Goodwin's theory


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My Goodwin's theory presentation for A2 media.

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Goodwin's theory

  1. 1. GOODWIN’S THEORY In Goodwin‟s book Dancing in the Distraction Factory he points out 6 features that can be found in music videos:o There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals.o There is a relationship between music and visuals, this can be: Illustrate, Amplify or Disjuncture.o Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics.o There are certain aspects that the record label demand e.g. close ups of the lead singer.o Reference to the notion of looking.o There are often intertextual references.
  3. 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUALS “Ripping wings off “Fairytale” “Even in the of Butterflies” dark”“Go get your shovel and “Her prince “To bury the we’ll dig a deep hole” finally came to castle” save her”
  4. 4. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS“Brick by boring brick” is a narrative basedvideo, the lyrics describe a fairytale land in whicha young girl goes to to escape reality, howevertowards the end the lyrics describe how herfairytale world is much more sinister then she firstthought this is mirrored by the narrative whichshows the girl entering the fairy tale world, only toenter her castle and find that everything darkerthan she expected, this frightens her so she runsback to reality. Unfortunately she falls down thehole that Josh (the guitarist) has been diggingthroughout the song.
  5. 5. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS There are 3 ways in which the visuals respond to the music:- Illustrate – Using a set of images to illustrate the meaning of the lyrics and genre.- Amplify – The meaning of the song are added to by the visual.- Disjuncture – Where the meaning of the song is completely ignored. This video is partially an example of Illustrating as images are used to illustrate the lyrics such as the use of a fairytale land and the castle, however the images do not represent the genre as Paramore are an Alternative Rock band and the video is about getting lost in a fairytale and childhood innocence which is not expected from this genre of music.
  6. 6. MUSIC VIDEOS DEMONSTRATE GENRE CHARACTERISTICSThere is very little in “Brick by Boring Brick” thatrepresents the alternative rock genre. The onlyelements of the video that represent this genre isthe dark ending to the video. The music video ismostly narrative based and there is very littleperformance. The only performance comes fromHayley (the lead singer) but the rest of the band(with the exception of the guitarist who is diggingthe hole) are not seen once throughout thevideo, this is very unusual of this genre becausemost are expected to, at least, have someperformance if not wholly performance based.Even the clothing that Hayley wears does notrepresent the genre as she is dressed in a veryfeminine, almost childish way.
  7. 7. DEMANDS OF THE RECORD LABELThroughout the video there are close ups ofHayley, she is the only member of the bandperforming, this is because the record label stillwant to advertise Paramore and she is the faceof the band therefore has to appear in thevideo. Also butterflies feature frequently in themusic video, the young girl is wearingbutterfly wings as well – this is the motif forthe album cover of “Brand New Eyes” whichthe track “Brick by Boring Brick” features on.
  8. 8. NOTION OF LOOKING The only use of the notion of looking in “Brick by Boring Brick is the use of mirrors when the young girl enters the castle. There is no voyeuristic treatment of the female body because both the young girl and Hayley have a child-like innocence about them and most of the shots of Hayley focus on her face. I think that this video is supposed to appeal more to females because many of the characters that appear in the video are female but not portrayed in a sexual way. Also the fairytale theme is more likely to appeal to a female audience.
  9. 9. INTERTEXTUAL REFERENCESIt is suggested that the meaning of the video“Brick by Boring Brick” is linked to „MonarchProgramming‟ which is a form of mind controlin children which makes them dissociate withreality and go to a „happy place‟. This could belinked with films such as Alice in Wonderlandor The Wizard of Oz, also the beautifulfairytale land that the young girls go to, only todiscover danger along the way is present in allthree.