A2 Media Studies Evaluation
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A2 Media Studies Evaluation



My response to: 'In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?'

My response to: 'In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?'



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A2 Media Studies Evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Question 1Emma Cleary
  • 2.  The genre of my trailer is real life drama. Mostfilms within this genre focus around a mainsubject with cross links into other genres suchas romance. During my research and planning stages of mytrailer I looked into already existing mediateaser trailer to help me to discover the codesand conventions of a real life drama film.
  • 3.  One film in particular that I looked at was ‘Now isGood’, portraying a young girl who is fightingterminal cancer and has made the sacrificing decisionto refuse any further treatment. From here she falls inlove and begins to complete a bucket list. Similarly tothis film, I have chosen to focus my film on a real lifeevent that can happen to anyone. Like a terminalillness, although not as extreme, adoption can be thecase for anyone and many people are kept from thetruth. Therefore I decided this film was a greatexample in showing me what conventions to use inorder to cross link a dramatic story, and turn it intosomething positive.
  • 4.  My idea follows the codes and conventions ofa real life drama by the way it focuses on adramatic realistic subject of adoption and ayoung girl waiting 18 years beforediscovering the truth about her family. Fromhere it makes links to other genres such atromance, when the young girl falls in love. Asdoes the female character in ‘Now is Good’.
  • 5.  My film is set in the current time period, therefore withregards to costumes and styling was pretty simple.However I still took time during my research and planningstages of my teaser trailer to look into the types of stylingused within real life drama films as I wanted to make Ifollowed the correct convention.I looked into thecodes andconventions ofthe styleportrayed in‘Now is Good’Costumes are appropriate tothe realistic setting and donot stand out too much.Hair and Make-Up is also basicin order to notdraw too muchattention awayfrom the story.
  • 6.  I used the codes and conventions of styling from‘Now is Good’ and developed this conventionfurther by relating to latest fashion trends andmy characters individual profiles.For Autumn’scharacters outfit Ifollowed toconvention of areal life drama bykeeping it assimple aspossible. I usedthe bold redwoolly hat to astrike of colourthat related tothe main themeof Autumn withinthe film.For Tom’scharacter Iagain kept hisoutfit simple.Using clothesthat the targetaudiencewouldassociate as‘everyday’clothes.
  • 7.  A convention of a teaser trailer is to ‘tease’ the audiencebefore the film is released by giving them short clips, editedtogether to entice their attention and make them want towatch the film on release. The aim of the teaser trailer is notto give to much information away or contain any ‘spoilers’. Within my own teaser trailer I have included short clips inwhich don’t give too much of the story away. They portray anoutline of the dramatic events in the story, however mayleave the audience anticipating to find out the completestory. However I have challenged this convention in the waythat I have included a clip showing the card Autumn’scharacter receives on her 18th birthday of her biologicalmother. This alongside a voiceover reading the card aloud,allows the audience to understand what the card is aboutbefore watching to complete film. I believe this had to bedone, otherwise the rest of the trailer would not have madecomplete sense to the audience.
  • 8.  With regards to transitions, within real life drama trailers thetransitions between each short clip tend to vary depending onthe topic of the film. When analysing ‘Now is Good’, the transitions were sharp,sudden and fast paced. Portraying the fact that time was limitedand there was a number of things the main character wanted tocomplete. However I also analysed ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ trailer, whichtook a much slower approach. Emphasising the fact that it wastaking the male lead a long time to find a job that could supporthis family. A convention that I noticed within each was that they both usedflashes of lights to switch between dramatic clips or clips thatcontained a detailed insight into the film.
  • 9.  I used the convention with regards to flashinglight between clips within my teaser trailer byediting some clips to fade out to white in orderto make it appear there is a flash of light.However I challenged this convention by alsomaking some of my clips fade to black in orderto make sure the clips that faded to white werebolder as they tended to include importantinformation. Alongside this I used fast, quick pace transitiontimes in order to make my trailer seem upbeat,like the trailer ‘Now is Good’. By doing this itreinforced the fact that Autumn is rushing todiscover the truth about her family. However Ialso challenged this by combining some slowertransitions, like used in the trailer for ‘ThePursuit of Happyness’ in order to allow theaudience time to empathise with Autumn’s storyand give them time to understand and becomeinterested in the film.
  • 10.  When analysing real life drama trailers I began to understandthat like the transitions, the music varies depending on howdramatic the story is. For example, ‘Now is Good’ has fast paced, upbeat music yet ‘MySister’s Keeper’ has slow soft music. Both representing differentthings. I challenged this convention within my trailer by developing itfurther and combining the two techniques I discovered during myresearch together. I began the trailer with fast upbeat music, toshow how Autumn was leading a very normal life. This thenchanged to music containing a strong beat in order to show how‘everything changed’ when she received her birthday card fromher real mum. Then to represent her journey in search of hermum and falling in love, I used softer music.
  • 11.  A convention within real life drama film trailers is theending on a cliff-hanger. I used this convention within mytrailer by leaving the final conclusion of my film a mysteryto my target audience. This is done, I believe to keep thesuspense and leaves the audience wanting to find out whathappens. This convention is also displayed in another trailer that Ianalysed: ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. The trailers shows shortclips of the film about a young girl who was conceived inorder to save her older sisters life. The trailer mixes theclips together, making the ending of the film unknown andthe audience is left unaware of the final outcome.
  • 12.  I used this convention within my own teaser trailer by keepingthe ending a mystery to my target audience. I wanted to ensurethat the ending was not given away within the trailer as Ibelieved this defeated the object of ‘teasing’ the audience withsmall clips of the film, just to give the ending away before thefilm is even released. The ending of my trailer sees Autumn’s character approaching ahouse. Followed by the door opening from the inside before thetrailer comes to a sudden finish.
  • 13. Within my movie poster I have followed many conventions from other filmposters I analysed through my research and planning stages. The title isclear, the credits at the bottom of the page and the image is bold.
  • 14.  When researching movie posters I began tounderstand that they all contain a very differentlayout:
  • 15.  I chose to use conventions fromthe ‘Now is Good’ postercombined with ‘The Vow’ movieposter as these are two posters Ifavoured. I chose a landscape image as Iwanted to recreate the ‘Now isGood’ poster through the waythey are looking towards theempty space on the right of theposter. Emphasising that they arethings on their mind, as doesAutumn in my film. Therefore Iplaced the main image on theleft.
  • 16.  When researching into already existing movie posters, Ilearnt that all contained credits – therefore I knew thatthis was a vital part of the poster that should not bemissed out.The credits within my posterare placed at the bottom ofthe page as they are on thefilm poster for ‘Now is Good’.The text size is not too bigyet still big enough to read.
  • 17. I challenged thisconvention by grouping mycredits a different wayinstead of spreading themacross the whole width ofthe page. As done in ‘TheVow’ movie poster.With regards to thetitle and tag line for myfilm. I followed theconventions fromalready existing movieposters, also with alandscape layout.Therefore I place mytitle in the empty spaceon the right.
  • 18.  The background of mymovie poster contains thelight effect ‘Bokeh’. Whichrefers to the way the lighthas hit the camera andbeen captured in the imagecreating bright colourfulcircles. The convention of Bokeh isused within poster Ianalysed for ‘My Sister’sKeeper’, through the way itis used around the edge ofthe main image.I took this convention and challenged it by using the Bokeh effect acrossthe whole background image. By doing this I believe it bought the wholemovie poster together and by placing my main image just below thelight draws attention to Autumn’s character as well as creating a centrepoint within the poster.
  • 19. Like my movie posterand teaser trailer Ihave used a lot ofdifferentconventions withinmy magazine frontcover that I havefound from myresearch into alreadyexisting mediaproducts.
  • 20. I have placedthe barcode atthe bottom ofthe page aswithinmagazines Ianalysed thiswhere they hadbeen placed.I have placed mymain imageslightly over thetop of mymasthead as thiswas done in manyof the magazines Ianalysed. Thisconvention makesthe magazine lookwell known.Details regarding the price I have placed insmall text at the bottom of the page so thatit does not obstruct a story.The overall magazinefront cover ties intogether through theuse of matchingcolours. Usingcorporate coloursthroughout wassomething that whenanalysing pre-existing mediaproducts was a wayof making an imagefor the magazinethat audience couldrelate to.I have also placedthe majority oftext using therule of left third.
  • 21.  A convention I learnt whenanalysing magazine front coverswas that a common conventionwas the way the main imageslightly covered the masthead,emphasising that the magazineis well known. I used thisconvention within my own frontcover in order to create aprofessional look within mymagazine.I then used this convention within my own magazine front coverby placing the main image of Autumn over the top of themasthead. However I challenged this slightly by still making themasthead appear readable.
  • 22.  Another convention I usedwithin my magazine frontcover was the rule of leftthird. As we read left toright and due to the waythe magazines aredisplayed in shops this isthe first part of themagazine the audiencewill see. This is something I tookinto account whencreating my magazinefront cover. I ensured thatall the main articles wereadvertised using the ruleof left third as wellapplying a shade on thebackground image in orderto add emphasis to theleft third.
  • 23.  Finally a convention that was apparent when researching existingmedia products was the use of corporate colours in whichrepresent the magazine company and are recognisable to theaudience members. For example, in ‘EMPIRE’ magazine, the corporate colours are asfollows; these colours are present in nearly every edition of themagazine and because of this, the target audience are able torecognise the magazine straight away because of the brightcolours used. I used this convention within my own magazinefront cover by the way I have used a variety ofsimilar colours. This also links into the theme ofAutumn as well as my production company ‘MapleProductions’, in which also use the same colourscheme.