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Outdoor play Presentation

Outdoor play Presentation

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  • 1. • Aims for talk: • To show the importance of play on children's health. • Show how children feel towards outdoor play. • Explain why we should change our ways and go outdoors more.
  • 2. • Try not to let bad weather put you off: play doesn’t have to be spoiled by a bit of rain. In fact, kids are usually less worried by a little cold and rain than their parents, especially if they’re running around and keeping warm! • If it’s wet and muddy outside, why not dress them in old clothes and wellies and let them splash around, rather than being couped up indoors?
  • 3. Watch me! Worried your child doesn’t know the dangers of playing outside? /watch?v=DpR0Uk2tv2c
  • 4. Worried about your child’s health? • As children are starting schools there are lots of different bacteria's coming into contact with children and so quickly bacteria and viruses spread in these environments. • ‘One way to reduce the spread of infection is through lots and lots of fresh air. Outdoor play enables the infectious agents to spread out and be dissipated; it also enables children to get fresh air and exercise and be less constrained than they are in the classroom’ (Aronson, 2002).
  • 5. Just a few activities that can be done outdoors and enjoyed! k
  • 6. A few facts about being outside! • The outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland which helps stimulate the brain! • Playing outdoors allows children to be a bit more boisterous and so allows children to become more sociable with friends. • Children can expend some energy that is usually inappropriate indoors such as; running and jumping! • Children can learn more about their senses.
  • 7. Why should we go outdoors? xj7RpCI
  • 8. Have we forgotten the importance of play outdoors?
  • 9. Thanks for listening! Any Questions? for-children Contact the Change4Life Partners and Supporters Registration line: Phone: 0300 123 3434 Office hours: 9am - 8pm every day.