Larissa x WAH Nails Presentation


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Final presentation for Fashion Marketing Event // LH x WAH Nails

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Larissa x WAH Nails Presentation

  1. 1. We are a young, ambitious agency who specialize in consumer PR for fashion, sport and lifestyle brands. Our down to earth, creative and results driven approach is what sets us aside from our competitors.  It is our aim to be unique and refreshing. Our approach to business is to add value and we strive to offer unbeatable client service and genuinely see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team. The agency is staffed with a friendly, knowledgeable and passionate team. We are based in the heart of Shoreditch with our office and showroom on Old Street. We want to get you talked about and we’re here to disturb the idea of traditional PR firms. We also make nice cookies…
  2. 2. ! RAW PR Facebook RAW PR Twitter RAW PR Instagram
  3. 3.   website
  4. 4. Larissa Hadjio style: her artistic influences are turned into wearable bags that aim to avoid clichés, such as overpowering and distracting logos and designer stamps. SS14 saw the launch of her monochromatic collection ‘Sugar White Series,’ based on inspiration from a sculpture she designed entirely out of sugar. Meanwhile, other collections, ‘Deep Sea’ and ‘Diamond Vision’ do exactly what they say on the tin— sculptural designs with functional elements executed in playful manner. Her otherworldly bags crafted mostly from leather are definitely worth carrying on your arm! I create wearable objects, both playful and elegant. And I love clear structures with a twist that go against the obvious. Could it be called “Dark Disney?”- Larissa Hadjio
  5. 5. Target Audience - Mid 20’s- Mid 50’s - Predominately female - Someone that likes to experiment and likes to wear fun clothes and accessories; someone curious - Willing to spend more on products that are of high quality and originality - Interested in buying not just from high street - Expressive - Follow cutting edge bloggers and read directional opinion forming magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Love, Wonderland and i-D (in order to keep up to date with fashion and culture) - Love fashion - They buy bags from Oliver Ruuger, Wendy Nicho - these are two of Larissa Hadjio’s competitors due to their luxury elements and playful designs.
  6. 6. SWOT- Larissa Hadjio
  7. 7. Concept 2- WAH Nails x LH What’s our plan? •  Using a tropical theme taking inspiration for Larissa’s ‘Deep Sea Collection’ •  Collaboration with WAH nails: WAH nails will have a station to get nails done (tropical theme) + capsule collection: guests have the opportunity to get LH accessory hand painted with a design of your choice by WAH Nails •  Larissa’s products will available to buy on the day too •  Location – Shoreditch House •  DJ – The Dolls will be performing on the night •  Drinks – Non alcoholic: Vita Coco Alcoholic: Cocktails served in vintage glasses •  Food – finger food (prawn cocktail- play on shrimp bag) •  Goody bags - Vita Coco, mini nail art pens, nail tattoos, Larissa’s look book [First 20 purchases] •  Invites – (ticket request + guest list) •  Promo video – Instagram- [quick, fast], main focus on painted nails with Larissa’s accessories (improves on social media, good for attracting younger audience)
  8. 8. Inspiration- Miami 1970’s
  9. 9. Using Larissa’s sea creature bags we will take this forward to create a tropical theme. Using LH and WAH nails to develop this.
  10. 10. Questionnaire We decided to conduct a questionnaire in order to find out more about other potential new audiences for Larissa in order to widen her market. From our questionnaire (as seen on the next page) we asked various questions and from our findings (seen in the pie charts below) we found that the age group 20-30 were most interested in purchasing Larissa Hadjio’s bags in comparison to the 30+ and therefore decided to use this 20-30 year old market as our target audience for our marketing concept. We will now use this market and create a concept based around this age group however still blending Larissa’s identity values and consumer target with ours. Would you consider purchasing one of Larissa Hadjio's bags? Age 20-30 Yes No Maybe Don’t know Would you consider purchasing one of Larissa Hadjio's bags? Age 30+ Yes No Maybe Don’t know
  11. 11. Concept moodboard- LH x WAH Nails
  12. 12. -Aimed at 20-30 year olds -Student / employed -Aimed at fashion lovers, like to express themselves with unique accessories (and nails) -Someone that likes to experiment and likes to wear fun clothes and accessories; someone curious -AIM: Making Larissa’s brand appeal for this audience Target audience
  13. 13. Who are WAH Nails? WAH started life in 2005 as a little London-based fanzine about girls in hip-hop, championing those that were contributing to the music and clothing scene. In 2008, founder Sharmadean Reid had decided that she wanted to create a nail salon where you could get "Whatever you wanted on your fingertips" and of course, it would be called WAH Nails. In February 2010, WAH Nails opened for business in Topshop Oxford Circus. Other stores were quick to snap them up and they opened in Harvey Nichols in Dublin later on that year as well as giving Japan a taster of handpainted nail art by doing a party at Opening Ceremony Tokyo. WAH has painted nails in cars, bars, clubs, at the Grand Prix, in an Airstream, in Japan, at festivals, at The Brits, for celebrities, for fashion people, for kids, for music videos, at work and at home. You name it, they’ve done it. All in the name of happy nails. They’e grown from a staff of 2 to a team of twenty and in 2011 they look set to grow even bigger…
  14. 14. Why are WAH Nails suitable for LH? We have chosen to collaborate Larissa's brand with WAH nails as it shines a new light on her products allowing them to appeal to a younger audience as well as the brands existing clientele. Having worked with the likes of Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Harvey Nichols and at many fashion events we feel WAH will still be suitable for Larissa’s brand and her already established target market. Also, Larissa and WAH are both united through their love of Dalston, as both brands were born here, which we feel is even more suitable for the collaboration- an aspect that Larissa agrees with herself! Larissa’s background in fine art is beautifully displayed in her accessories and this is why we feel the WAH brand, which began life as small fanzine in Dalston is the perfect partner for expanding Larissa’s brand! With a huge number of followers the WAH customer could potentially be lifetime clients for Larissa. The younger audience are a lot more active with social networking and blogging. This concept has the ability to enhance Larissa business in many areas, opening new doors that could lead to brighter futures for the brand and its customers. 
  15. 15. VOGUE “Dalston’s coolest nail salon/gallery/shop”
  16. 16. Nail designs at event: At the event WAH Nails will have their own nail station. The guests can get their nails done with a wide range of tropical and LH nail designs. WAH’s nail station will be in a beach cabana, here the guests can be whisked away to the Maldives with their cocktails! I created a nail wheel and have provided examples of a few types of nail art that guests could get on the day. The nail art are collaborative designs with LH & WAH nails. The brightly coloured and fruity designs will mirror the ‘Deep Sea’ collection’s tropical theme that will take place at the event.
  17. 17. Nail designs at event:
  18. 18. Accessory collaboration Customized ‘Oister iPhone case’ Customized ‘Toni- Clutch Bag’
  19. 19. Event Location: Shoreditch House Shoreditch House, East London Ebor Street, Shoreditch, London E1 6AW Shoreditch House opened in June 2007 as part of a refurbished 1930s factory, is the essential members club for any creative working freelance in the East End area of London. With several bars, a restaurant, a gymnasium, flywheel studio, barber and parlour, ping pong, rooftop pool and gardens, you can go from a business meeting, to a cocktail evening and even pampering yourself, all under one roof! The house has played host to many special guests including politics evenings with Russell Brand and live performances with Plan B.
  20. 20. Shoreditch house is the perfect venue for our event: -It’s in the heart of Shoreditch, which is infamous for its East End creative energy including Larissa and WAH Nails! - The house offers comfort and that homely feeling but in the most chic way. We feel that both Larissa’s and WAH Nails audience will both feel at home here. -  Shoreditch House is like the grown up play ground for all of Brick Lane’s finest characters; enhancing our events playful but chic aesthetic. - We will use the roof terrace and inside to transform the rooms into our tropical Deep Sea paradise and make use of the outside swimming pool
  21. 21. Event floor plan- Shoreditch House
  22. 22. Event floor plan- Shoreditch House
  23. 23. DJ for event: - Mia Moretti, 28, and Caitlin Moe, 25 (who now goes by the name of her “alter ego, musical brainchild, BFF, and twin sister. She is a devil child on a tight rainbow leash”, Margot- also known at ‘The Dolls’), - both from New York they began their careers at first separately -  Caitlin’s violin mixed with Mia’s tracks bought some of the most original sounding music, giving familiar tracks a new and unheard edge -  they have performed at major fashion events like Paper Mags parties, Rurla, Saks Fifth Avenue and Purple magazine… -  the pair are the coolest and quirky DJ’s in town!
  24. 24. The Doll’s in the press: stylish, quirky & cool divas!
  25. 25. The Doll’s in the press: stylish, quirky & cool divas! We believe ‘The Dolls’ (Moretti and Moe) will provide us with the perfect balance of music and style for our event. The pair are regulars at fashion parties from New York to Paris to London! Not only that but their image behind the decks is as important as the music they will be playing and with this in my mind they tick every box with their fun quirky dress sense but still keeping it high end chic. With Caitlin giving a live violin performance we feel this will bring an element of class to our event but also a relaxed and cool vibe with will work well with our beach theme, both relaxing and danceable.
  26. 26. Drinks at event: Vita coco (non-alcoholic) Cocktails (alcoholic)
  27. 27. Drinks at event: What is Vita Coco? Vita Coco's an all-natural, super- hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega- electrolyte coconut water! Rihanna has leant her name, her body and face to coconut water brand Vita Coco; the Bajan Beauty is the new face of their ad campaign, We feel that because of the endorsement by Rihanna and other young celebrities that this drink is the ideal drink to have at our event. Representing our target market of 20-30 year olds and further projects a widening of Larissa’s target audience. Also the coconut water fits in with our tropical themed event perfectly!
  28. 28. Drinks at event: …Cheers! With associations of the beach. sun, sea, coconuts, pineapples and just everything tropical, cocktails are the perfect alcoholic drink for our tropical event! Cocktails contain one or more types of liquor, juice, fruit, sauce, honey, milk or other flavorings allowing our cocktails to be as fun and exciting as we want!
  29. 29. Drink menu for event: We also wanted to include a cocktail menu that would be at the event. Each cocktail is named after Larissa’s ‘Deep Sea’ collection, including a comical sentence about the drink. By naming the cocktails after Larissa’s bags we wanted to continue on Larissa’s fun and quirky style and show this off further to the guests!
  30. 30. Food for event: We used Larissa’s shrimp handbag as inspiration for the catering and decided that the event would serve a little snack- prawn cocktail. Initially the snack would be something to munch on while the guests sip on their cocktails enjoying the lively atmosphere.
  31. 31. Goody bag! LH lookbook,LH sticker, Vita Coco, WAH sticker nails, WAH nail art pen & disposable camera
  32. 32. Final Invitation:
  33. 33. Guest List
  34. 34. Event promotion flyer
  35. 35. Promo video Instagram is the perfect marketing tool for our promo video. In the last few years, the use of Instagram by companies has skyrocketed with millions of users; Instagram has become the perfect opportunity for brands to get quick messages and photos to their target audiences and has proven to be an effective platform for marketers to reach a new audience in a way the audience wants to be marketed, which makes this platform ideal for Larissa’s ‘new market’ we are trying to attract (20-30 year olds). Why Instagram for LH promo video: - Free to use  -We can promote anything RAW PR, LH & WAH may be doing- LH products, events, promotional discount etc. Creating engagement with our audience. -We can reward followers with promo codes and discounts with a quick flyer - We can get more Interest in our events- e.g. Most photos have a hashtag that attendees can follow on Twitter and Instagram that can be used to show others everything that’s going on, whether it’s visual or in 140 characters.
  36. 36. Inspiration for promo video Screenshots BLEACH promo videos
  37. 37. Video makeup moodboard
  38. 38. Video styling moodboard
  39. 39. Model: Hair & makeup ‘Ghetto Tropical Princess’
  40. 40. Model: Hair & makeup Styling: gold earrings, gold chain, gold watch, pineapple shirt, floral bralet &orange pencil skirt
  41. 41. LH x WAH Nails Promo video
  42. 42. Behind the scenes!
  43. 43. Budget/Costs Venue: £1247 (Service staff included) (split between WAH/LH/ DRINK SPONSOR) DJ: £300 Alcohol: SPONSER Food: £185 (Venue Catering) Props: (beach bar nail station & palm trees): £250 Goody bags: Bags £50, LH Stickers £10, Camera £40 (sponsor products Vita Coco, Nail pens and stickers) Invitations printed: £68 Model (Video): Unpaid, Model using shoot to build portfolio Hair & Makeup (Video): £60 for morning Raw PR: £700 Budget: £5000 Total: £2,910
  44. 44. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE| London, UK – May 23rd , 2014 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Larissa Hadjio & WAH Nails Bringing a splash of tropical 1970s Miami to London’s East End. Accessories designer Larissa Hadjio and WAH nails have collaborated together to create an exclusive tropical themed event. Inspired by Larissa’s ‘Deep Sea Collection’, the event reflects the fun, playful nature of both brands, and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable night. Excitingly, there is the opportunity to purchase a unique product designed by Larissa and WAH, an opportunity that can’t be missed! The fashion industry’s finest are set to attend this exclusive event, including editors of Dazed and Confused, bloggers such as Susie Lau and many more! Shoreditch House, a hub for local creative industries, promises to be a perfect premises for this colorful soirée. Guests can sip their Larissa themed cocktails around a rooftop pool after visiting the beach bar, or enjoy a glass of Vita Coco, sponsors for the event. Hot DJ duet, The Dolls will be providing the music for the night, while WAH giving guests the chance to get their nails painted with one of their tropical LH designs. The first 20 guests will receive a complementary gift bag, so get there at 7pm to make sure you don’t miss out! Get ready to be served some tropical realness. For press enquiries please contact: RAW PR | T: +44 (0) 20 7916 4501| 13 Old Street London E13 95A | Press release:
  45. 45. ! Event timeline Prior to the event Friday 13th June: -Set up event (tables, chairs etc.) -Arrange props -WAH Nails need to prepare nail wheel -LH must have enough bags for event -Drinks sponsors need to deliver drinks on time (a day prior to the event if possible at Shoreditch House) -DJ equipment must be set up and checked before event -Film projection needs to be set up -Goody bags x 20 (printed tote bags) need to be printed and items bought -Discount codes to be advertised for WAH and Larissa’s products (social media) -The final countdown towards the event including Instagram video and posts on Facebook & Twitter
  46. 46. ! Event timeline: Instagram Prior to the event Sunday 8th June: Using RAW PR Instagram to post event promo video. Aim is to gain public interest and for people to purchase LH & WAH product before the event as well as entice the audience of what to expect.
  47. 47. Event timeline- Facebook Prior to the event Saturday 7th -Friday 13th June:Prior to the event Saturday 7th-Friday 13th June:
  48. 48. ! After event- what we aim to gain It is always important to be one step ahead in the fashion industry and at Raw PR we always have this in mind. We have begun to think past the event, and if it were to be successful we have thought of some possible future collaborations or even permanent fixtures for Larrisa Hadjio and Wah Nails. -Larissa's products to be sold in Wah Salons -Capsule collection of LH accessories with Wah classic designs on -Collaboration continues between WAH and Larissa with Larissa being featured in WAH store -Larissa to be stocked in new stores -Possible discounts when buying Larissa Hadjio bags from WAH store -Plans for a new upcoming event, new sponsors -New nail trends to fit in with current collection for Larissa -Possible collaboration with ASOS and feature Larissa in their magazine, which is sent out to customers
  49. 49. !! Post event Twitter screen shots
  50. 50. ! Susie Bubble (blogger) Instagram photos from LH x WAH event
  51. 51. ! WAH Nails pre & post the event ! The first screen shot is from WAH nails website- the pre post is a sneak peak of their collaboration with Larissa (Nail wheel) before the event and the second screen shot is again from WAH Nails website but after the event with a flyer adverting Larissa which is available online and in their shop.! Pre event Post event
  52. 52. WAH Nails flyer- post event This screen shot is from Larissa’s Facebookk page where she has been tagged by WAH Nails after the event.
  53. 53. WAH Nails flyer- post event This flyer would be placed in WAH Nails Salon (Dalston & Topshop) availble for WAH customers to take with them
  54. 54. ! SWOT- Concept STRENGTHS: -very strong theme which runs from LH collection ‘Deep Sea’ -interaction and get involved (e.g. nail bar) -buy a product that is exclusive to the event (mini purse) – in keeping with unique aesthetic -the venue is situated in East London where most of her client base would be -using Wah nails to broaden her target audience, bringing in a younger market (have a HUGE following already, so when WAH start advertising this -event it will be a good promotional tool for LH and could potentially widen her audience- mentioned in the breif -continuing on LH ‘Deep Sea’ collection applying it to beauty/food/décor – we have kept LH style and collection theme but have expanded on the original concept (still keeping LH in mind) WEAKNESSES -price/budget- might be expensive -getting hold of DJ and venue- might not be available for dates -some elements could be perceived as too cheap for LH -the colloboration product could be too expensive to produce the goody bags -venue is weather permitting OPPORTUNITIES -new audience for LH -WAH nails get further promotion -could turn into a yearly event if successful -maybe could encourage a new range aimed at a younger marker for LH (expansion for LH brand) THREATS: -this could damage the brand, making it seem lower market? -could be a loss of earnings -WAH nails might overshadow bags- more about WAH than LH !
  55. 55. ! Conclusion We believe our concept is ideal for expanding Larrisa’s target market as it shines a new light on her products allowing them to appeal to a younger audience as well as the brands existing clientele. Associating Larissa’s merchandise with WAH nails will rein in the new generation of creative’s who have slowly started to begin a movement of young people who appreciate art culture and all things unique, this is the generation that seek inspiration in anything they can find. Larrisa’s background in fine art is beautifully displayed in her accessories and this is why we feel the WAH brand which began life as a small fanzine about those that were contributing to the music and clothing scene and providing a space for a new wave of street smart fashion, is a perfect partner for expanding Larissa’s brand because it has a generation of followers who could potentially be life time clients for Larrisa, it is important to encourage the younger audience in their unique style and we believe by introducing them to Larrisa’s brand, it will not only do that but it will also expand the labels following as the younger audience are a lot more active with social networking and blogging. This concept has the ability to enhance Larrisa’s business in many areas, opening new doors that could lead to brighter futures for the brand and its customers.
  56. 56. Thanks for watching!