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Google+ Communities and Pages

  1. 1. Google+ Communities and Pages Brandon Ast, Grant Bukowski, Rosemary Neel, Emily Nielsen
  2. 2. Google+ Communities • Google’s version of a group or forum o Brings people together around particular topics or shared interests • Users can share specific questions, comments, content o Post directly to the community’s page • Public and private communities o Most public communities you can join immediately o You must ask the moderator to join on a Private community Google+ Communities for Beginners
  3. 3. Google+ Communities (Cont.) • How to create engagement: Use “+” or “@” symbols in front of user name or business name to mention o • • • If you find a community you like and join it you can invite your friends If you moderate a private community you cannot tag (+/@) someone not in your community Share your community’s URL on other social networks o Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Share your community on your Google + profile • Download the mobile app
  4. 4. Google+ Communities (Cont.)
  5. 5. Google+ Pages • Provides businesses, products, brands and organization with an identity on Google+ o Links to physical location o Sharing your Page will allow more people to see the content on the Page Ongoing Management of a Google+ Page: 1. Manager/ Owner a. One owner b. up to 50 managers 2. Message a. Make a purpose b. Images with content 3. Managing Circles a. Circlecentric Marketing Google+ Pages for Business 4. Management not Mayhem a. Delegate
  6. 6. Google+ Pages (Cont.)
  7. 7. Key Terms 1. Tag: When mentioning an individual or business in Google+ content, you tag them (then they get a notification that you tagged them). Include the @ symbol, this produces a drop down box so you can click on the person you wish to tag. Google+ uses hashtags too . 2. +1 Button: Functioning like a Facebook “Like” button, the +1 button allows users to indicate the appreciate your content. 3. Share: This button, which looks like an arrow, allows others to share your content on their Google+ streams. 4. Google+ Streams: View when you log into Google+. It shows the stream of content posted from others in your circles*. 5. Hangout: Instant messaging system where you can video chat with up to 10 people at a time. Your Google+ Go To
  8. 8. Unusual/Unexpected Facts • Second largest social media network • 259 million monthly, active users • Infographic for Google + Awesome Social Media Facts
  9. 9. Strengths of Google+ • • • • Enhances Company’s SEO o Keyword Search +1ing Pages o Increases Traffic Google User Friendly o Familiar Platform Content Sharing o Available to public Google+ Features
  10. 10. Weaknesses of Google+ • • • YouTube Integration o Resentment among YouTube Community New Platform o Unfamiliar Features Difficult Navigation o Many Features, Too Vague Google+YouTube
  11. 11. Google+ Success Story Cadbury • Utilized “Hangouts” o Active promotion and customer engagement o Increased followers by 150,000 o 10,000 new followers per day o 3.6 mil followers (2014) Cadbury on Google+
  12. 12. 10 Tips for Using Google + 1. Launch products with Google+ Events 2. Treat it like a dedicated blog • Bloggers Share their tips 3.Use images for more attention about Google+ 4.Start a Community • 29 Best Google+ tips 5.Write for search engines 6.Ask for help regularly 7.Make your posts consistent 8.Post valuable content on communities 9.Use keywords you want to be associated with 10. Tag people or use hashtags
  13. 13. Essential Tools/Apps • • • • • • • • Google Speech-to-text Golden View for Google+ Circloscope Sysomos-HeartBeat Google Alerts : ) Measuring & Analytics Tools Tricks, Apps & Extensions
  14. 14. Circloscope
  15. 15. Top 5 Readings #1 ● Step-by-step instructions to navigate Google + ● Informative for troubleshooting issues with content management. ● Brief overview of benefits ● Sequential Steps for Google+ Operation
  16. 16. Cont. #2 ● Easy to read explanation of the importance of Google+ ● Supplemental newsletter sign-up for hints and tips to continue learning. ● Top vocab words to aid in the exploration of the platform. ● Why is Google+ for you?
  17. 17. Cont. #3 ● Best tips to build authority and influence. ● Written for small business- but easily applicable to personal branding. ● Easily understandable with written instructions and graphic representations. ● Top Tips for Building Influence and Authority on Google+
  18. 18. Cont. #4 ● Beneficial strategies to use Google+ for personal branding. ● The small steps an individual can incorporate that will make a large impact. ● Key features to pay attention to that will help monitor and amplify reach. ● 12 Best Google+ Branding Tips
  19. 19. Cont. #5 ● Advanced guide on optimizing Google+ ● Supplemental thirdparty services that can fill Google+ voids. ● Extensions that pair well in Google+ and add options to the usage of the platform. ● Advanced Tips and Tricks for Google+
  20. 20. Best Tutorials • Beginners Guide to Google+
  21. 21. How Results are Measured 1) All My + Statistics • • • • • • • • Profile or page statistics. Also search for a certain topic and find stats on it. Locations Charts Popular Posts People Photos All Posts Raw Data 2) Ripples • • • • • A unique way to view content spread across Google+ as people reshare. Post time-lapse Influencers Statistics Languages
  22. 22. Cont. 3)CircleCount • • • • • • • • • A useful tool for understanding your pages and profiles on Google+ Particular profiles rank Circle rank Gender rank Followers Following Scale-able graph with your follower and growth history Public circles you’ve been added to Latest postings indicating +1′s, comments and reshares on your latest posts.
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