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I can't think of a title: An OWBC [Chapter 2!]
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  • 1. Welcome back to I can't think of a title: An OWBC. I don't really have much to say here. Children are born, the army of flamingos' grows and a gnome alarm (don't worry, it's pretend and in my head) is installed to stop those pesky gnome stealers.
  • 3. It was time for Polly to give birth, it was also time for Joe to go to work. “ IT'S OKAY, I'LL BE FINE HONEY. HAVE FUN AT WORK WHILST I GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR CHILD.”
  • 4.  
  • 5. Meet the first male child of the generation; Bang Carr. My naming theme is going to be random words using the boolprop naming scheme for the mini-challenge.
  • 6. The baby room was finally decorated with an underwater theme. I never usually decorate the kids room with themes so I thought it was about time I did!
  • 7. It was an eventful day for Polly as not long after giving birth the sink decided to break. Luckily it was near noon. “ Crap.”
  • 8. Polly also had the toilet to deal with which after a few days of pregnancy had become vile. Not only that but it had been broken since the night before as you can see by the puddles of water all across the bathroom.
  • 9. Polly wasn't very mechanical and soon gave up trying to fix it, instead she thought if she yelled at it loudly enough it would fix itself.
  • 10. “ Ah what a lovely, stress free day at work. I brought home a new friend and I got myself a promotion!”
  • 11. “ I can't believe you had him just as I was leaving for work!” “ You can make up for it now by changing his nappy. I'm going to bed.”
  • 12. “ Hmm... this isn't something I've done before. I'll figure it out though, just have to go for it I guess.”
  • 13. I'll just shove a bit of this on, hmm... perhaps a bit more. I'll just keep putting this on and on and on.” Joe glitched and was in an endless nappy change. Thankfully I was there to stop it.
  • 14. Polly was a good mother to Bang, she would have made a good family sim. I'm not sure if you can just choose secondary aspirations for the founder or not so I just left it.
  • 15. “ Maybe we should have another child. We do need three after all...” “ I'm a bit tired Polly, I've been working out non-stop for this stupid promotion!” “ Oh come on, I'm sure it will only take one try.”
  • 16. “ Need. Sleep. Now.” It didn't only take one try, it took about three or four. Poor, poor Joe...
  • 17. Polly had a weird sleeping pattern and I often found her wandering around in her knickers at night. At least there was no one else wandering around to see her I guess. It also reminds me that I really need to start on the garden!
  • 18. The next day there was a new addition to the garden family. “ Hello there beautiful, I must say you look divine in this light.” “ Oh hehehe, stop you're making me blush!” “ Oi mate, stop harrassing my flamingos. Who are you and what are you doing on my lawn?” “ I'm the italian stallion baby, neighhh!” “ You're a llama.”
  • 19. The italian stallion was bought as a present for Bang as it is now his birthday. As soon as party begins the gnome is stolen, now that was quick. “ Oh Italian Stallion, save us from that horrible woman!” “ Don't worry ladies, no harm will come to you with me by your side.”
  • 20. Everyone gathered around the cake cheering for the birthday boy. They waited... and they waited...
  • 21. The guests then just gave up waiting. Someone even helped themselves to a piece of the birthday cake. “ Who names their kid Bang?” “ Ugh is grilled cheese all they have?!” “ Lame party, the kid didn't even grow up. I'm out!”
  • 22. Bang waited until everyone had left before he chose to grow up and quick look at his stats soon showed why. 10/1/8/3/3 No wonder he was too shy to grow up in front of all those people!
  • 23. Thankfully later that night Joe stole back the gnome. “ No one takes Gnome and gets away with it!”
  • 24. Baby two is now on it's way! “ Don't worry baby, daddy will be here when you pop out. I'll make sure of it!”
  • 25. You know what comes next right? Cute baby pic spam until the next child is born. “ Peek-a-boo!”
  • 26. “ Rawrr! I'm coming to get you!” -Insert cute baby giggles- Awwww
  • 27. Bang learnt to talk first, though he was very shy. “ Come on Bang, say mummy.” “ ...” “ Mummy...”
  • 28. “ Ah jeez this is just embarrasing...” moaned the Italian Stallion. “ Ha Ha Ha!” “ Shut it Gnome.” “ Awwww, Italian. You are so good with kids!” swooned the flamingos. “ In yo' face gnome!”
  • 29. Bang's favourite game was the logic blocks. I always found him playing with them on freewill.
  • 30. Joe and Polly barely had any alone time with Bang, work and the the new baby on it's way. Even when they were both free there was always something stopping them. “ I feel a bit peckish. I'm really craving some grilled cheese.” “ Don't worry, I'll go get us some.”
  • 31. “ ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ....” “ Pregnancy sucks.”
  • 32. Luckily that was the last of the pregnancy nightmares... for now anyway. This time Joe was around for the birth, though he was still as helpful as last time. “ Deep breaths, deep breaths.” “ I AM TAKING DEEP BREATHS JOE!” “ I was talking to myself!”
  • 33. It was all worth it as the adorable Opera was born. “ Who's daddy's little girl? You are!”
  • 34. The garden was updated with 3 more flamingos. It really is turning into an army of flamingos now. An army of flamingos, a gnome and a llama. Best garden ever!
  • 35. “ Ewie! Are you really going to make me eat this with my hands?”
  • 36. Joe brought home friends from work most days. I was fine with it as they all acted like free nannys. “ Got your nose!” “ Thats it, bed time young man. ”
  • 37. Really I should find this a little weird as she only came home with Joe today and doesn't know the family but if she is going to put him to bed and look after him that is fine by me. Free nanny and I'm not breaking the rules!
  • 38. “ She is so adorable! So what did you decide to name her?” “ Opera.” “ Oprah?” “ No... Op-e-ra.”
  • 39. Bang was growing up fast, he had even mastered the art of using a potty.
  • 40. In fact it was soon time for his birthday. “ Why did I even bother with balloons?” I ask myself the same question ever time I buy them.
  • 41. The quests arrived soo- Oh not you again! Sound the alarm, Gnome is in danger! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
  • 42. Joe! Come quickly. Save your gnome. Come on don't casually stroll over. RUN! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. (Gnome alarm.)
  • 43. “ Can I interest you in some fresh grilled cheese?” Yes! Just in time. Seriously the way he was slowly walking over I had no idea if he would make it in time. The tension was unbearable!
  • 44. There was some dancing before the cake, though I'm sure this type of dancing shouldn't be allowed at a child's birthday party. You ladies are a littlee bit close together.
  • 45. “ Come on Bang, don't be shy. Blow out your candles now.” “ Wooooo! Go bang! It's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday!”
  • 46. “ I'm a big boy, now I can clean this filthy house!”
  • 47. “ Nanny? Her nappy is dirty.”
  • 48. There was smustling before everyone went inside as of course it was now dark. Everyone except one...
  • 49. “ What you staring at mate? Take that cake of yours and get lost!” I'm watching you!!
  • 50. Goopy I don't think that is something you should be discussing with him.
  • 51. It was a successful birthday party and for once Gnome didn't get stolen! “ Arr! It's because they be afraid of me lass!” Italian Stallion snorts in the background. “ You shut your mouth llama!”
  • 52. “ You ready for some lovin'?” Baby number three is now on it's way!
  • 53. Having Bang as a child was pretty handy, he cleaned everything without being told to. For once the toilet shined. “ Bubbles in my eye!”
  • 54. His new favourite game was of course the chess table. Since he had not been to school yet and didn't really have any friends he played with random townies Polly or Joe found walking past the house. “ How the hell is this kid beating me?!”
  • 55. Joe came home with a promotion and a punchbag that night. The first career reward of the house. Joe then quit his job and got a job in the slacker career... something he wasn't very happy about.
  • 56. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM Bang come quick! NOM NOM Nom Nom nom...nom...nom...too late.
  • 57. It's another birthday, It's time for Opera to grow up. I'll just invite the guests, get everything read-
  • 58. Oh come on! I think I'm just going to stop buying cakes for the babies turning into toddlers. 10/10/2/3/3 A neat, outgoing, lazy, serious, grouchy sim... ah dear.
  • 59. Pop! Oh dear... the bad apple is coming.
  • 60. Opera learnt to talk very quickly. She also learnt to scream to get her own way very quickly too...
  • 61. It was probably a bad idea to have them both sharing the same room. “ Opera! I have my first day of school tomorrow.” “ Me wanna play Bang Bang!”
  • 62. It was indeed Bang's first day of school, something he was very excited about. “ Excited for your first day young man?” “ Mhm..”
  • 63. It was also time for Polly to go back to work. “ I am going to work and I am going to get that promotion!”
  • 64. Polly brought home the career reward that night, was it because they felt bad as she was pregnant and working? I have no idea. Either way we now have two career rewards!
  • 65. “ Hi mum, school was great, I learnt so much!” “ I'm glad you enjoyed it.” “ I also brought... well she invited herself... is it okay if I have a friend round?” “ Of course it is Bang, I'm so pleased you made a friend today.”
  • 66. “ BANG! BANG! BANG!” “ What?” “ Bang! Bang!” “ What do you want?!” “ You're dead.”
  • 67. “ Hahaha. Why is your name Bang? That's a funny name.” “ Oh well... I quite it like it really. It's not that weird.” “ HA HA HA.”
  • 68. Ha! I saw you a mile away, nice try Samatha. Actually It was a rubbish try cause I saw you all the way over here!
  • 69. “ Honey, Darren was on the phone. Um... shall I tell him you're busy?” “ WHAT DO YOU THINK?!”
  • 70. Meet the last baby of Joe and Polly, Orange Carr. Really Orange isn't that odd, in fact some celebrity out there probably has a child named orange already.
  • 71. Bang would never have got any sleep if I left all three kids in the same room so the house was extended and Bang was given his own room.
  • 72. Outside the garden was improved. It was about time I started to make a nice garden. The only problem is I'm rubbish at making gardens and with little money it may also be hard. I've made a small start though which is good.
  • 73. I made a decision to drop the Workaholics Anonymous mini-challenge. I didn't really think about it properly especially since I'm doing the base game bonus as well. The only way I'd be able to do it without exploding would be to go to university, I don't really want them to go to university. Instead I think I may try the monster mash.
  • 74. So Polly quit her job to be a stay at home mum who tends to the garden and Joe got back his job in the athletic career which is sorely missed.
  • 75. Time rushed by as it always does. Opera was quick to learn all of her toddler skills and was eager to be as big as her older brother.
  • 76. Bang came home with another great report card and he also came home with a friend. I thought this guy was shy? Once he was home the party for Opera's birthday began.
  • 77. “ Mummy! It's my candles not yours!” “ Blow out the candles Opera! Good girl!”
  • 78. “ Yes! Look at me, I'm big like Bang Bang now!” Opera was very excited to be all grown up and couldn't wait to get started making friends, what with her 10 outgoing points.
  • 79. I didn't even see you, you sneaky sim! Damn my gnome alarm must be faulty! Stop yelling at her! Do something about it! “ Oh my gosh, how rude! How will I ever stop her? I should just point my finger at her and look angry, that'll work!”
  • 80. Finally! A good smustle picture, I love you bang bang! “ Rawrrrr!”
  • 81. Opera went in for a makeover and was met by Tessa, the annoying child. “ HA HA let me get this straight, your brothers name is Bang and your name is Opera? How silly!! HA HA HA.” “ Sigh. You are really testing my 3 nice points here.”
  • 82. “ Hey, you look cool. Wanna be best friends?” “ Yeah alright.”
  • 83. Another successful party. All these kids and their birthdays are making the seasons bonus easy!
  • 84. The house was a lot less full now that two of the three were children and could go to school, it certainly made things easier in the house.
  • 85. Polly spent most of her mornings outside tending to the plants and was gaining badges quickly.
  • 86. Opera came home with a friend of course who she happily showed off to outside. “ Everyone over here! Come look at my cartwheel!”
  • 87. “ Opera is a funny name.” “ No it's not!” “ Not in a bad way! It's cute... like you.” “ Hehehehe.” “ Look at the time! I better get home.”
  • 88. Once you get to the third baby you kind of forget about them cause all they do as a baby is eat, sleep and poop. Luckily I had my free nannys who were willing to help out.
  • 89. Orange grew up that day though so will now be added to the story properly. It's like she's floating in air.. wow...
  • 90. I now realise that she is Orange the bad apple. How can she be my bad apple... just look at her! She is oozing cuteness here. She just looks so innocent.
  • 91. I finally got around to redecorating the girls room so it was fit for a princess.
  • 92. Seriously?! This is my bad apple? She didn't even smack the teddy bear afterwards!
  • 93. I'm guessing she likes music as I often find her outside bopping to the music. Quick Joe, Polly or a free nanny come get her inside. It's dark and cold!
  • 94. Every time I look at Orange she is being cute. I guess I'll just have to wait nervously until the bad apple side of her kicks in, you know when her aspiration drops really low and she needs everything? I'll leave you with a cute, cuddly photo of Orange the bad apple and end the chapter here. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it! :)