Medical countermeasures research


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emka TECHNOLOGIES products and services provide the medical countermeasure researchers
and developers the tools to achieve this demanding, unique and critical goal.

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Medical countermeasures research

  1. 1. Medical CountermeasuresResearchSolutions for MCMOur nation must have the nimble, flexible capability to produce medical countermeasures rapidly in the faceof any attack or threat, whether known or unknown, novel or reemerging, natural or intentional.emka TECHNOLOGIES products and services provide the medical countermeasure researchersand developers the tools to achieve this demanding, unique and critical goal.emka TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. Medical Countermeasures Research iox2 studyDESIGNER easyMATRIX iox2 studyDESIGNER emkaPACK iox2 studyDESIGNER usbACQ rodentPACK studyDESIGNER iox2 usbAMPstudyDESIGNER Customized reports Plethysmography emka  under- TECHNOLOGIES stands that medical counter- measures research and devel- ecgAUTO ecgAUTO studyDESIGNER opment is unique and requires studyDESIGNER specific solutions throughout the process of data capture and analysis. These unique require- ments are due to the biosafety 2, 3, and emka TECHNOLOGIES’ products and 4 laboratories containment structure, as tools provide solutions to the MCM well as unknown changes in physiologi- community’s unique requirements. cal waveform morphologies and infec- tions disease responses caused by novel infections and treatments. Plethysmography »» Complete software and hardware solutions for pulmonary studies from mice to NHP. NHP equipped with external rodentPACK head-mounted »» Pulmonary data integrated with telemetry data allowing emkaPACK telemetry. transmitter. for easy cross model assessments of responses. emka TECHNOLOGIES
  3. 3. Respiration Impedence Plethysmography calibration and volume analysis. Analysis of signals from one subject with different morphologies and arrhythmias using pattern recognition.emkaPACK»» Noninvasive telemetry system that acquires and monitors physiologic signals from ambulatory animals (i.e., NHPs, swine, ...) ecgAUTO»» One simple Ethernet cable used to transmit information »» Analyze, mine, and report all of your required physiologic for up to 16 subjects/receiver from the containment rooms. data in house.»» No surgery requirements, reduces costs and saves time. »» The user defined analysis templates and reports solve the»» Available with calibrated tidal volume measurements challenges of working with agents that produce unknown and/or noninvasive blood pressure monitoring. physiologic waveform morphologies and pathological affects.rodentPACK studyDESIGNER»» Simple and robust solution for wireless monitoring of neurological parameters from rodents to NHP. »» Reliable and automated study setup and daily experimental recordings within the biosafety laboratory environment.easyMATRIX and analog interface to DSI & ITS/KI implants »» Automatically organize the study and user workflow. »» Manage all acquisition and analysis sessions from several»» Regardless of the implanted telemetry setup used, we provide sources and/or containment rooms. a seamless interface for direct integration into our software suite. »» Produce on-demand and custom reports.iox Validation Support Services»» Versatile data acquisition platform for collection of required 2 levels of efficient and cost-effective validation assistance ambulatory physiologic signals. are available:»» One elegant and simple interface for many physiologic »» A-la-carte Validation - customized to best leverage client’s signal sources. in-house resources.»» Flexible and easy setup for acute as well as chronic studies. »» Full Validation - complete IQ, OQ, PQ, and final report»» Monitoring and alarms of key clinical parameters. assistance.
  4. 4. Medical Countermeasures ResearchFeatures and T echnicalSpecifications. emka TECHNOLOGIES February 2012Plethysmography ecgAUTO»» Various chambers available ranging from mice to NHP (i.e. head-out, »» For researchers collecting ECG and other physiologic signals from whole-body, ...) in-vivo (acute or chronic) or ex-vivo (i.e. isolated hearts, ...)»» Real-time, breath-by-breath analysis of respiratory parameters »» Powerful shape-recognition technique. (breathing rate, tidal volume, minute volume, accumulated volume). »» Optional modules are available for analysis of other signal-types (i.e.»» Drive aerosol devices via the software (shut off aerosol delivery CV, RIP, NIBP, EEG/EMG, Epilepsy, sleep scoring, ...) device after defined amount of time or volume has been »» 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. accumulated).emkaPACK studyDESIGNER »» A single platform to design, acquire, analyze, manage, report,»» Noninvasive, jacketed telemetry for ambulatory large animals. and archive all your studies.»» Record respiration, ecg, temperature, activity, blood pressure, and »» Run multiple concurrent studies. integrated video for complete assessment of physiologic and behavioral data. »» All actions done through one interface, with user-specific access levels.»» Excellent screening tool prior to implantation, or as a stand-alone alternative to implantable telemetry. »» Secure link to your LIMS (Provantis, ...) »» 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.rodentPACK Because emka TECHNOLOGIES has a policy of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change design and specifications without notice.»» Head mounted, wireless biopotential telemetry device.»» Acquire 2 eeg, 2 emg/ecg, 3 directional activity signals, and 1 summation activity signal from each subject.»» Completely wireless and digitally coded to avoid crosstalk.»» Up to 70 hours continuous data transmission.»» 2 easily replaceable batteries.easyMATRIX»» Bridges signals from your existing receivers with iox for seamless References integration with emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite. Battelle»» Directly record calibrated data with iox software. Center for Disease Control»» Connects to your existing receivers (rodents and large animals). Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute»» Contains its own ambient pressure transducer.»» Connects to computer through USB port (no need for an add-on Southern Research Institute A/D acquisition card).»» Up to 4 receivers connect to a single easyMATRIX. USARDECOM ECBC»» 1 easyMATRIX manages 1 to 4 receivers per implant. USAMRICD All contents Copyright © 2012 emka TECHNOLOGIES Inc. All rights reserved.»» Up to 4 easyMATRIX connect to a single computer. USAMRIIDiox Utah State University»» Up to 64 Channels per collection station. UTMB-Galveston National Laboratory»» Multiple iox workstations have seamless interface with studyDESIGNER and ecgAUTO.»» Clinical monitoring and alarms. CONTACT US! For simple to very demanding projects, please call on us.»» Real time trends and signal graphs.»» 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.»» Interfaces with wide range of front end sources: North America emka TECHNOLOGIES Inc. ›› emkaPACK 307 Annandale Road, suite 203 - Falls Church,VA 22042 - USA ›› DSI and KI implants T:  +1 (703)237-9001 - F: +1 (703)237-9006 ›› Plethysmography ›› rodentPACK ›› Analog devices. Europe»» Video recording. emka TECHNOLOGIES SA 59, Bld. Général Martial Valin - 75015 Paris - France T:  +33 (0)1 40 60 76 00 - F: +33 (0)1 40 60 65 55 emka@emka.fremka TECHNOLOGIES