Telemetry for small and large animals


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emka TECHNOLOGIES provides telemetry systems
designed for toxicology & safety pharmacology studies.

Complete & smart solutions for researchers performing:
- cardiovascular, CNS & pulmonary studies on freely moving, single or
group-housed dogs, non-human primates, minipigs, sheep, rabbits, rodents…

- strong data analysis, including video recording, glp modules and complete study database.

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Telemetry for small and large animals

  1. 1. ecg, eeg, emg respiration blood pressure acceleration skin & core temperature 40° 37° 32° telemetry for small & large animals emka TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. telemetry solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite for all your needs iox, data acquisition and real-time analysis iox acquires, analyzes, displays, controls and stores data generated during an experiment. »» one file per subject (can append data to same file during successive sessions) »» subject file contains all information (configuration, calibration, protocol, event and signal data) »» real-time monitoring, on line or off line review »» synchronized video signal stored in same file or in separate file (user option) »» easily identified subjects with matching numbers on their jacket ecgAUTO, advanced post-processing analysis »» fast, reliable and in-depth analysis of ECG and non-ECG signals »» for all species, leads, normal and pathological morphologies »» pioneering shape-recognition techniques for powerful analysis »» synchronized video review Powerful, fast, reliable ECG analysis »» beat-by-beat , single, inter and multi lead analysis »» detects arrythmias, isolated p-waves, abnormal events »» full range of parameters (intervals, amplitudes, areas, …) »» predifined or customized subject specific parameter (QTc) »» extensive data review, edition, export modes »» automated protocol and batch analysis of successive files Large choice of analysis modules beyond ECG »» »» »» »» blood pressure or flow, ventricular pressure, action potential respiration from conductive belts or whole body plethysmograph EEG/EMG for sleep scoring, epilepsy detection, FFT measurements NIBP oscillometric blood pressure from cuff studyDESIGNER, data base tool for your studies is a high level tool to organize data recording, analysis, review and archiving on large toxicology or safety pharmacology studies. studyDESIGNER During recording sessions, studyDESIGNER automatically drives iox and ecgAUTO software to record and analyze data and send calculated parameters to its data base. »» »» »» »» »» defines subject and study structure defines recording protocols and analysis configurations reviews and edit analysis results stores and archive results in database generate on-demand/custom reports for any combination of group, phase, subject and all parameters GLP modules service & support Available for all software emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a full range of support services »» »» »» »» electronic signature audit trail user access management study management emka TECHNOLOGIES »» »» »» »» pre-installation audits to design optimal system setup, SOP installation and training hardware and software validation service warranty extension, maintenance, and recalibration
  3. 3. telemetry solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES emkaPACK4G, noninvasive telemetry for large animals telemetry monitors the physiology of large animals noninvasively (no surgery). emkaPACK4G It only takes a few minutes to equip the animals with emkaPACK4G using our custom-designed clothing. The emkaPACK4G transmits ECG, lung volume, blood pressure, acceleration and temperature signals. Each signal type is available as an optional add-on, so you buy only what you need and can upgrade at any time. Strong emkaPACK4G transmitter Up to 17 signals produced simultaneously »» »» »» »» »» 9 lead ECG 2 respiration belts signals 3 axis + total acceleration, to assess activity and posture skin or core temperature blood pressure from 3 methods: - noninvasive with oscillometric cuff (NIBP) - semi invasive with vascular access port (VAP) - minimally invasive with batteryless implant (MIBP) Smart »» »» »» »» »» »» only 1 receiver for 16 animals only 1 Ethernet cable per receiver 32 to 48 subjects per room, group or single housed automated software configuration according to selected hardware remote on/off of individual transmitters and measurement option warning on lost electrode and low battery, with optional e-mail emission emkaPACK4G receiver transmitter technical characteristics dimensions 106 x 61 x 25 mm weight (with batteries) transmission range battery life sampling frequency 170 g 10 m 48 to 72 hours up to 2kHz/signal For large animals »» dogs, primates, pigs, sheep, rabbits emkaPACK4G typical setup network emka TECHNOLOGIES
  4. 4. RIP respiration option Lung volume measurement via respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP): »» »» »» »» »» thoracic and/or abdominal belt(s), fully adjustable and directly connected to main module respiration flow derived from lung volume all standard pulmonary parameters phase shift computation for bronchoconstriction assessment easy subject specific absolute calibration NIBP oscillometric blood pressure module Blood pressure (NIBP) measurement from noninvasive cuff: »» »» »» »» »» proven and validated noninvasive oscillometric cuff method proprietary software for analysis and control 60 to 90% of cycles provide reliable data automated rejection of unstable cycles only system to measure NIBP in ambulatory animals bptVAP vascular access port blood pressure module temperature module Blood pressure measurement via vascular access port (VAP): »» core temperature from implanted probe »» skin temperature from thermistor »» easy connection to implanted arterial VAP »» no transducer drift, easy calibration »» up to 2 measurement points per animal receiver MIBP »» »» »» »» minimally invasvive blood pressure & core body temperature batteryless reusable implant pressure tip measurement core body temperature measured at thermistor tip no crosstalk, unique frequency for each animal transmitter G4KCAPakme implantMANAGER inductive transmitter emkaPACK4G inductive receiver pressure catheter »» recalibrated by user prior implantation implant carotid temperature probe available accessories »» ECG calibrator »» ECG signal simulator »» AA batteries »» animal jackets & undershirts »» skin electrodes »» cuffs, belts
  5. 5. rodentPACK, telemetry for rodents is a cost-effective telemetry system to study animals 200g and more, such as rats. rodentPACK It acquires EEG, EMG, ECG and temperature, as well as acceleration and postural information, suitable for sleep and epilepsy studies, ECG recordings, heart rate variability assessment, etc. During recording sessions, the miniature transmitter plugs into a connector surgically implanted to the subject’s head. A single transmitter can be used with any implanted animal. Compact, light and powerful »» »» »» »» »» transmitter has a 22mm diameter and weighs 7g with batteries 120 hours of continuous recording before replacing batteries 5m transmission range excellent noise-free EEG signal fast acclimation, up to 40 animals per room without required shielding Smart solution for noninvasive ECG »» transmitter is fitted with miniature ECG cable and skin electrodes »» transmitter is housed in pocket of custom design jacket An ideal alternative to swivels or implants! Jacket for noninvasive ECG acquisition implantable telemetry In conjonction with Millar, emka TECHNOLOGIES offers implantable telemetry solutions for animals 200g and over. Telemeters are recharged by inductive energy transfer, while still in the animal. Full range of parameters »» »» »» »» »» pressure with solid state sensor (Millar) biopotentials SNA temperature tissue oxygen easyMATRIX, seamless link from telemetry emkaTECHNOLOGIES software suite implants to easyMATRIX reads signal from DSI™ implants and only requires connection to existing receivers and to a computer through USB. »» records calibrated data in iox2, without the need of OpenART™ or acquisition card in computer »» contains its own ambient pressure transducer Powerful! »» »» »» »» USB connection easyMATRIX up to 16 implant receivers and 8 analog inputs connect to a single easyMATRIX perfect synchronization of all signals from receivers or analog inputs handles cases with 1, 2 or 4 receivers used for each subject up to 4 easyMATRIX can be connected to a single computer
  6. 6. telemetry solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES 8 compelling reasons to choose our emkaPACK4G telemetry system! was designed based on more than 10 years of pioneering experience by emka TECHNOLOGIES in the field of noninvasive telemetry. 7- 2-way communication between iox2 and emkaPACK4G There are many strong reasons to use emkaPACK4G large animal telemetry system. »» transmitters can remotely be turned on or off, a big advantage when an animal needs to be removed or reintroduced in the animal room. Competing product has been known to become unstable in such situation. »» In case of low battery, or if an ECG electrode comes off, or in case of other unwanted events, a specific warning is received by the software which can optionally be forwarded by e-mail to on-call staff members. Here are some of the features that make emkaPACK4G the gold standard in noninvasive large animal telemetry: 1- All signals are always available when you need them. In other products, measuring respiration means that you are restricted to only one ECG chest lead. 2- Only emkaPACK4G lets you adjust the hardware sampling frequency, for example, ECG at 500Hz, 1000Hz or even 2000Hz. 3- Respiration belts directly connect to the main transmitter and do not require any adjustments. In other systems you need to add a separate module, which requires manual gain adjustment and runs on a battery which is not user replaceable. 4- Respiration belts are made of inexpensive material very easily cut to the exact required length. Competing product uses predifined belt lengths with limited possible adjustments. 5- emkaPACK4G is the only system that provides 3 different methods to measure blood pressure: »» noninvasive by oscillometric cuff »» through vascular access port »» from minimally invasive batteryless implant that also monitors core body temperature. 6- emkaPACK4G minimally invasive pressure implant uses a different frequency for each animal which makes crosstalk impossible in any condition. The competition admits that crosstalk might occur with group house animals. provides multiple possibilities to monitor and control the system: 8 - emkaPACK4G and iox2 software allow to monitor up to 400 signals simultaneously, from anywhere a LAN connection is available. For example, even if you record 10 signals per subject, you may still monitor a whole 32 subject study with one single set-up. CONTACT US! for simple to very demanding projects, please call on us europe emka TECHNOLOGIES SA 59, bd. Général Martial Valin - 75015 Paris - France tel:  +33 (0)1 40 60 76 00 - fax: +33 (0)1 40 60 65 55 north america emka TECHNOLOGIES Inc. 307 Annandale Road, suite 203 - Falls Church,VA 22042 - USA tel:  +1 (703)237-9001 - fax: +1 (703)237-9006 china Beijing GYD Labtech Co Ltd Rm 935 Laho Studio, No.15-A1 East Jianguo Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024 tel: +86-(0)10-85376382 or +86-(0)13-031151180 or +86-(0)13-01151181 fax:+86-(0)10-58208944 emka TECHNOLOGIES All contents Copyright © February 2013 emka TECHNOLOGIES SA. All rights reserved. Because emka TECHNOLOGIES has a policy of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change design and specifications without notice. emkaPACK4G