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  1. 1. Winter and Christmasin the United States!
  2. 2. Choosing the treeEvery year my family andI go to choose the perfectChristmas tree!
  3. 3. Decorating the tree
  4. 4. My mom, dad, sister, and Ihang up all of the ornamentson the Christmas tree.
  5. 5. Christmas activities Gingerbread HousesMe and my sister Lucy makehouses out of gingerbread andcandy every year. It is reallyfun, and delicious!
  6. 6. CarolingSometimes groups of people go from door to door and singChristmas songs for all the neighbors.
  7. 7. MistletoeDon’t get caught under the mistletoe! It is tradition to hang this plantabove doors at Christmas time. If you are underneath it withsomeone, you have to kiss!
  8. 8. Egg NogEgg nog is a traditional Christmas drink made of eggs, cream, milk,vanilla and rum . You can also make it without rum. It is a warm andsweet drink.
  9. 9. Candy CanesCandy canes are the most typical candy on Christmas. Theyusually taste like peppermint, but they can be other flavors aswell.
  10. 10. Christmas AdvertsChristmas advertisments are usually very good. In Britain, John Lewis company makes really nice advertisments every year. Here are a couple of them: v=0N8axp9nHNU
  11. 11. Christmas LightsMany houses put lots of Christmas lights on their house todecorate. On Christmas Eve, after we go to mass, my family andI drive around our neighborhood and look at all of the lights.
  12. 12. QuickTime™ and aApple Intermediate Codec decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  13. 13. The Nativity Many people have scenes of the Nativity, and they put them up at Christmas time to decorate.
  14. 14. Christmas BooksWe have many Christmas stories. The most famous one is “Twasthe Night before Christmas”. My favorite book is called “ThePolar Express”. I read it every year on Christmas Eve.
  15. 15. StockingsWe hang Christmas stockings over the fireplace so that Santa Clauscan put small presents in them. Stockings usually have your name onit.
  16. 16. Midnight MassOn Christmas Eve, most people attend mass. We listen to the storyof Christmas, sing Christmas hymns, and hold candles.
  17. 17. Cookies and MilkOn Christmas Eve, we put out a plate of Christmas cookies and a glassof milk for Santa Claus when he comes to bring gifts. We also write aletter to Santa for him to read when he comes down the chimney.
  18. 18. Winter Activities Ice SkatingMe and my friends like to go ice skating. There are manyice rinks but we can also skate on the lakes.
  19. 19. Sledding QuickTime™ and a Motion JPEG OpenDML decompressor are needed to see this picture.Sledding is a really fun activity. We use “sleds” or “tubes” to slidedown a hill. You can go really fast. This movie is from last year, withtwo of my friends.
  20. 20. This is from the snow day at my university last year. It was the first time in history that classes were cancelled. We had 50.8 centimeters of snow.A lot of students madethis giant snowball andpushed it through thestreets. The police hadto come to remove it!
  21. 21. Christmas Vocabulary! Do you remember?1. The most traditional Christmas candy.2. People put up these to decorate their house at Christmas time.3. It is the most famous American Christmas story.4. If you are caught underneath this plant with someone, you have to kiss eachother.5. Me and my sister make these every year. We use a lot of candy todecorate them.6. On Christmas Eve, many people attend this at midnight.7. On Christmas Eve, children leave this snack for Santa to eat when hecomes with presents.8. It is a traditional drink made with rum, milk, vanilla, and eggs.9. Many people do this activity and sing for people in the neighborhood.A. Candy cane E. Mass I. Christmas lightsB. Snow forts F. Mistletoe J. SleddingC. Gingerbread houses G. Egg Nog K. “Twas the Night Before Christmas”D. Cookies and Milk H. Caroling L. The Nativity Scene
  22. 22. Blizzard in Neenah!At the beginning of December of two years ago, therewas a big snow storm in my town. We got 40centimeters of snow.
  23. 23. QuickTime™ and aApple Intermediate Codec decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  24. 24. Your Friends from Wisconsin!
  25. 25. QuickTime™ and aApple Intermediate Codec decompressor are needed to see this picture.