Task 2 single camera vs multi camera


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Task 2 single camera vs multi camera

  1. 1. Task 2 – Single Camera Techniques
  2. 2. Series A series is set of episodes of a particular TV show. Each series can have a number of 8 – 30 episodes it just depends on the TV show, normally TV shows will have multiple series, which makes them very popular with audiences as the like to follow the stories shown in the show. Most TV series will be shot using both a single camera technique and multi camera technique depending on what type of programme they are. For example most soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street will use multi camera techniques as they need to meet busy time schedules and using multi camera techniques allows the process to be a lot quicker. There can be many different genres of series, for example there can be dramas such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, crime series such as Criminal Minds and CSI. Also there is teen drama series such as 90210 and Skins. As well as a series there is a serial, this is normally a single series that lasts about 3-6 episodes and is not continued on with following series. This normally works for small crime dramas such as The Guilty. A TV series can be viewed on different publishing platforms, the most common is on a television as this is where most of the shows are first published. They can also be found on different streaming sites such as Netflix and LoveFilm where you are given the availability to view every episode of every series. Most TV series have also been released on DVD which means you can purchase the series and watch it whenever you would like to.
  3. 3. Single Drama A single drama is a special part drama. It is normally a ‘one off drama’ which will last for a few episodes and will not be carried on afterwards into other series. An example of a single drama would be ‘We'll Take Manhattan’ which was aired on BBC Four about the love affair between photographer David Bailey and sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton. I expect that the series would have used a single camera technique when shooting for the drama as they have the budget and time to shoot using only one camera. This allows them to get the shots that they want and they can retake a lot of shots and put a lot of time into each scene. A single drama can be viewed on a number of different publishing platforms, they will be able to view on the television firstly as this is where they are mostly first published. From there you may also be able to view them on websites such as LoveFilm and Netlix, and some may also be released onto DVD.
  4. 4. Documentary / Docudrama A documentary film is normally focusing on something that has actually happened and it tells the story of what happened. It is very non-fictional, normally documentaries are filmed using both a single and multi camera technique depending on what the documentary is about. If the documentary has used a single camera technique then they have more of a budget and more time to film as it can be a very tedious process. If the documentary has been filmed using a multi camera technique then they would have used multiple cameras meaning they would get more footage of a wider range. Documentaries normally focus on something specific, an example of a documentary ‘Imagine: John Lennon’ which spoke about John Lennon’s life. Documentaries contain a lot of facts. They can also be viewed on many different viewing platforms, they can be viewed on the television and many will be released onto DVD. Some may be able to view on websites such as Netflix and LoveFilm.
  5. 5. Soap Opera A soap opera is one of the most popular things that is viewed on the television. Soap operas are very fictional and scripts are written specifically for the audiences’ entertainment. The storylines normally follow things that can happen in everyday life, which makes them very appealing and addictive for the viewers as they want to follow the stories to see what happens. Normally soap operas are filmed using a multi camera technique as they follow a strict schedule and new episodes are needed very quickly, if a single camera technique was used this would not happen as it is a very tedious process so a multi camera technique is used instead. It is also less expensive for soap operas to use a multi camera technique. Examples of soap operas are Emmerdale, Eastenders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. Soap operas are normally viewed on the television as this is where they are first published, they can also been viewed on website such as Netflix and LoveFilm. A lot of them can be found on catch-up TV as well, and on things such as the BBC iPlayer.
  6. 6. Feature Film Feature films are normally a full length production, the majority of films last between 70 minutes to 210 minutes. Whereas feature films for children can be between 70 minutes to 105 minutes. There are a lot of different genres of feature films, they can be things like romance, thriller, horror, action, comedy and many more. An example of a feature film would be Mama Mia, which is based on the musical production and music from ABBA. Feature films can be filmed using single camera technique as they have a lot of time to make them which means they can reshoot as much as they want to and get the right shot, they also have a big budget to allow for single camera shooting. Feature films used to only be able to be viewed in cinemas but they are now available on DVD. They are also available on viewing platforms such as Netflix and LoveFilm, they can even be viewed on mobile phones which are portable and you can watch them on the go.
  7. 7. Music Video Music Videos are made to go along with music artists songs, they are created so that the audience have something to watch if they are listening to the song using a viewing platform. There are different types of music videos, firstly there is a narrative, which tells a story. This could be linking to the lyrics in the song and it is normally fictional. There is also a performance music video where the band is playing constantly and they are the main focus of the video. Some artists may even choose to combine the two and have both a narrative piece and a performance piece in their music video. Music videos can be filmed using both single and multi camera techniques, it depends on what style of music video the artist is going for. For a narrative piece, single camera technique is normally used and for a performance piece, multi camera is used to film. An example of a music video would be Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High. The video follows the lead singer of the band Alex Turner where he is obviously experiencing a bad trip after taking drugs, which links bad to the lyrics and the title of the song. Music videos can be viewed on a number of different viewing platforms, for example a lot of them are viewed on websites such as Youtube, which also allows them to be viewed on mobile phones if you use the app. They can also be viewed on the television on music channels, both YouTube and the television are the most popular viewing platforms for music videos.