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  • 1. COGNITIVISTBy: Group 6 -- Sara, Emily, Audrey, and RachelClick to begin
  • 2. KEY PEOPLE Allan Paivio Robert Gagneo Howard Gardnero Benjamin Bloomhttp://lizbethv-learningtheoristallanpaivio.blogspot.com/http://ged578.pbworks.com/w/page/39339501/Gagne%E2%80%99s%20Nine%20Events%20of%20Instructionhttp://www.solution-tree.com/authors/howard-gardner.htmlhttp://www.willseye.org/doctors/benjamin-h-bloomNext
  • 3. THEORY Focuses on inner mental activities Opening ‘black box’ of the mind Necessary for understanding how people learn Thinking and remembering measure learningSources:http://www.learning-theories.com/cognitivism.htmlhttp://gsi.berkeley.edu/teachingguide/tech/outside.htmlhttp://teachinglearningresources.pbworks.com/w/page/31012664/CognitivismNext
  • 4. CLASSROOM TEACHER IMPLICATIONS Without technology:-Assimilate new material with existing knowledge-Summarize information in their own words-Provide students with lists of questions With technology:-Class websites, email, virtual office hours-Cameras, presentation software, clickers, instant messaging-Policy on personal electronicsNext
  • 5. CLASSROOM STUDENT IMPLICATIONS Without Technology:-Answer questions to develop their understanding-Failure can be a good thing-Summarize information they have learned With technology:-Computer learning software, cameras, and projector-iPads and laptops used during lessons-Social media, class websites, and emailNext
  • 6. THOUGHTS ON THEORY FOR TEACHING: SARA Students create and transmit culture Emphasizes individual thinking Keeps students focused on topic Students are self-sufficientNext
  • 7. THOUGHTS ON THEORY FOR TEACHING: EMILY Students connect to prior knowledge Early learning and development are important Responsible for own knowledge Able to progress with help of teacherNext
  • 8. THOUGHTS ON THEORY FOR TEACHING: RACHEL It puts emphasis on individual learning Students don’t depend on the teacher They are taught to take initiative Must take responsibility for their learning Prevents students from becoming lazy Keeps them interestedNext
  • 9. THOUGHTS ON THEORY FOR TEACHING: AUDREY Makes students learn and progress Enables them to take responsibility Takes initiative in constructing knowledge Encourages interaction with other students Contributes to learner’s intellectual development It prevents laziness