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Seamless link from telemetry implants to emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite ...

Seamless link from telemetry implants to emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite

easyMATRIX reads signal from implants simply connecting to your existing receivers and to your computer through USB. Directly record fully calibrated data with iox2 acquisition software: OpenART is not required.



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easyMATRIX easyMATRIX Presentation Transcript

  • easy MATRIX telemetry implants and emka smart tools – swift services – sharp research www.emka.fr www.emka.fr TECHNOLOGIES software suite
  • easyMATRIX overview setup examples www.emka.fr A B
  • overview www.emka.fr
  • what is it? a seamless solution to combine measurements from telemetry implants and the power of emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite www.emka.fr
  • legacy & emka easyMATRIX systems www.emka.fr
  • easyMATRIX • reads signal from any type of implant through any receiver • contains its own ambient pressure transducer • connects to computer through USB port (no need for an add-on A/D acquisition card) www.emka.fr
  • data acquisition iox2 directly records fully calibrated data OpenART not required www.emka.fr
  • fully compatible • connects to your existing receivers (rodents & large animals) • reads all signals from any type of implant www.emka.fr
  • powerful! • up to 16 receivers connect to a single easyMATRIX • up to 8 analog signals connect to 1 easyMATRIX • easyMATRIX manages 1/2/4 receivers / implant • up to 4 easyMATRIX connect to a single computer www.emka.fr
  • easyMATRIX – 2 models available www.emka.fr
  • www.emka.fr
  • up to 16 receivers connect to a single easyMATRIX www.emka.fr
  • easyMATRIX manages 1/2/4 receivers / implant www.emka.fr
  • cost efficient! easyMATRIX and iox software: • are sold at very competitive price • are proposed as upgrade to emka DSI_Link and OpenART combination www.emka.fr
  • setup examples www.emka.fr
  • setup example 1 16 animals: 1 receiver/animal www.emka.fr
  • setup example 2 4 animals: 4 receivers/animal www.emka.fr
  • setup example 3 4 implanted animals in head-out plethysmographs www.emka.fr
  • implants compatibility www.emka.fr
  • www.emka.fr
  • receiver compatibility easyMATRIX • RPC-1 • RMC-1 easyMATRIX16 • RPC-1 • RMC-1 • RLA1000 • RLA1020 www.emka.fr
  • available now only from emka www.emka.fr TECHNOLOGIES!
  • facebook : www.facebook.com/emkaTECHNOLOGIES twitter : @emkaTECH www.emka.fr www.emka.fr
  • solutions for lifesciences research www.emka.fr www.emka.fr