiesstill sell process andskills. process
    • Your process mightpay your mortgage,but does it pay yourclient’s? pay
    • Clients who don’twant to plan, haven’tbought your process. mismatch
    • Process-based salesis a luxury. It is notfor recessions. luxury
    • A recession forcesyou to get reallygood at marketing. marketing
    • To excel atmarketing, you mustknow the value ofwhat you’re offering. excel
    • You must know whatpain you will takeaway from yourprospects. pain
    • In the open sourceworld we tend to sellfeatures. features
    • Experts buy features.Proprietary softwareusers aren’t expertsat open source. experts
    • An IT team who’sinvested in theircertification doesn’twant your features. investment
    • Newbies buysolutions toproblems. problems
    • Converting someoneto open sourcerequires “benefit”language. benefits
    • My transition toselling benefits wasrocky. transition
    • I asked my targetmarket questions. target market
    • When you askpeople questions.They lie. people lie
    • To learn the truth,ask people abouttheir fears, hopesand dreams. truth
    • You need to ask theright questions. questions
    • “What training doyou need?” wrong
    • “How does Drupalmake you feel?” better
    • “What is preventingyou from buildingexceptional Drupalsites?” winner
    • “What are you doingwhen you wish youwere having a rootcanal instead?” id pain
    • Build Your Dream Web SiteSite Building ExtravaganzaResponsive Web Design 3 workshops
    • Selling Hopes and DreamsEmma Jane HogbinDrupal Trainer and Authorwww.designtotheme.com@emmajanedotnet