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  • 1. CD package ideas.
  • 2. Ideas and Inspiration
    This is a image I have previously looked at, I pressed on the link on my blog to the girls work to explore others which are similar.
    The idea of having human interaction is something I am incorporating into my animation. I may experiment and look at the photos I take with the hand in it to see if I could use this as my CD package or part of it.
    The writing is an aspect I will use as it informs, Lily Allen uses text and random images particularly in her range of CD covers for her first CD, Alright Still. I feel I am going to use more influences from that CD range rather than It’s Not Me It’s You CD cover range.
    Collection of random images
    Human interaction
  • 3. Other images of the same type
    This image has a very plain white background with contrasting black hands. Again this image has a small section of colourful busy images within the hands. Suggesting the hands create the images the centre. This image again includes text which is going to be part of my CD package to inform.
    The real human hand and with a plain white background and very colourful animated images collected closely together, results in a very busy section. But is balance by the rest of the image.
  • 4. More of the images
    This image is very similar to the one I looked at on my blog. The girl in the middle with the random fun images round the side. I like the images round the side I am going to incorporate this is to my video so therefore will be apart of my CD package and magazine advertisement.
    Again taking the images from the simpler image, this one above has hundreds of random images tightly overlapped with writing over the top. The writing is not clear enough because the background is so busy.
  • 5. Lily Allen CD covers
    Above is the album cover for It’s Not Me Its You. There are many other versions which were designed (right) I am also going to look at the singles covers. The album cover is simple and only focused on Lily Allen. The colour scheme also fits into my animation and The Fear music video.
  • 6. The Fear song!
    These are the single covers for The Fear. Lily Allen's name letters closely positioned links into my ideas I have previously looked at. Both these versions are the same apart from the warning about explicit lyrics.
    The colours are brighter but the same as the main colours in her video. This is something to take into consideration. I could use the same colours but make them brighter or include brighter aspects. The plain colour background is also an aspect I think I will go for. I may try using the exact same colour to show continuity and links to her single cover.
  • 7. Twenty two, Not Fair and Fuck You singles
    Here is two different versions of the 22 single on the album, Not Fair and the Fuck You single. They all show strong links with the large letters. A little injection of colour and the dresses she is wearing are both the same colour and style. If I was producing a album with more than one song I would have strong links like Lily Allen has. As it shows continuity and fits into the overall style of the album.
  • 8. Not Fair
  • 9. Not Fair
  • 10. Alright still CD
    Links to the first album, she has her name and a image of her incorporated. And the background colour is simple. I will be including Lily Allen’s name, and a simple background colour.
    I can not include a image of her which I have explained previously. Although having her on the CD would show more clearly that this is her single I feel if I make it in the style and have her name clearly portrayed this will not be such a problem.
    This is the album cover for Lily Allen’s first album Alright, Still.
    This is a much busier album with more graphics and random images. This in a way shoes more links to my animation. I will be incorporating images from my animation which are random images.
  • 11. Smile single
    These are all different versions and experiments for her previous album. These are the single covers. They all show links with the style and incorporate random images I am going to take ideas from both this album cover and the other to create an CD digipak which portrays my animation and therefore the song.
  • 12. More CD images
    These are other versions of both albums I am going to produce different versions as well and analysis them and ask friends and teachers which they think is the best then conclude a final CD package.