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Contents page research

  1. 1. Contents Page Research Emily Campbell
  2. 2. What is the purpose of a contents page?The purpose of a contents page it to give the reader more information about whats inside the magazine. It also tells you about different stories and whatpage numbers you will find them on. The contents page must be easy to readand suit the rest of the magazine. The background needs to be simple so the text is showed clearly. It is better if there is a few pictures and only a small piece of writing rather than a lot because this could make the reader less interested. Magazines have to make sure that the contents page is eye- catching and not too complicated.
  3. 3. Typical Conventions of a contents page Contents pages are usually arranged In around 3 or 4 columns. They have amain image that relates to one of the main articles and other smaller imagesthat connect to other stories within the magazine. The pictures normally have page numbers or captions next to them which will be shown in the content list, which is divided into categories and headings that are used to identify each part of the magazine. The name of the magazine is normally at the top along with the issue date and the title ‘contents’. The contents are written in the same way with the name of the article and the page number next to it, some times they will have a sub line that give you more specific detail about what the article is about in a smaller font. The colour scheme is alwayssimple and interesting and varied photographs are used, also at the bottom of the page it normally has the credits for the photography that is on the front page and a page number and issue date really small font. A contents page is often one or two pages, never more.
  4. 4. House Style definition A house-style is a companies preferred manner of presentation. It is the colours used and the way it is set out. Different companies have different types of house style and it is used to show organisation and represent thebusiness in their own way. House style includes colour, font, font size, layout of page, and images. It gives a company their own design and recognition and keeps every organised.
  5. 5. Examples of house-style Same simplicity of font style Bold and italic text used Cover image shown on both pagesI think the house style of vogue is that everything is kept simple using bold text as titles and subtiles anditalic as the main text. Also the front cover is a lot brighter than the contents page, the contents has moresimplicity and less colour but still fits in with the Vogue theme.
  6. 6. Contents page analysis 1 The contents page displays- • Red, white, yellow and black house style • Most important pages numbered with title and subtitle • Page numbers in different sections to make it easier to read • Large image and small story about 2 celebritites • Secondary images to represent stories inside the magazine • Layout makes it easy to read and understand • Facebook and twitter URLS • Copy of cover image in top left corner • Logo • Date of issue • Informal language ‘News and stuff’
  7. 7. Contents page analysis 2 The content page displays- • White, red and blue house style • Page numbers in different sections to make it easier to read • Issue number and date • Logo • Secondary images with captions • Page numbers in order with title • Credits and legal requirements in small print • Letter from a celebrity on the side as something to read before the actual magazine • Bold titles in capital letters to know which section is which • Title- CONTENTS
  8. 8. Creating a house style for my student magazine The similarities my contents page will have to my front page is that both will be really simple sticking to the same black and white house style with the same font as the title on the front cover. Logos and mastheads will also be in the same font as thesubtitles on the front cover, images will be in colour with a black border.
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