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Watercolor Experimentation

Watercolor Experimentation



playing with watercolors to achieve a wide variety of effects

playing with watercolors to achieve a wide variety of effects



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    Watercolor Experimentation Watercolor Experimentation Presentation Transcript

    • Watercolor ExperimentationBending the rules and playing with texture!
    • Masking and Resist• Use tape, white crayon or masking fluid to protect your paper from paint• Let the painting dry• Remove masking fluid or tape to see the shapes that remain blank
    • Wet on Wet• Paint over wet watercolor or paper you have painted with plain water• Colors bleed into each other and have fuzzy, blurred edges
    • Glazing• Paint transparent layers of paint over dried layers of paint• Colors combine, but brush strokes stay crisp and clear
    • Dry Brushing• Using a very dry paintbrush, dip the tip in wet paint• Lightly drag your brush on the paper to create wispy brush strokes
    • Gradients• Begin with saturated color, then add stripes of watery paint until the color fades• Brush strokes should overlap to create a blended transition
    • Splatter• Load your brush with paint and hit it against your finger over the paper• Be careful not to splatter onto a neighbor’s artwork!
    • Salt Texture• Paint an area of your paper with watercolor• Sprinkle salt over the wet paint and let it dry• Sparkly irregular patterns emerge when dry!
    • Blowing Paint• Place a large droplet of paint on your paper• Get close to the paper and carefully blow the wet paint around until it is the shape you want• Take breaks- don’t get light-headed!
    • Alcohol Texture• Always use with an adult!• Drip rubbing alcohol on wet watercolors• The alcohol will push away the watercolor and dry much faster, leaving lighter shapes
    • Combine these techniques to make something amazing!