Balancing Sticky Content with SEO


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SEO tactics and tools get people to your page. Great content makes them stay, take action, and share on social media. Presented at Content Strategy Seattle Meetup Jun 14, 2012

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  • If Mark Twain was vain and searched Google for compliments about himself, he might resort to keyword abuse and ruin his prose.
  • SEO Tactic and tools get people to your pageGreat content makes them stay, take action, and share on social media
  • The Cast:The Directors: URLs—the most important thing for SEOSupporting actors: First paragraphs make headlines & URLs shineBit players: other headers, body copy, alt image, title tag, meta description, and moreGreat Content + SEO Tactics – Number One at Box Office & Gossip Sites
  • SEO Tactic and tools get people to your pageGreat content makes them stay, take action, and share on social media
  • Headlines are often all that people read to decide to stay…To grab people’s attention they need to set tone, identify audience, tell people what they’re going, a promise the content has to keep
  • Pokes fun at oneself while promising to deliver useful information to users at specific levels of expertise.Tone: Empathetic + humorous + humbleAudience: Beginning & intermediate Excel usersLearn: What a circular reference isPromise: Demystify a confusing error message
  • Surprise subject (overtime the audience never knows what to expect from you, so checks back often) that identifies audience yet funny enough to reach beyond it. Uses word playTone: Funny, smart, hipAudience: Grammarians, writers, and rap loversLearn: A grammar tip from a rapper
  • The best visuals supply a missing piece of information when combined with the headline. It answers the question
  • Tone: Challenging + Entertaining + ScientificAudience: People who are interested in search, but just about anybodyLearn: The answer to the question. Find out the connection between fish and football by searching
  • Continues empathetic and humorous tone of headlineFurther explain “popular”Further explains “circular reference” by defining itRepeats “circular reference” in first and third sentencesStates purpose of post—CTA—to get people to read a newly written help topicKeeps readers engaged
  • Branded URL, much closerto what people search on than the title 
  • Story in yesterday’s NY Times.Borders on keyword abuse….
  • SEO Tactic and tools get people to your pageGreat content makes them stay, take action, and share on social media
  • Links were way Google determined whether content is trustworthy. Still have their place but social signals beating them as means to establish trustworthiness.
  • First is a tweet that is meant people to drive people to post. Word play. #amwriting is large group, Direct reply to Mac Lethal so he’ll potentially tweet it to his following.Speechwriterguyis someone Cynthia Hartwig met via twitter. Also met him in person. Now they trust each other and recommend each other.
  • Landing page for the campaign is FB Tab. Where real content is delivered to be. Funny movie about getting a tattoo that gets screwed up. Blog’s role repeat the message write content suitable for blog.
  • Balancing Sticky Content with SEO

    1. 1. BALANCING STICKY CONTENT WITH SEO Emily Warn June 14, 2012
    2. 2. WHAT IF MARK TWAIN OPTIMIZED FOR SEO?“I have been complimented many timesand they always embarrass me; I alwaysfeel that they have not said enough.”I have been complimented many timesand compliments always embarrass me;I always feel that compliments have notsaid enough.
    3. 3. SEO & CONTENT SYNERGY SERP Image Headline Keywords & Social signals URL Paragraph
    4. 4. KEYWORDS + KEY CONTENT = OSCARWINNER Director URL •Most important for SEO Best Actress Headline •Grabs Attention Supporting First Paragraph •Makes them stay Audience Social Signals •Recommends to friends
    5. 5. SEO & CONTENT SYNERGY SERP Image Headline Keywords URL Paragraph
    6. 6. FIND OUT HOW YOUR CUSTOMERS THINK!• Do the keyword research• Lots of keyword tools• Lots of ways to listen to customers conversation• Lots of ways to listen to the competition
    7. 7. THREE-SECOND RULE FOR HEADLINES• Set tone: Funny, personal, authoritative, inspiring• Know who you‟re talking to• Make people curious: I want to learn that. Click.• Stay true: Make a promise and keep it
    8. 8. Empathize with customers‟ problem Emily Warn Managing Editor
    9. 9. Entertain through the unexpected
    10. 10. MAKE PEOPLE THINK Office Marketing Team
    11. 11. POSE A CHALLENGE BY ASKING A QUESTION Daniel Russell LifeHacker Via
    12. 12. 1ST PARAGRAPH HAS SUPPORTING ROLE SERP Image Headline Keywords URL Paragraph
    13. 13. FIRST PARAGRAPH AMPLIFIES HEADLINE• Keeps the headline‟s promise• Engages audience, keeps them reading• Further explains purpose of content• Further identifies audience• Matches tone of headline
    14. 14. URL IS DIRECTOR SERPImage Headline Keywords URL Paragraph
    15. 15. DON‟T MISS OUT ON URL OPPORTUNITY• Most important element for SEO• Concise way to say what the topic‟s about• Opportunity for branding• Synergy with SERP title & meta- description
    16. 16. PUT KEYWORD IN TITLE + URL + 1ST PARAGRAPH “Millions of people using Excel dont get why they see the „circular reference‟ error message right after theyve entered a formula.” URL adds branding and avoids spamming /circular-references-excel-error-message.aspx
    18. 18. SERP ELEMENTS Description URL Title 20
    19. 19. HEADLINE + URL
    21. 21. TRUSTWORTHY? SOCIAL SIGNALSARE THE NEW LINK-BACKS SERP Image Headline Social Signals URL Paragraph
    22. 22. TRUSTWORTHY = SOCIAL MEDIA AUTHORITY • Trust is built on reputation • Quality of content builds reputation • People evaluate & recommend content via Twitter, bookmarking, FB Likes, FB posts, etc.