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January 2009 Publication of the KPMG Connect Newsletter

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KPMG Connect Newsletter

  1. 1. KPMG Connect Newsletter January 2009 Life after Accounting: How Some KPMG Alumni Are Taking Their Careers In a Whole New Direction What do KPMG and the City of South Pasadena, California have in common? Mike Sanchez. Previously a senior associate in KPMG’s Los Angeles office, today Mike serves the public in a different way, as a police officer in the South Pasadena Police Department. As Mike explains, “I had always wanted to have a career in law enforcement, and I planned to obtain my CPA license so I could eventually become a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” He obtained the CPA, but had a change of heart about joining the FBI. “I eventually decided to pursue a career as a police officer to get me out from behind a desk, and add some excitement to my life,” says Mike. So how does KPMG prepare someone to become a police officer? “My work at the firm exposed me to many different types of people at all levels—CEOs,
  2. 2. CFOs, as well as management and accounting staff. These interactions better prepared me to relate to the people I come in contact with every day.” As importantly, “I don’t think I’d be as fulfilled as I am today if KPMG had not given me the opportunity to work hard,” says Mike. Following Her Muse Mike isn’t the only KPMG alum who chased—and caught—a life-long dream. Emily Greenfield aspired to be a singer, even as she built a career at KPMG. “My soul feels free when I sing,” she says. “I feel I’m doing what I was always meant to do.” A native Texan, Emily has been singing since age 2, and as she recalls, she performed her first paid gig when she was 5 when her dad bribed her with a quarter to stand on the kitchen table and sing Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors. Before she took the leap of faith to become a singer/songwriter, she served as an auditor in the Washington, DC, office. “Accounting work came naturally for me, and I decided to go into public
  3. 3. accounting because I knew I needed a way to support myself financially,” Emily explains. “But singing was always my passion. I just lacked the confidence in myself to pursue it seriously.” She credits KPMG with giving her the confidence she needed to help her music take flight. “I learned about professionalism, integrity, and how to find ways to add value. Working for KPMG gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.” Emily continues to rack up accomplishments that make her proud: In addition to being a wife and mother of three, in 2006, the music industry’s Billboard magazine recognized her as a “talented and promising songwriter,” awarding her four Honorable Mentions for her original songs during the 14th Annual Billboard World Song Contest. The contest received more than 18,000 entries that year. Those Who Can, Teach Scott Showalter saw his dream become reality when he retired from KPMG last year after 33 years with the firm. He had always wanted to teach and, in fact, did so at various times during his successful career in Audit.
  4. 4. It was a connection Scott made in 1998 while serving as vice president of practice for the auditing section of the American Accounting Association (AAA) that eventually led to his current career as a full-time professor at North Carolina State University. Through a long-standing relationship with the University of Illinois, a department head at the school offered him the opportunity to team teach with a full-time professor several times a semester. “It was a great experience that continued for five years,” says Scott. “I worked with several professors, learning how to teach, design my portion of the classes, and interact with the students.” That relationship spanned the years between 2001 and 2006. The experience generated a phone call from Indiana University asking him to teach at the MBA level; he agreed and taught on his own during the fall of 2002 with the support of KPMG, while continuing to carry a full workload. His interest in teaching continued even after his work at Indiana University ended, and he continued to network with professional and academic contacts. It
  5. 5. seems only natural, then, that as he approached retirement, Scott focused on connecting with a university where he could serve as a full-time professor. His current position at North Carolina State is the happy result. Life after Accounting Mike, Emily, and Scott are only a few of the many KPMG alumni who have taken what they’ve learned and experienced at KPMG and used it to pursue their life’s passions. We’ve heard of alumni who have built rewarding careers as chefs, professional photographers, kitchen designers, lobbyists, and members of the clergy, among other pursuits. Now we want to hear from you! Let us know which life passions you’re pursuing, and what career dreams you’ve had come true. Write to us at us-, and tell us what you’re up to. We’d love to hear from you.