Emily G. binder the 1980s
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Emily G. binder the 1980s



Period 8

Period 8

23 May 2011



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    Emily G. binder the 1980s Emily G. binder the 1980s Presentation Transcript

    • The Review Of The 1980’s
      Emily G. Binder
      Period: 8
      16 May 2011
    • An earthquake registered a 5.1 on the richer scale.
      230 square miles of forest was cut down by the eruption.
      The president of 1982, created a monument for the mountain.
      Eruption of Mt. St Helens
    • The U.S. men’s hockey team did defeat the Russia in the semifinal of hockey.
      Russians were favored to win the Olympic by a landslide.
      This team was made up of primarily all collage of aged players!
      U.S. Hockey beats Russia in the Olympic Games
    • The lead singer of the band named, The Beatles
      On December 8th of 1980, he was shot
      Mark David shot him outside his home in New York City
      The Death Of John Lennon!
    • The very first female in the Supreme Court Justice system.
      Reagan had appointed her there.
      Sandra showed a conservative side for the Court.
      Sandra Day O’Connor
    • A music television station
      The had the very first music video that was to be placed on television.
    • The U.S. sent weapons to Iran in trade for the American hostages.
      Millions of weapons sale to get the hostages.
      Iran-Contra Affair
    • March 30, 1981
      69 days into Reagan’s Presidency
      He had a punctured lung for the attempted assassination.
      Attempted the assassination was set by John Hinckley.
      Assassination Attempt Of Reagan
    • The song was sang by Michael Jackson!!
      It was released on December 2, 1983
      A 14 minute long music video.
      Acted at first as a movie then went into the song.
      An influential pop music video of all time!
    • Fat which cannot easily be reduced by exercise and diet.
      Both men and women got it done.
      Abdomen and buttocks, face, neck, breast, arms, flanks inner and outer thighs, knees and ankles.
    • This Drug could easily become a lifestyle drug.
      There are two stages,
      A “fun” drug…
      A drug that people would abuse…
      John Belushi abused cocaine and
      then died from it.
    • September 1, 1983
      Shot down by the Soviet’s jets.
      And on that flight the U.S. Congressman Lawrence McDonald was aboard.
      South Korean Flight 007
    • One out of six of 35 women to trainees chosen.
      She went on the Challenger
      She started in 1978
      And she left NASA in 1987
      Sally Ride
    • October 23, 1983
      Bombers attacked the U.S.
      Beirut Complex
      The bombers killed 299
      American and French
      Beirut Terrorist Attack
    • The new thing.
      Replacing the
    • The U.S. boycotted the Olympics.
      All with the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Cuba.
      There were 14 other countries that boycotted the games.
      Olympics in Los Angeles
    • She entered beauty contests in the 1980’s.
      Both her parents were teachers in New York.
      She sang and model, and she did even more thing with her life!
      Vanessa Williams
    • “we are the world, is a song that was sang by so many people!
      Over 80 Artists
      Michael Jackson was one of the Artists that sang
      We are the world
    • Crack cocaine, is unlike cocaine.
      Crack cocaine can be smoked.
      Cheap cost and quick and intense high.
      Crack Cocaine
    • June 19th, he died of cocaine.
      Soon before his death he had been picked to in the National Basketball Association Draft.
      Boston Celtics.
      Len Bias
    • Nintendo was the newest hand held game.
      The first video game of it’s time!
    • The shuttle exploded on live TV Shorty after the launch.
      Explosion was caused by flaws in the rocket’s booster system.
      Based in Florida
      Cape Canaveral
      January 28th of 1986
      Challenger Disaster
    • The new “plague”
      Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
      A physician noticed symptoms from young men in California who were members of the growing gay community.
    • The first model.
      She did suffer form drugs.
      She was infected by HIV.
      First women to been known to
      Die of AIDS.
      Born in Italian.
      Welsh and Irish ancestry.
      Supermodel GIA
    • She was all over the TV.
      She was adopted by a family.
      Her family fought over her. Since she was their adopted daughter.
      “Baby Jessica”
    • Born on November 3, 1933.
      1970 he was a Massachusetts Democratic.
      1986 he was the largest margins in history.
      Michael Dukakis
    • The war cost the soviet Union roughly 15,000 lives.
      1988 Soviet Union signed the Geneva Accords with the United States.
      Nearly one million Afghan people mostly civilians, were killed.
      Soviets leave Afghanistan
    • Fashion of the 1980’s
    • Aliens
      Back to the Future
      The Breakfast Club!!!
      The Princess Bride
      Famous movies of the 1980’s