POLS 3620 Comics


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POLS 3620 Comics

  1. 1. How Comics ReflectSocial Perception of war?The cases of The Adventures of Tintin and Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths Kong Kin Sang Ernest #11005521 Yung Hiu Yan Emily #10010092 28th November, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Background of Work• Reflection of Thoughts• Drawing Style• Image of Characters• Language Discourse
  3. 3. The Adventures of Tintin• Created by Georges Prosper Remi (Hergé) – Worked at a conservative newspaper Le Xxe Sicèle• One of the most popular comics in Europe in 20th century.• Purpose: Education & Propaganda
  4. 4. The Land of the Soviets• The Land of the Soviets – Tintin travel to Soviet Union – Report back on the policies by the Stalin Government
  5. 5. Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths• Created by Shigeru Mizuki (水木茂) – Cartoonist of yokai (traditional ghosts) and military manga – Once a member of Imperial Japanese Army – Victim of WWII• Purpose: – Portrayed his own experience
  6. 6. Reflection of thoughts• Historical Background – Communism raise in Soviet Union• Anti-Communism – Act as propaganda – Reflect the fear to the communism – Exposing the iniquities of communism
  7. 7. • The war changed Tin Tin – Moved the focus of Tintins adventures away from current affairs – Turned to stories with an escapist flavor
  8. 8. • For Herge – Avoid controversy• For the society – Feel desperate about the situation – Escape from the Reality• Other stories – Tintin in the Congo • Depicting colonialism – Tintin in America • Describe capitalism
  9. 9. • Historical Background – Post-WWII Japan occupied by Allied Power – Mixed feeling towards war – 1960s and 70s as golden age of Japanese comics• Japanese perception on war after WWII – Neo-nationalists view – Revisionist view – Anti-war vision
  10. 10. • “90% fact”• "It was a pure loss,"• "Even as a young man, I wondered how could people who have been sent so far from home feel like they are protecting our country. Japan was attacking other countries, and if protecting ourselves was the mission, all we had to do was stay at home."• “When I think of those who, now without voice, died pitifully in war, I overcome with anger”
  11. 11. Drawing Style• Simple illustration• Black and white  color
  12. 12. • Simple lines for human and Complicated illustration for natural environment
  13. 13. Image of Characters• Heroic Image of Tintin
  14. 14. • Collective identity of Japanese soldiers• 30 characters• BUT – No main character
  15. 15. Language Discourse• Describe how people think about Soviet• Wording: Parker
  16. 16. • Title contrary to content• Onwards towards our “NOBLE” deaths• In-related to Government propaganda of “honorable war death”• In fact, may soldiers died without entering battlefield
  17. 17. Conclusion• Comics can be regarded useful tool to understand social thoughts• Both Westerners and Asians exert certain degree of anti-war feelings – Common wish of human towards stability and peace