Minor key


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Minor key

  1. 1. How to establish the relative minor of a major key signature<br /><ul><li>Establish the major key indicated by the key signature
  2. 2. When your key signature has sharps, the name of the key is the name of the note that comes after your last sharp
  3. 3. When your key signature has flats, the name of the key is the name of your second last flat
  4. 4. Eg Three sharps means that you’re in the key of A major
  5. 5. Write out the major scale with the tonic solfa beneath
  6. 6. Doh remi fah soh lah ti doh
  7. 7. Now write out the notes of the scale starting on lah. The relative minor key, also known as the lah mode, uses the notes of the major scale but starts on lah</li></ul>Lah ti doh remi fah sohlah<br /><ul><li>Finally raise soh a semitone to si by adding an accidental, so that the seventh note is sharpened</li></ul>Lah ti doh re mi fah si lah<br />Q. Name the major and relative minor keys indicated by these key signatures<br />Major key: 1._____2._____ 3._____ 4._______ 5._______<br />Relative minor: 1._____2._____ 3._____ 4._______ 5._______<br />Major key: 6._____7._____ 8._____ 9._______ <br />Relative minor: 6._____7._____ 8._____ 9._______<br />Melodic minor scale<br /><ul><li>In the minor scale the distance between the 6th and 7th notes is that of an Augmented 2nd
  8. 8. This interval is considered very hard on the ear so you shouldn’t let it occur in your compositions
  9. 9. To avoid having this interval in minor melodies you have two options:
  10. 10. Don’t move by step between the 6th and the 7th notes (if in doubt leave it out!)
  11. 11. If you wish to move by step between the 6th and 7th notes you should either sharpen the 6th or flatten the 7th (this results in the melodic minor scale)
  12. 12. When ascending by step in scale motion we generally raise the sixth note by a semitone to avoid this interval
  13. 13. When descending by step in scale motion we generally lower the 7th by a semitone to avoid this interval</li></ul>How to recognise a piece in a minor key<br /><ul><li>The chord of i in the minor key is outlined in bar one
  14. 14. There are accidentals (sharpened 7th especially)
  15. 15. The question doesn’t ask you to modulate to the dominant</li></ul>Q. Identify the keys of the following phrases.<br />2010Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2009Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2008Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2007Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2006Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2005Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />2004Key:___________________Scale:_____________________<br />