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Paul Klee
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an overview of the work of Paul Klee for a kindergarten class

an overview of the work of Paul Klee for a kindergarten class

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  • 1. Paul Klee Born: 18 December 1879; Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland Died: 29 June 1940; Muralto, Locarno, SwitzerlandKlee played the violin since he was eight, but as a teen was drawn to artbecause it allowed him to express his ideas more clearly. Paul Klee wasinfluenced by expressionism, cubism, surrealism and orientalism.He spent much of his adult life teaching at various universities and art schools,including the German Bauhaus School of Art and Düsseldorf Academy. He isknown for his writing and lectures on Art and Design.Klee’s legacy includes over 9,000 works of art, which have inspired many otherpainting and musical compositions. In 1938 he was immortalized by SteinwayPianos in their “Paul Klee Series” pianos.
  • 2. From black and white to color In the Box , 1908 Park Bei Lu , 1938At first, Klee drew in black and white, saying he would never be a painter. But after a visit to Tunisia, in whichhe was impressed by the quality of light, he had found his sense of color and began experimenting with anew style of painting.
  • 3. Tunisia
  • 4. Rising Sun, 1907
  • 5. Apparatus for the Magnetic Treatment of Plants, 1908
  • 6. Flower stand with watering can and bucket, 1910
  • 7. The Signatories at the Window (The artist at the window), 1909
  • 8. Houses near the Gravel Pit, 1913
  • 9. Color Shapes, 1914
  • 10. Hamamet, 1914
  • 11. Hamamet with Mosque, 1914
  • 12. Red and White Domes, 1914
  • 13. Remembrance of a Garden, 1914
  • 14. In the Style of Kairouan, 1914
  • 15. Pious Northern Landscape, 1917
  • 16. With the Egg, 1917
  • 17. Dream City, 1921
  • 18. Transparent in Perspective Grooved, 1921
  • 19. Growth of the Night Plants, 1921
  • 20. The Messenger of Autumn, 1922
  • 21. Monument, 1929