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  1. 1. Through My Eyes Only Evaluation Question 3What we have learnt from our audience feedback Emily Fry-Sheehan
  2. 2. When creating any piece of media, audiencefeedback is a very important factor of itsdevelopment. That’s why when we were makingour trailer, we tried to have our audience inputas frequently as we could. By having feedback,we know what parts of our media productpeople enjoy, therefore we can change things tomake them better and more appealing to ourtarget audience.
  3. 3. Font• The first set of audience feedback we got was from the class, helping us decide what font they preferred for our film title.• The font is a very important aspect of our trailer, as it creates synergy between the trailer itself, the magazine cover and the poster.• Our chosen font had to fit into the horror genre to match our movie trailer, so we gathered a few fonts from dafont.com, which we thought fitted the genre, and then asked the audience to decided which font that they overall preferred.
  4. 4. The class voted that this font fitted the horror genre well. I thought that the y’s were slightly dominating in this font though. However, the pointy jagged appearance of this text, that the audience thought fitted the horror genre, is something that I would lookThe audience voted this font as their for in another font.least favourite, as they thought their wastoo much going on. Even though theaudience gave us negative feedback, thisis helpful, in the terms of that we nowknow what the audience do not want tosee, so we can avoid that. This font was voted the classes favourite, as they said it looks hands written. This then linked in with the title “my”.
  5. 5. Through my eyes onlyThis is the final font that we chose for our trailer. When choosing thisfont, we took into consideration what the audience would like, and notlike, to see. This font was found on dafont.com. When searchingthrough that website, we were looking for something that wasn’t tobusy or crowded, has fairly sharp looking edges and something that fitsthe horror genre. We then found this font, called “An UnfortunateEvent” and we knew it was perfect for our trailer.
  6. 6. Trailer• When filming and editing the trailer, we had the idea in our minds of what we thought would work in a horror trailer. To see if we were right, we had to show our audience (a group of 17-18 year olds) our trailer.• As this was our first draft of the trailer, when making the next drafts, we would know what to change and what not to change from the feedback.
  7. 7. • In our first pie chart, you can see that our positive feedback overcame our negative feedback, but the negative feedback given was still something to work on.• In our second pie chart, in this survey, we asked more people that in our first drafts survey, so therefore, even though it doesn’t appear this way, we had gained more positive feedback than our first draft.• This shows that we had worked on the negative feedback from the first draft, and had made improvements, so the trailer was overall more enjoyable for the audience.
  8. 8. Improvements on trailer through feedback: "At first I thought the mirror was " I think the font could be accidentally in shot but once the idea changed into a more was explained to me I thought it was suitable font which suited effective although initially this was the genre. It was basic and unclear to me." did not fit the genre that After we well" added a “rec sign to After we make it changed clearer the font “Yes the REC blinking in the corner gave this away.” (that “I like the font, I think it was video footage) it works well with the atmosphere of the trailer.”
  9. 9. Film Poster For the film poster for our trailer, I devised two different posters, which greatly differed from one another. I asked a group of 17-18 year old which poster that they preferred. This would let me know what sort of things that they would look for in a poster for the horror genre.Every person that I asked said that they preferred the poster on the left, and all thefeedback was really positive for this poster. This helped reinforce our ideas, andallowed tweak the poster a little, to make it more attractive to the audience.
  10. 10. Magazine Cover Similar to the film poster, we asked a group of 17-18 year olds to tell us which magazine cover they preferred and why, through a questionnaire. By asking in-depth question such as “What do you think of the colour schemes and why?”, this allows us to see from our audience’s viewpoint, thus letting us make changes to make the magazine cover more appealing to our target audience. Overall the audience said that they preferred the cover on the right.
  11. 11. Evaluation• Overall, the feedback from our audience has been vital during the production of our trailer.• It has allowed us to make changes to our pieces of media for the better, so make them overall more successful with what would be our target audience.