The history of music videos  media coursework
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The history of music videos media coursework






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The history of music videos media coursework Presentation Transcript

  • 2. What is a music video?
    A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music/song.
    Modern music videos are mainly made and used as a marketing advice with the aim of promoting music recordings
    Music videos gained popularity in the 1980s, when MTV (Music Television), and later VH1 (Video Hits One) based their format around the medium
    Music videos are mainly split into three different categories: performance, narrative and concept
  • 3. The first ever music video?
    In 1894, when sheet publishers still ran the music business, Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern hired George Thomas and various performers to promote sales of their single ‘The Little Lost Child’
    Thomas projected a series of still images on a screen simultaneously with live performances in what became known a popular form of entertainment known as ‘the illustrated song’
    This has been termed the first music video
    Even today, many music videos still use a series of still images to accompany the song
    Despite this, there have also been many other precursors to when music video became something of a recurring theme
  • 4. Performance video
    A performance video is a type of music video where the individual, duo or group are seen doing something active, most commonly dancing.
    Performance videos does not necessarily link/ or need to link to the music/song that it accompanies
    This has become the norm in recent years
    Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ is perhaps one of the most popular performance videos ever
    British boy group JLS are also known as a performance group
  • 5. Narrative video
    A narrative video is another type of music video whereby the song is accompanied directly with the music video itself
    As it says in the name, the narrative video is used to tell a story of and individual, a group, a place or even a building
    The benefit of a narrative video is that it is much easier for the audience to relate to the song and the music video
    Although performance videos are becoming increasingly popular, narrative videos still attract a relative amount of viewers
    2 Pac's hit featuring Elton John- ‘Ghetto Gospel’ was a well known narrative video
    So too was ‘Millionaire’ by Kelis and Andre 3000 and ‘Stole’- song by Kelly Rowland
  • 6. Concept video
    Concept videos have become popular for conventions, incentive programmes, employee recognition, annual banquets etc
    These videos typically have a theme and draws comparison to a movie or television programme
    Once the theme is determined, a script is usually written and can be serious, humorous, or both