Evaluation - Question 1: Conventions


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Evaluation - Question 1: Conventions

  1. 1. Issue number & The masthead date Use of the Cover image left third Cover lines Cover story Barcode & price More cover lines“More” featureband at thebottom
  2. 2. Masthead Masthead Issue number & date Cover Cover lines linesCoverlines Cover story Track Image listings More Image artistsCover story Masthead Interview – cover lines Cover lines Image Cover lines Cover story Barcode
  3. 3. Used conventions Developed conventions Challenges conventionsMasthead – this was used in my front Masthead – the masthead could Prop – on my front cover I have usedcover and matches the conventions of also be in this category. This is the prop of a guitar, looking at othersimilar music magazines e.g. Billboard or because if I was only looking at the pop genre front covers this is not asRolling Stone. However, it is less like Q pop magazine Q then as it’s conventional. However, this isn’tmagazine as there masthead is more masthead is at the top of the left unconventional as guitars are a proplike a logo. third then my masthead would be of the pop genre and in other pop developing this as it’s more in the magazines there have been some style of Billboard and Rolling Stone. images of guitars, so this prop slightly challenges the conventions.Left third – the use of the left third is Cover story – although all the similar Use of banded cover story – To makeconventional for similar magazines. products did use cover story’s as this my cover story stand out I had itLooking at similar products I can see that is a convention, my cover story written on red bands – fitting in within my magazine I have used the left seemed to take up a higher my house style – I haven’t seen thisthird, however, this feature is not used in proportion of the page than other feature on any pop music magazines.the Billboard front cover. magazines did. However, after So I think it challenges the doing research into similar products, conventional cover story/cover lines they quite often use bigger cover format of straight on top of the image. story’s very much like mine is. Although, mine appears unconventional I think it works as it stands out on the page and helps to create a consistent house style.Image – a majorly obvious convention is Barcode & date – this is used in Image – in a way my imagethe image. I have used this convention some similar products, but because I challenges the conventions of aas I have one main image of the cover based my magazine on Billboard’s conventional pop magazine, this isstory artist in a long shot. I decided to style I decided to use the barcode. because usually the images are ininclude the prop of a guitar, but looking This is a convention of pop front of the masthead, but on my frontat other magazines not many of them magazines. However, it is not cover the image and masthead areinclude props, they are mainly just an common on every single pop level – this could also be due to theimage of the artist and they express the magazine I researched into, making red band style I have which would notstory through make up, costume and it a slight development of look conventional at all if the imagepose rather than prop. conventions. was in front of it.
  4. 4. Top ten chart (similar to Billboard)Masthead Title Page reference & titleFeatures Image CaptionWhat’s inevery issue Image PageReviews referencesection & title(similar to QMagazine) Subscription offer
  5. 5. Masthead Title Track listings Title Image Page Features referenc Features In every issue In every Date & issue Title issue number Contents Image MastheadImages Page references Page references Image Features Page Contents references Review In every issue Image Page references More contents
  6. 6. Used conventions Developed conventions Challenges conventionsTitle – I used this so that readers knew Images – typically there are images on Chart listing – this feature is used inwhat the page was. This is used in all the contents cover but generally Billboard but theirs is a major focus onof the other magazine contents pages these are images of the artists there contents page. I wanted to useI looked at so it a definite convention. featured and there are usually this idea but developed and changedBy using this my magazine fits in with different sized images. I have it so – as my magazine is weekly –the genre of pop music magazines. developed this convention further, by there are the top tracks for that week. using an image of an artist as well as I used Billboard’s idea but made it an image of a concert, I’ve done this more concise and made it into a part so I can appeal to a wider audience of my house style. But using influence of people who are interested in both from research, this helped make my the music and the artists behind it. magazine conventional.Masthead - I used the masthead in my Contents sections – this is a Image captions – although it iscontents page, this is a convention, convention of pop magazine contents conventional to have a pagemore so in Q and Billboard than pages. The contents is split into reference and perhaps a title for theRolling Stone, but it helps to create a different sections. But I have article it refers to it is not conventionalconsistent house style which is a developed this further and completely to also have a caption, so myconvention of all music magazines. I separated different parts of the captions challenge the convention intried to create an original house style contents: rather than just with titles of this way.but used similar colours to Rolling the areas of the contents, I’ve usedStone in order to use my audience text boxes as well so they are clearlyfeedback and appeal to my target separated.audience.“In every issue” - this was a feature of Images – although the images are Subscription offer – looking at otherthe contents pages I looked at; a conventional for the genre I have pop magazines I have researched Isection of the contents that readers developed their layout further. did not seen any other subscriptionscan expect every issue. I decided to Looking at other pop magazine offer so in this way my magazinedo this in order to create a consistent contents pages the images are challenges the conventions of thestyle for my magazine, making it more generally more ordered than the way type of pop magazine I produced.conventional. mine are laid out. I decided to have Although it is fairly common in pop them cluttered slightly in order to magazines aimed at younger make it look “choppy” and cutting audiences. The subscription offer is edge to appeal to my target due to the fact this is a “pilot” audience. magazine, if you will, it’s the first issue so has no consistent readers.
  7. 7. Kicker By line Stand first HeadlineFull-pagephoto Small image InterviewPagenumber Pull quote Issue Caption Body text number & date
  8. 8. Headline CaptionHeadline KickerStand first Body text Full page photo Stand first By line Full page photo Body text Kicker Full page photo Body text Kicker
  9. 9. Used conventions Developed conventions Challenges conventionsHeadline – it is conventional to have a Body text – the body text is a Smaller image – the smaller imageheadline on a double page spread of convention of pop genre magazines used on the right page is not a typicala pop music magazine. My headline is but I developed this further and convention of pop magazines. It is aconventional in this way and it’s incorporated an interview into the convention for some (e.g. the Rihannatypography style of clear and easy to body text as well as a typical article. I double page in Billboard) however, Iread is also conventional, it is a san did this because an important part of wanted to use a smaller image inserif font and helps to make the my production was creating an addition to my full page photo. Thisdouble page spread. original house style for my magazine, was because it was important for the this development helped to do this. creation of a house style.Main image – the main image is a Page number – the page number at Colours – the colours are fairlyconventional feature of double page the bottom of the page is a conventional for a pop musicspreads in music magazines. This is convention of pop genre magazine, magazine. However, it is notbecause it is a full page photo and but I took this a step further and put conventional to have different coloursalthough a long shot is not the most the issue number and date next to of body text in the type of popcommon shot type expected in pop this. This has been done in other pop magazines I have researched into.music magazines it works here as I also magazines and I think it helps create a However, my magazine is aimed at ahave a close up high angle shot as consistent house style and so I used wide target audience so differentwell. this convention for my double page colours caters for the younger of my spread. target audience.Pull quote – I have used two pull Stand first – these are typically used in Headline – the headline isquotes in my main body text, this pop music magazines so are a conventional, but in some aspects itfeature is a convention of pop music convention, however, my stand first is challenges the conventions. This ismagazines. This is because it highlights slightly longer than a typical stand first. because typically headlines take up aimportant parts of the article and So in this way I have developed the higher proportion of the page.holds the attention of the readers. I convention further. I did this because However, mine is only slightly biggerhave used this convention because the layout of the page needed a than the body text. I did this in order tothe cover story I wrote is supposed to slightly longer page and as this is a make sure there was room for mybe both hard hitting and inspiring and fictional artist I had to make the story body text. Another reason was to startso I wanted to pick out significant a bit more believable so the slightly to create an original style, in trying toparts in order to attract readers’ longer stand first allowed me to be a little unconventional in someattention to the most important parts. create a background for this artist areas of my magazine I have tried to making the story and therefore this reach a different audience. There are magazine page more convincing and so many magazines, mine needed to real. have a unique and original style.