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Workshop with Rob Daley at the Vitae conference 2013 (

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  • Intro’s our experience with RS
  • EmmaVitae’s vision is to lead world-class professional and career development of researchers. Vitae aims: Influence effective policy development and implementation relating to researcher development to build human capital Enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers Empower researchers to make an impact in their careers Evidence the impact of professional and career development for researchersCurrent contract £3.7m for 27 months (jan13-mar15) equates to approx £1.6m/year. Vitae is supported by Research Councils UK (RCUK), UK HE funding bodies and managed by CRAC: The Career Development Organisation and delivered in partnership with regional Hub host universities.Previous funding through RCUK for Vitae contract (£15m for 5 years 2008-2012) Before that it was UK GRAD and UK HERD
  • Rob
  • Who’s in the room. Research experience? Training experience?What do they want to get out of the next 70 minutes? What would be a good use of their time?Emma
  • Rob
  • RobComplex landscape, lots of organisations to be aware of (and lots that can help!)
  • Mention REF briefing for RDsMission of the Impact and Evaluation Group is to 'propose a meaningful and workable way of evaluating the effectiveness of skills development in early career researchers'Research Councils UK (RCUK) has today (17 January 2013) unveiled its new Statement of Expectations for Equality and Diversity, which is intended to drive more rapid cultural change in the management of equality and diversity in institutions receiving Research Council funding. new Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research will be launched later today (7 December 2010) by the UK’s research funding bodies. The aim of the Concordat is to create a greater focus on and help embed public engagement with research across all disciplines in the higher education and research sectors.Formal agreement or 'concordat' about standards and integrity in UK research. This sets out five commitments that assure Government, the wider public and the international community, that the highest standards of rigour and integrity will continue to underpin research in the UK. Universities UK developed the concordat with the funding and research councils, the Wellcome Trust and a number of government departments. It was launched on 11 July 2012. Compliance with the concordat: We now require institutions eligible to receive our research funding to comply with the concordat. We have made this a condition of receiving HEFCE funds.  Rob
  • Group discussion?Rob
  • Emma
  • EmmaHats of a trainer. How do you juggle all these responsibilities and move the agenda forward in your HEI? You may start to specialise in one or more areas but need to be a jack of all trades as well as a master of some
  • Give overview of RDF, point to briefings and mapping programmes documentsEmma
  • Emma
  • Emma
  • EmmaComplete form to host pilot of Making your mark by 10 September
  • Use Career Anchors handout as example of a useful resource. Get them to do this as an exercise and discuss how it might be useful for RS development.Take along other examples e.g. Photos, challenging assumptions puzzles, RDF playing cards?Emma
  • Challenges in developing research staff, current issues they would like help onDiscussion and map out on flipchartEmma & Rob
  • How can we solve the problems/issues in the room?What other opportunities are out there for us as RS developers?Emma & Rob
  • You are not alone, seek the support of the network
  • So youre new to research staff

    1. 1. So you’re new to research staff Dr Rob Daley @RD531 Dr Emma Gillaspy @vitaenwhub @egillaspy
    2. 2. Vitae strategy 2013-15 Supporting a step change in institutional provision for research staff, including E&D Managing the transition to a self-sustaining organisation: Developing the funding model Reconfiguring Vitae’s infrastructure to support transition Maximising the investment in researcher development in the UK since 2003: Maintaining regional Hub networks Ensuring existing Vitae materials remain freely available to UK HEIs Developing new support for prospective PGRs Building on its growing international work.
    3. 3. We aim to cover... Policy and drivers currently influencing research staff and their development Challenges and opportunities in developing research staff Creating effective research staff development programmes Vitae programmes relevant for the development of research staff
    4. 4. Begin with the end in mind
    5. 5. Policies and drivers Flickr ID: lilivanili
    6. 6. Organisations VRDAG
    7. 7. History 1996 Concordat to support the career development of research staff 1997 Research Careers Initiative 2000 Research Career Builder Contract Researchers' Career Development Guidance 2002 2008 CROS Fixed Term Employees Regulations 2005 Recruitment and retention of academic staff in Higher Education 2010 2011 Revised Concordat to support the career development of research staff “Researchers, fixed-term contracts and universities: understanding law in context” RDF PIRLS UKRSA SET for Success (Roberts) EU Charter & Code 2012 2014 REF Rugby Team Impact Framework 2013 Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research Concordat to support research integrity HR Excellence in Research Award – internal review RCUK Statement of Expectations for Equality and Diversity
    8. 8. What does this all mean? How is research staff development evolving with the research agenda? What impact is the HR Excellence in Research Award having on research staff development? Role of research staff developers in preparing for REF and beyond? Role of PIs? Role of other stakeholders?
    9. 9. Your toolkit Flickr ID: afsilva
    10. 10. Flickr ID: Small_Realm
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Vitae programmes Researcher Futures Establishing yourself Making your mark Advancing in Academia Broadening Horizons Collaborative Researcher Digital Researcher Engaging Researcher Leadership in Action Managing your academic career The Common Good Ketso: A case study on social enterprise Discovering innovation and intrapreneurship Every Researcher Counts
    13. 13. Useful resources People: The network! Your Hub Manager JiscMail lists Twitter (#ECRchat, #vitae13) Activities: Career anchors Wheel of life Achievements & challenges timeline RSVP Designs Ketso Websites: Vitae website YouTube, Ted, Prezi Training Zone, MindTools, Business Balls Thesis Whisperer & Research Whisperer An academic career, Making the Right Moves 0Materials/Lab%20Management/Making%20the%20R ight%20Moves/moves2.pdf RSS feeds for news & blogs
    14. 14. Challenges & Issues Flickr ID: Krikit ♥
    15. 15. Opportunities & Solutions Flickr ID: tonrulkens