2 solutions for noninvasive blood pressure measurement


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emkaPACK and nibpSNAPSHOT

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  • nibpSNAPSHOT non-invasively measures oscillometric blood pressure and 7-lead ecg (6 standard leads, 1 chest lead) separately or concurrently in restrained dogs and primates during toxicology studies.

    Unlike other 'black box' systems, nibpSNAPSHOT allows immediate review of waveforms and their analysis. The user also has the ability to immediately trigger another measurement cycle or adjust inflation pressure and deflation speed.
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2 solutions for noninvasive blood pressure measurement

  1. 1. 2 solutions for noninvasive blood pressure measurement emkaPACK & nibpSNAPSHOT smart tools – swift services – sharp research www.emka.frwww.emka.fr
  2. 2. noninvasive blood pressure measurement A overview B emkaPACK C nibpSNAPSHOT D software analysiswww.emka.fr
  3. 3. overview Awww.emka.fr
  4. 4. what is NIBP?a noninvasivemethod formeasuring the bloodpressure oflaboratory animals(dog, primates, etc.)www.emka.fr
  5. 5. how does it work?emka TECHNOLOGIES’ noninvasive bloodpressure systems are based on theoscillometric technique: pressure ismeasured from a cuff around a limb or thetail that is inflated to block blood flow thendeflated slowlywww.emka.fr
  6. 6. what is analyzed? cuff pressure timewww.emka.fr
  7. 7. 2 different solutionsemkaPACKnibp is an optional feature of ouremkaPACK noninvasive telemetry system -suitable for long term measurements onunrestrained animalsnibpSNAPSHOTself-contained, handheld device designedfor single-point measurementsboth supplied with dedicated software for data acquisition &analysiswww.emka.fr
  8. 8. common featureslow and high pressure range 0-300mmHgadjustable deflation speed 5mmHg/s –15mmHg/slinear deflation speedhigh speed servo-control by instant pressure anddPdtadjustable pulse amplification 5x-100xwww.emka.fr
  9. 9. emkaPACK Bwww.emka.fr
  10. 10. designed for the emkaPACK systemsingle-shot or programmable cyclic operationembedded calibration informationwww.emka.fr
  11. 11. setting-up the animaltail is shavedcuff is wrapped around thetail and connected to thetransmittera custom velcro extensionprotects the cuff, andmaintains it in the properposition on the tailwww.emka.fr
  12. 12. nibpSNAPSHOT Cwww.emka.fr
  13. 13. nibpSNAPSHOTwww.emka.fr
  14. 14. featureshandheld deviceUSB connection to computerpowered through USBboth a NIBP device and a 7-leads ecg devicedesigned for single-point measurementsmeasurements can be repeated every 10s ifnecessarywww.emka.fr
  15. 15. specificationswww.emka.fr
  16. 16. software analysis Dwww.emka.fr
  17. 17. real-time & off-line software analysisecgAUTOreal-time analysisperformed by iox2(nibpSNAPSHOT, emkaPACK,emkaPACK 4G)off-line analysisperformed by ecgAUTO(nibpSNAPSHOT, emkaPACK,TOE)control by iox2www.emka.fr
  18. 18. parameters computed from the deflation curvealoneecgAUTOsystolic blood pressurediastolic blood pressuremean blood pressurewww.emka.fr
  19. 19. parameters computed with simultaneous ecgecgAUTOheart ratepressure transit timewww.emka.fr
  20. 20. real-time analysis in iox2cuff pressure pulsevs time amplitude vs cuff pressure pressure pulses and ecg www.emka.fr
  21. 21. off-line analysis in ecgAUTOcuff pulsepressure amplitude vsvs time cuff pressure pressure pulses and ecg www.emka.fr
  22. 22. how is analysis performed?ecgAUTOdetects inflation cyclesapplies hi-pass filterselects valid blood pressure pulsesproduces bell shaped amplitude curvecomputes mean, systolic and diastolicpressure valueswww.emka.fr
  23. 23. what are the challenges for a successfulanalysis?when signal is noisy the algorithm picks pulsesthat correspond to blood pressure beats andignores artefactsfor greater efficiency, the software applies anumber of criteria and rejects unreliable orspurious resultspresent experience (around 1000 hours of datafrom 40 dogs) indicate that from 70 to 95% ofinflation cycles produce reliable datawww.emka.fr
  24. 24. examples of good and poor quality signalspulses from noisy zones are ignoredwww.emka.fr
  25. 25. facebook : www.facebook.com/emkaTECHNOLOGIES twitter : @emkaTECH www.emka.frwww.emka.fr
  26. 26. solutions for lifesciences research www.emka.frwww.emka.fr