Analysis of 2 music magazine front covers


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Analysis of 2 music magazine front covers

  1. 1. Billboard Magazine Background Information• Billboard is a weekly American music magazine that maintains music charts that track the most popular songs and albums in many different categories. One of the oldest trade magazines in the world (founded in 1894), Billboard is internationally recognised.
  2. 2. Magazine Focus / Features• Billboard is popular for it’s exclusive charts and therefore focuses on reporting the latest news / trends in the music industry.• Consequently the main magazine features are the latest music related stories and record sales of the week.
  3. 3. Target Audience• Billboard music magazine’s target audience is any person interested in music as it does not focus on a specific genre of music and therefore isn’t restricting to any audience. Despite this, the magazine focuses on popular and commercial music, so consequently it is more interesting to a person who likes popular “mainstream” chart music so generally the teenage and young adult generations.• The main target audience is based in the US, as Billboard is an American music magazine, however it is accessible to those in other countries although the popular music is generally different in other countries i.e. the UK.
  4. 4. Billboard Music Magazine Front Cover
  5. 5. Use of colours The white masthead stands out from the black background and makes the cover appear more professional.The use of black adds to thedramatic effect and makesthe cover look dark and“sinful”.The use of red and yellowadds warmth to the otherwiseblack cover. The red makes itappear exciting and alsoadds to the effect of sin ordanger. The name Beyoncé is written in gold which makes it seem important as it is the main focus of the magazine. The colour gold also implies rarity or preciousness.
  6. 6. Position or Point of ViewThe head-on position ofBeyoncés silhouettemakes her appearchallenging and rebellious.This coincides with thedramatic effect of thecolours creating a sinful ordangerous image.Standing in a dominant stancein the centre of the page, whichdraws the attention of thereader.
  7. 7. Layout & Organisation Conventional placement of masthead The cover doesn’t look overly busy, making it more professional and not overloaded with information.Use of typography behind thesilhouette makes the cover moreartistic and giving a more classyimpression.The fonts and typefaces used standout and are clearly presented, makingit clear what the magazine is about.
  8. 8. Contents PageThe layout of the contents page is similarto that of Billboard’s website(
  9. 9. Contents Page Colour Connotations Black: The use of black is powerful and sophisticated. It contrasts with the other colours used on the page and denotes authority. Blue: Strongly associated with trust, calmness and sincerity. Adds brightness to the page as mainly grey, black & white are used otherwise. Yellow: Contrasts well with the black, white & grey and makes the text stand out. White & Grey: The colours grey and white look simple and clean, they contrast well with the black used and don’t detract attention away from the pictures and information on the already busy contents page.
  10. 10. Double Page Spread
  11. 11. Double Page Spread Colour Connotations